Denim Skirt: How to Bring

The denim skirt is a must have, a leader trendy and timeless that you can always wear, all year round and at any time of the day. The denim skirt is easy and versatile, according to that in which the matches will change the type of look, you can wear with elegant tops and T-shirts but also put more sober and casual.Same thing goes for shoes, they are fine of wedges with high heel, but also flat sandals, ballet flats and flip flops. Let’s see how to wear denim skirt depending on the model and the type of outfit that you want to show off.

Gonna di jeans: longuette

The skirt Pencil jeans is fine to go out during the day to run errands and for holidays, is less elegant but certainly the most versatile. This model you can choose it straight, stretch, pleated and also off. Very pretty skirt she wore Legalarmist and dark stretch denim that has combined with a blue flowered shirt knotted on his stomach and wedges in suede in taupe color. Those looking for a more sophisticated style you can opt for the skirt in denim embellished with metal rivets, white shirt brought in her skirt and then sandals in metallic leather high-heeled, flat maxi clutch bag in leather and sunglasses with red lenses.

Denim skirt: short

The short jeans skirt is cute and glamorous, you can combine with a short top or a shaped blouse and, in the fall, even with a cotton sweater with long sleeves.For a perfect urban look, nice and frou frou, do as Kirsten Dunst combining its vintage skirt with buttons in a knotted white shirt on his stomach, to glasses with shaded lenses and bag colored vintage. Even Olivia Palermo opt for a short skirt with front buttons except that its model is corolla, much more challenging, wide hips and then goes to shake, can afford only the lucky girls with a perfect body and skinny legs.

Denim skirt: very short

If you like to show off your legs (and you can afford it!) Then you can do as Miranda Kerr who wore a very short skirt that combined with a T-shirt in lightweight fabric, with a black blazer and the boots in suede high-heeled.

Denim skirt: torn

For those who like to be an alternative and always fashionable, there are skirts in ripped denim, are cute and a bit ‘rock, you can match as those with denim intact, they are fine with flat sandals and wedges, but also with sophisticated pumps and pump shoes.

Which model do you like best?

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