How to Do Wall Decor Stickers

  1. Place wall decoration on a firm, level surface. If there are visible small air bubbles in transparent film, this is quite normal. There are no errors on your wall decoration.
  2. If you have chosen a large or wide wall decoration, it may be appropriate to divide it into smaller pieces to facilitate attachment of wall decoration on the wall.
  3. Before wall decoration applied to the wall is important to remove air bubbles formed during the transparent film – to do this you can use a plastic scraper. Spread out wall decoration on the floor or table and press the scraper with a movement from the inside out of wall decoration with heavy pressure.
  4. Now we must carefully remove the motif with the transparent film from the white protective film. It was enough to wall decoration remains on the transparent film. If any piece of white protective film would remain attached when returned back the transparent film, the pressure to the plastic scraper and try again to remove the white protective film.
  5. Now take the transparent film (with adhesive on) and attach it to the wall. To facilitate the posting could, with a pen or tape, mark exactly where the first part of the wall decoration will sit.
  6. When the subject is utpositionerat on the wall, push the wall decoration with plastic scraper on all surfaces to ensure that each element firmly against the wall. If air bubbles formed, push them out using the scraper.
  7. Now we have to remove the transparent plastic film away from the wall. Start from one corner and peel the foil then on you slowly and make sure that every part of the wall decoration remains on the wall and do not follow the transparent plastic film. If any part would follow with the transparent plastic film returned this back on the wall then pressed against the wall again a new attempt is made to remove the transparent film.
  8. As a final step of assembly pass with plastic scraper over the wall decoration once again to ensure that all segments are attached to the wall and to remove any air bubbles formed.

Easier to put up bigger decorations if you are two to help each other. Click here to see how.


  • You can put your spot on any surface that is smooth. For example, brick walls and masonry walls so attach it does not.
  • Do not put the decoration on freshly painted surfaces. Wait time three weeks for the paint to dry, so will your decor seated properly.
  • It is easy to remove your decor, but the wallpaper, there is some risk that the wallpaper can break.
  • Wipe the surface where you want your decor. Dirt and dust can do to your wall decor attach worse.

Important information (vehicle graphics):
If you follow this guide, you will not have any problems with the decal assembly. Be very careful to remove all wax from the surface. There are any wax left, then peel off the decal. We makes no warranty stickers not installed by us.

Foil information:
The foil we use a polymer film with 3-12 years of durability. This is the most suitable foil for use for cars, boats, motorcycles, etc. Thickness 0.07mm. The adhesive is a Acrylhäftämne suitable for dry and clean surfaces. The film is elastic and can withstand temperatures between -40 and +120 degrees. Minimum installation temperature is +10 degrees. However, we recommend 18 degrees or more. The adhesive has a lowinitial staple ability which means that full adhesion is not obtained spot after 48 hours. The reason for this is that the foil should not “chop” fixed directly and create bubbles in vain.

Newly painted surfaces:
A nylackerad surface must “evaporate” clear. 1K paints can take months before they are steamed clear. 2K lacquer enough some day. Put decals on a surface that is not dry properly, then the label “bubble” due to solvents from the paint would come out.

Cleaning the surface:
The surface must be free of wax, polish, silicone etc. normal waxes can be removed with petroleum based degreasing, rinsing and then after washing with methylated spirits. Just methylated spirits will not dissolve wax residue. Natural degreasing is not possible.
In small areas it is possible to use brake cleaning the spray can. CRC has a model called Brakleen. This is very strong and should be used with caution. In the one-component paints, this may dissolve the paint. Make sure the paint is really clean. The slightest speck of dust will appear after decal assembly.

We strongly recommend dry mounting. It is the safest and simplest method to get to where your stickers in a nice way. At wet mounting it is great risk that it remains damp during the decal which will make the stickers come off. The car should be at 20 degrees at least 2 days after a våtapplicering. At wet mounting so mixed 5-7 drops YES originals in 1 liter of water and sprayed on the decal and adhesive surface with a spray bottle. Scrape out all the water very carefully. Wet mounting works great on large flat surfaces such as truck sides, etc. When installing the decor on a car sector is totally worthless and only creates extra work in the form of reheating and details that do not attach around the door edges and moldings.

Bubbles are usually air pockets in the decal. These can be punctured with a needle and then squeezed out with your finger. Very small bubbles are usually dust or imperfections in the paint. It is very important to wipe clean once again before the sticker is attached. When the rear paper is cut, it can fall down small paper particles. It is enough to create small bubbles in the decoration. Be very careful with the cleaning before and during installation so you will not have all these little unrest.

Remove application tape:
It is important that the application tape is peeled 180 degrees. Ie one caterpillar up corner and then pull the tape flat against the decal. Otherwise the risk is great that the sticker comes off.

Clearcoat over decals:
There are no worries that clear varnish over the decals. What is important is that the first layers clearcoat only “dimmed” out and left to dry between coats settings. It then creates a protective layer between the label and the thicker layer clear coat. The data label put on must be dried out. Otherwise,”travel” to the label in the form of small bubbles due. To underlackens vapors want to come out. Laid clearcoat on full spray pattern directly then the solvent in the clearcoat dissolve acrylhäftämnet the label and give the result that the sticker “slit about” the edges.

When decals are mounted on the car, it is important not to use the pressure washer for the near decals. Normal wash shampoo which hosed with high-pressure, no worries. But if one goes close with the nozzle will decals to fly off. Machine wash is no worries. Brush Washing going well. Ordinary computer cut decals are good waxing and polishing machine over .

Removal of decals:
If the labels are not sitting for any length of time it usually work well to “fiddling” the corner of the nail and then pull off the sticker with your fingers. Does not this good so heated decal up with hair dryer or heat gun. Suitable heat is around 140 degrees. Warmed sticker more it is likely to foil separates from acrylhäftämnet which gives the result that the adhesive remains on the paintwork. Try to avoid this as it just creates more work. Hair dryer is better than hot air gun if you can not control the heat digitally. Adhesive residue that remains removed with methylated spirits. Use plenty of denatured alcohol and wipe with a “light touch”. To rub hard work less. After a while dissolving the glue up and goes into the cloth instead. Although the surface looks clean, it is usually adhesive residue behind. These will be visible when the dust and dirt trapped in them. An easy way to check this is to take any powder or dust and put it over the surface. Then emerges remaining glue residue well.

For more information hereby visit technology-wiki.

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