Top 10 Apps for Watching Videos on Your Mobile Phone!

We use our phones for watching movies, serials, funny videos and more. But what are the best apps to help you on this consumption? We pick 10 articles that we found the best for watching videos on mobile


Netflix is the best app to watch TV episodes, music videos, movies, etc. The app is free, but a small subscription fee is required after the first month of use to have full access to the catalogue of films and serials. For iOS and Android.

Movies by Flixster

Excellent application to watch full length movies, read reviews and watch trailers of releases. You will receive updates of latest releases of movies in the cinema and DVD tando. The application is developed by PCMag.COM, which also facilitates access to comments of the site Rotten Tomatoes. For iOS and Android.

Ted Talks

Ted Talks is a TED that enables you to explore more than 1200 amazing and innovative presentations TED around the world, about the most diverse and interesting subjects. If you want to get out of your comfort zone and want to learn a little, this is your application of choice. For iOS and Android.


Is a service of free live video using 3 g and wi-fi. He can easily connect you with the latest news, live videos and even participate in a chat. Just make your own video and put it in the air, making sure that everyone in the world now can follow your news. For iOS and Android.


Is a free application that you can watch whatever you want in just one click. Main categories of Joost are Movies, music and shows, and each is divided into more than one genre. For example, the category contains films movie genres like horror, comedy and action. Joost will feed you with an enormous amount of videos, celebrity news music videos, sports, action, comedy and even web documents.

Daily Motion

Is a free application that you can share millions of videos from around the world through his e-mail, Facebook and Twitter. Daily Motion is one of the most entertaining applications where you can watch short films, music videos, trailers and animations. In addition, you can sign up to 15 channels such as news, entertainment, politics & music and movies. For iOS and Android.


Is a free application that gives you the opportunity to watch different types of videos. Categories include technology, animation, Cinema, Religion, sports and Vlogs. It also allows you to select your videos, sorting them, as well as choose from low quality videos, medium or high.


Is a live interactive video that allows you to watch the videos as much as you want. With Ustream you can be live at any time and monitor real-time transmissions from several different places around the world.


Exists for those who are passionate for sharing videos. Now you can easily upload, edit, manage, and watch your videos directly from your iPhone. With the Vimeo, you can upload videos, replace existing videos, share with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress, e-mail or SMS and have statistics of how many times your video is watched. Like YouTube, only the image quality in the videos tend to be better. For Android and iOS.


Is a free streaming application in which you see your favorite film, video or TV shows on your mobile phone. To his surprise, it includes 105 255 films, TV shows, and 58 programs of original content in its original library. So there is no need to watch movies sitting on a couch in a cold night: you might as well put all under your blanket with only the light from the screen of your phone. For iOS and Android.

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