DIY Face Masks for Dry Skin

We prepare to face ‘winter with creams, scrubs and maschere. Alcuni simple tips to follow to have a skin clean and purified after the’ summer, ready to face the cold winter.

Treat our skin is always necessary, especially in the fall, because of continuous exposure to the sun, but also to better prepare our skin in freezing winter.

In this article we will face, one of the most exposed areas in both summer and winter. A little thing to take care of our skin , even without having to spend huge amounts in cosmetic products. Just remember a few simple rules from eHealthfacts to follow with different timescales: every day and once a week.

Being on the run we women always bustling among the thousands of social and personal activities to follow, we often forget to take care of our face every day, reducing everything to a session that is repeated sporadically. Wash your face with a soap suitable to your skin type, use a moisturizer and a ‘thorough cleaning from makeup to night are the small steps that require 2 minutes l’ one, but which are essential for our skin.

I have recently discovered, the flavored Marseille soaps , available in both soap and liquid soap sold in herbal medicine. Depending on the type of c ‘skin is a suitable soap: olive oil for dry skin, almond for the fat , or simply to Marseille. With natural additives, you are sure to have a clean skin without being damaged by chemicals. Optimal solutions for those who have very sensitive skin and can not alter the pH of the skin.

Choose the’moisturizer is just as important, because as per the choice of soap, you have to assess your skin type, a little trick is to take into account the soap used to wash your face, if too dry the skin as in the case of Marseille soap neutral, you opt for a cream that moisturizes more, to avoid being left with the skin too dry or too moist.

To finish the evening make-up remover! In view of cosmetics as you know there are dozens, made for every need. Strongly advise against the wipes because struccano in depth, is a surface cleaning. Far better to have make-up remover for eyes and lips, biphasic if you use make-up resistant ‘water and one for the face. Personally, before I bought the cheapest, on the advice I bought one a bit ‘more expensive (but it lasts much longer) and I must admit that I got the results and saw improvements in my skin. Remember that even when there is no makeup well wipe his face in the evening, because the smog, the ‘pollution clog the skin pores.

As for what to do once a week, we speak of scrubs and masks, methods that we use for facial cleansing deeper. How many of you have felt reborn after a scrub?!? We propose some simple solutions do-it-yourself, easy to also be prepared with ingredients of daily use. And even for the scrub it is necessary to bear in mind the ‘natural moisture of your skin, for dry skin it is advisable to’ d ‘olive oil, for the fat honey. In fact, with dell ‘oil or honey, a handful of brown sugar and lemon juice because astringent, you will get a scrub in a few minutes. The feeling after is pleasant, and not forget that it is the ‘ideal for those who face particularly sensitive or have skin problems. Being a treatment 100% natural, there are no contraindications or pH changes; and it is cheap.

After the scrub mask to pamper your skin after the scrub, for dry skin we propose a mask to carrot and to ‘wheat germ oil, enough common ingredients: obtained a carrot cream, frullandola, add three tablespoons of germ oil wheat, mix well and apply it on your face; the period of time is forty minutes, after which you can rinse the ‘pack with warm water. For those who have oily skin propose a mask with vitamin C made from lemon and tomato , simple and quick to prepare: mix juice of half a lemon with that of two tomatoes and apply it with a cotton pad to make it a little ‘more consistent you could add the rice flour, useful for the T-zone and chin (areas that produce more sebum). Let the mixture stand for half an hour and rinse thoroughly with the ‘hot water.

These above are just two examples of many techniques for a DIY mask.

With these little tricks you will have a skin ready for the ‘winter: hydrated and pampered!!!

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