Designer Lighting

Lighting is essential to create the right atmosphere and light fittings can transform the style of a room by adding character and originality. They know well the designers for whom lately the word is recycling. Many studies point to the fact in a creative reuse of materials and articles, taking them from everyday life and transforming the usual use. Many amazing results!

The young designer Pierre Ospina, starting from the forms of nature, has redesigned the lighting inventing an artificial vegetation of lights and industrial materials described on lightinghowto website.

Its Blossom Bulbs Forest is made from stainless steel and cast iron pipes, coated with silicone and the rubber of the bicycle inner tubes. From these “industries” post sprout like buds small light bulbs, perfect to illuminate modern interiors but also outdoor spaces.

The artist and designer Jerry Kott instead creates light by combining points of glass bottles sections. Each piece is hand cut, polished, brushed and assembled with other contrasting colors, to create unique combinations and elegant.

Not only glass but also of translucent resin sheets for its lights sculptures, read from the forms and fluctuating: each piece of recycled resin is of different color and captures and reflects the light creating sudden effects thanks to the movement.

The trio of young designers and the architects Graypants Seattle challenges the furnishing customs and use of materials, focusing on recycling of cardboard to make lamps surprisingly effective.

The Scraplights of Graypants arise from the collection of boxes and cardboard discarded packaging that are then cut into thin shapes and hand-assembled to create a lot of different forms.
The idea of the designers is just to inject new life into a material inert intended for pulping, such as cardboard and use creativity in an innovative and responsible.

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