Android App for Abdominal Series Training

Keep fit is increasingly difficult in a world where technology is always making life. Since the emergence of the remote control there is no shortage of equipment and software that increasingly avoid you to have to move. The cell phones are clearly one more of these equipment, because they are always at your side, and just reach in to meet, rather than move to the landline. Not to mention the main function of the General telephony which is to avoid the displacement of the people when they need “just talking to each other”.

On the other hand appear initiatives of mobile applications to help the quality of life and generate statistics from sports. We’ve talked about some applications for running and other sports training, now we present an app to tell and you assist in correct practice of ABS.

The app for Android and iPhone also is called Daily Ab Workout Free and Google Play has the translation for “daily Training ABS.

There are several types of crunches to each objective. The abdominal workout for toning is different from the abdominal to lose belly. This app teaches you how to do ABS video series showing while time and keep talking to you make the change between each exercise.

The video below shows the operation of the app.

It’s way better than counting mentally and get lost. You can configure various types of training and see how each should be done abdominal mimicking the position of video model.

Download the daily Training of abdominal and put the technology to help to maintain health.

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