Ceiling Lamps Modern

A separate discussion, concerning the light paths for interiors, deserve the ceiling lamps. This special place is due to one simple reason.

While other types of lamps (floor, wall, table) are introduced in already furnished environments, sometimes even too saturated with complements, in which the viewer’s eye indiscreet likely to get lost, for Ceiling lamps on listofledlights it is a different matter, because even if you enter into an already full habitat, go to occupy a vast and entirely empty space: the “heaven” of each room.

On this white surface, crisp, clean, free of ornaments and other decorations as the ceiling, the lamp has an aesthetic ornamental role of the highest order.

With this in mind, the designers masters suggest modern solutions and original to impress guests, or complements able to draw attention to himself, and at the same time capable of giving to the area a completely appreciable added value.

An example of what the currents of modern design intended for ceiling lamps that serve as real aggregators of attention is the ZW9033 model- Violin Shape.

A chandelier pendant, with a basis for posting of steel roof and steel wires supporting a lamp holder in crystal, from the very original design, that is shaped like a violin.

The lateral surface of the musical instrument is played expertly crafted, able to filter the light and to project, the affected walls, rich shadows of decorations.

One solution, then, that not only goes to enrich the ceiling of important rooms and great sharing as a lounge and living room, but also has an effect on the atmosphere overall.

With its innovative designs, projected on the walls, this model is the ideal complement to bring a fresh contribution, innovation, but also elegance to your chosen room.

For the most romantic hosts who feel the desire to express their sweetness through the furniture and its additions, the chandelier ZW-9033-DBHEART Double Heart Shape is undoubtedly the ideal solution.

As with the previous model, we find a base for affixing to metal ceiling and metal loose ends, in support of an absolutely fascinating sculpture of two intertwined hearts.

These two hearts are finely machined on the lateral bands, in order to create a decorative game that is reflected on the walls, with a strongly suggestive final effect.

This ceiling lamp model, in all its romance, lends itself effectively and exclusive way to customize environments broad as living room and living room, but also very intimate spaces like the bedroom.

More suited to the kitchen the model 2LTMD21853 Two-Layer Shades For Kitchen.

Also this a ceiling lamp which is distinguished by a totally original design. From a base in chromed steel hang three wires, always in steel, to which are connected three cylindrical lamp holder in the shape of kitchen grater.

The holes of each grater allow to filter the light and go to illuminate both the high and low part of the room. A doubly valuable complement, both functionally and aesthetically.

This chandelier, in fact, is capable of making a strong contribution in brightness to our kitchen and while it has this primary function, it proves capable of giving the entire room a touch of originality and humor like no other.

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