Skirt: How to Enhance Your Body Choosing That Right

Love skirts but often you do not know which one to choose to enhance your physical and so give up ?! Wrong friends, there is a skirt for all! For those who have the sides a bit ‘baggy or androgynous … Here’s how to be beautiful and feminine.

In the wardrobe of every woman you should never miss a skirt, even more skirts, colorful for summer and winter, to show off your legs or tights strangest and most colorful of the season .

The important thing, no matter what your age , try and enhance your body with what you wear and skirts, of course no exception, indeed.

Their outfits should be made according to your size and your figure, for what certain “fashionblog” are rather utopian.

When a model is one meter high and 80 and weighs maybe 50 pounds is clear that will look good with anything … for us, in the real world is very different.

If you are unable to enhance their physique, enhancing the beauty that we have, we are likely to fossilize always wearing the same clothes, even the rather shapeless.

And if you think that the pants, especially jeans, they can hide the flaws of skirts and dresses, you’re wrong.

The skirt planet is very varied and you can choose the size and the best form to your body.

1. Wide Hips

I do not like labels, so the call a woman with wide hips, Hourglass Woman, it seems pretty humbling.

Having a little ‘wide hips is definitely a symptom of extreme femininity.

For this reason, the best are the flared skirts, 50s style, and for the less timid, to enhance even more the curves is perfect even a pencil skirt.

2. Abdominal relaxed

If the extra pounds tend to accumolarsi in the waist, it is right to highlight the legs, usually lean and toned.

Perfect skirts flared slightly at mid-thigh and waist high.

The legs will be in the foreground … and difettini disappear.

3. Androgino

An androgynous can, paradoxically, allow yourself to wear anything.

Perfect the mini-skirt, which highlights the narrow hips and slender legs.

The few curves can be exploited in favor: these physical fact can afford to dare any kind of fantasy without fear of optical effects allarganti.

4. Prosperose

If you have a breast very prosperous , and look for something that does not make you look vulgar becomes always a big job, it is normal that the choice to wear the skirt overshadowed.

Episodes of a particular skirt, with a color access, or with an original cut.

The problem of what is above will be minimized.

5. Lower

Who is not particularly high should choose skirts that stand out the physical, not to accentuate the defect.

They would thus avoid the skirts below the knee or too short, that highlight short legs.

The ideal is the Slit skirts, perhaps with vertical decorations.

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