Fashion Advice Fall

You like me you are a fashion addict? Very well, because here we are talking only fashionable, trendy and fashionable yet! What will be the trend leaders next season? What will be the best way to wear them and match them? What accessories to wear to give a unique touch to your style? It’s all revealed here …

We have already seen with what the fashion trends for this fall winter 2012/2013 but I have not yet revealed the advice to dress and to choose the best outfit in line with the trend that will go for more until the next spring! Here, therefore, directly from the catwalks of the fashion week in allunitconverters, some tips to choose not go wrong!

Dress comfortable!

This year, as I foretold you, come back to the fore the sweaters we used a little ‘time ago … the ones that keep you warm and are extremely comfortable. They will be worn especially by women very showy and pants with prints of any fantasy.

Do not be shy: wearing these “classic sweaters” together with your most special pants / skirts, the result is guaranteed! But do stay on in similar shades of color to create a good harmony.

Do not forget the collar

I can assure you that this year the collar spopolerà! We’re seeing it appear on all the catwalks and is an accessory for this fall / winter will be inevitable. I particularly like because it gives a sense of completeness to any outfit, as if it were the icing on the cake!

Do not spend too much for these accessories; you can even have it on their own, or buy them online a few Euros! Do not be afraid of appearing too trendy, simply do not choose to wear collars with sweaters or other top too strong.

Consider the padded

The padded fabrics that did not previously convinced were completely taken by youth fashion companies and now they are absolutely trendy and ready to wear for everyday life.

Do not be afraid to wear these garments can block your pretty but be careful not to get sucked into them! Always keep the game discoveries and wearing heels that slancino your figure.

Do not wait for spring to colors

How do things well in warm colors and typical spring bright even during the winter? Simple, wearing them with black!

Do not forget to upgrade your “repertoire” of tights, dark early in the season. A new pair always gives an “expensive” look at what you’re wearing. Balances the relationship between black and color using shoes and … the result is guaranteed!

The return of the coat

That’s right, to come back into fashion is just the coat and say are obviously the designers have redesigned as the new windbreaker.

If you have to buy you choose a version that has an impressive and eye-catching collar … will be trendy! Do not be afraid to spend a little more when you purchase it because fashion will pass but it will be a leader who can always show off as it is timeless.

Add shades of red

Dark red and purple hues are a must in your closet! Find a shade that sings to that of your skin, so it does not look like an eggplant!

Remember to mix colors like red wine with some more autumn bright character (for example mustard, cobalt and emerald green).

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