5 Ways to Sterilize Baby Bottles

Learn about the various methods to sterilize baby bottles can be useful in various situations of life of our baby’s growth to avoid contact with germs during suckling milk. Steam and sterilizing solutions but also UV sterilizers. Let’s see.

The baby, as you know, is more vulnerable to the bacteria in the first year of his life. If the bottles are not sterilized, we increase the risk of infection and diseases of our little ones.

Of course, to sterilize the bottle must not become a craze and it’s also necessary that children come in contact with bacteria, with proper precautions.

Sterilization a week should be more than enough to prevent bacteria to proliferate. Make exceptions when the child is sick, you bought a new bottle or you notice a visible accumulation of dirt.

Baby bottle sterilization is recommended until the age of one of the child. After this age the immune system of your little baby should have developed a tolerance far higher than before.
Let’s see How to sterilize a water bottle here.

Sterilization with the sterilizer electric

In this case, simply follow the instructions on the unit and sterilize the different parts of the bottle after it is disassembled. Once the process is finished, you must make sure that the bottle does not come into contact with the germs before use. Stir the teat inside and keep your sterilized tools steriliser until they are dry. Some sterilizers are also able to deodorize and dry the bottles with hot air.

Sterilization in microwave oven

Using the microwave you can disinfect the bottle quickly and effectively our baby. There are two separate methods that you can use in the sterilization process.

Before you begin, you must make sure that the microwave is clean.

  • The first way tosterilize baby bottles in the microwave is to use steam with a specially designed sterilizer: in a large container placed the bottle with water and then spray. When the microwave beeps, finishes the job and the bottle will be fully sterilized.
  • The second method with microwave baby bottle with water and filling is obtained by placing the same upright inside the oven for about a minute and a half.To Sterilise teats and the pacifier, just put them in a microwavable bowl filled with enough water to cover everything and put in the oven for about a minute and a half.

Boiling sterilization

To boil the bottles you will need a large pot with a lid. If possible, avoid using this same pan for something different from the baby bottle sterilization.

Put all the tools of the feeding bottle in a saucepan and cover completely with water. If your bottle floats, fill it inside. Take special care that there are no air bubbles trapped inside of the instruments and that there is water in each interspace. If everything looks right, cover the Pan and boil the bottle for at least 5 minutes.

Use a pair of pliers to remove the bottles and teats from the Pan and place it upside down on a rack.

Sterilization in cold water/chemical sterilization

You can sterilize your bottles and teats with tap water and a sterilizing solution.

Just fill with water the tools being careful that you don’t creaino air-locks and add the sterilising solution following the instructions. You may need to use a heavy object to keep the bottle and other equipment underwater.

Sterilize baby bottles with UV light

Ultraviolet light is used in water purification for its ability to kill viruses, molds and bacteria. This technique has recently begun to be used in products for children and baby bottles of last generation.

There is a however: Unfortunately, UV devices are not large enough to sterilize various instruments in one shot but only one piece at a time.

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