iPad Mini-Features and Benefits

You who loves his iPad to read books or magazines, play or even for browsing the internet, I would be with him everywhere, but impractical because of its size. Now all of you can begin to consider it.

The big news from Apple hit the market in the year of 2012, what can we expect from this new handset? What are the key changes and their characteristics?

The general public that uses iPad must be curious with this news, the main point of criticism was the size of the unit, with the launch of the iPad Mini is much easier for the usurers carry everywhere. Has already been assured that the iPad Mini will be able to run all applications released for the iPad.

Among all his qualities was cited a disadvantage that for many of the tech world was considered a huge step backwards, the absence of Retina display screen.

Get to know a little more of its features.

  • With a much lower weight, coming to be 50% lighter than the iPad.
  • Resolution (1024 x 768), equivalent to the iPad 2.
  • Counting with 7 mm thick, thinner than a pencil.
  • With a 7.9-inch touch screen.
  • Battery that promises up to 10 functionality hours of autonomy.
  • Have camera for Facetime HD and a 5Mp rear camera.
  • 4 g connections, WiFi dual band and the novelty of the aplle, Lightning connector.
  • A good processor, Dual core A5.
  • Own versions with 16 GB and 32 GB memory.

The Big Apple’s bet has the same technology of the iPad, but carries the advantage to fit in your pocket. Does the absence of Retina display will move consumers? We’re going to have to wait for the response from the market and users to answer that question.

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