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App to Recover A Lost or Stolen Phone. Android and iOs.

Did you know that if you lose or have stolen your iPhone or android, you can easily track your location, using an application and the GPS system of the appliance? There are several applications available that can help. These applications use the GPS in your phone to locate it anywhere on the globe. Some of them allow you to remotely erase data on a phone and even take a photo of a person using the phone, if it has a front-facing camera.

The Find My iPhone is a free application that can locate a lost iPhone. It can be used by anyone with an iPhone 4, iPad, or iPod touch generation 4 (iOS 4.2 or later). If you lose your Apple (AAPL) iPhone, iPad or iPod touch while on the go, just install the application Find My iPhone on another iOS device, open the program, and enter your Apple ID. However, the application must already be configured on the device that was lost.

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What is A Ultrabook?

Technology moves fast and presents us almost daily with new terms and concepts. One of them is no longer so fresh so it is the Ultrabook, a registered trademark of Intel.

A ultrabook is a category of laptops designed to fill the space between the teblets and high-performance notebooks. They have performed very superioroes to tablets and better portability of notebooks high hard.

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Apps to Put the Digit 9 in Sao Paulo

Once again the phone numbers changes to accommodate the tremendous growth in the number of mobile lines in Brazil. The change this time is to put a 9 digit before the telephone number if he use DDD 11 and is a mobile number.

The live TV explaining how this can be done and seen an “expert” saying that a person with 300 numbers in between 4 and 6 agenda spend hours to make the changes, if typed fast. It’s absurd what is said in certain TV programs made by who even understands what you’re talking about.

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What’s New in Google IO 2012

I didn’t have a round in the Chamber and not timing to be able to plan and participate in the Google IO this year. Is an annual event in which Google releases are presented to developers and fans from all over the world. It’s basically a technical event, held in the city of San Francisco and whose tickets cost $ 900 in 2012, having doubled in value from the previous year. But still pays off!

I just finished watching the Keynote, which is an opening ceremony of the event in which the main novelties are explained to everyone (broadcast live on Youtube) and Google is impressive every year. In this the most impressive in my opinion was the presentation of the glasses that the company is developing. All the audience could follow in real time a parachute jump from a blimp over the city of San Francisco. The athlete “has landed at the top of the building in which the Conference until everyone saw everything in real time by Google, Plus Hangout, over his glasses. Just amazing!

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Collistar Where to Buy? On the Online Shop!

The Italian brand Collistar renews its website and surprises us with a new online shop full of promotions and special offers!

Online shopping is now is available to everyone, for this reason Collistar has decided to make us happy by creating a complete new super site in which to buy in comfort the body cosmetics, face and man, not forgetting, of course, the complete range of make up Collistar.

As you surely know Collistar is a home cosmetic historical emblem of Made in Italy. The products of this brand are used in a cross from mothers and daughters because they are able to satisfy the fans of the simple and elegant make-up as well as those of the make up most scenic and unique.

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Hi Charged Account Using Voicemail?

Do not tire of surprising me with the phone operator Hi. I’m satisfied with the prices of phone plan I hired, that allows me to talk to my whole family, which has Hi, at zero cost. This raises the cost benefit of the plan that I have, and allow the use of the data plan. The automatic debit of the Hi still does not work and I am still having problems of signal quality, yet I see reports like that of other carriers and the migration may not solve the problems that still exist.

But this week I had trouble paying the invoice again that didn’t reach my address, it wasn’t for the automatic debit and wasn’t available on My Hi before maturity. I ended up paying late and with fine for Oi’s failure. What surprised me was to receive more than 20 SMS within a few days, warning that the Bill was overdue and even a note in the mailbox! I understand that it is interesting to warn the user that the Bill is pending, even after having been paid and Bank compensation do not have occurred, which takes a few days. However, I found it very invasive leave a voice message on voice mail, making you the same access to hearing and depending on the case, to pay for this.

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TOP 10 Under 30 Euro Zalando

Among the most versatile and fun clothes for the summer we are undoubtedly the top. T-shirts, tank tops, crop tops, blouses: the options are many, and for each there is almost always the possibility of opting for a look casual or for a more elegant. Change is fun and we can often find small gems at reasonable prices, so why not add to our wardrobe?

For a little ‘ low cost shopping it is always good to rely on the web when you can, because hardly in physical stores are equally best deals. Among the best-kept sites, and there is no doubt comfortable a range of truly endless proposals in the field of clothing, shoes and accessories offered to us with immediacy and simplicity of purchase, but especially in low cost.

Here then simply choose the top ten under 30 Euro becomes difficult! But we did it, and now we propose to you this roundup of pictures, each with its own link directed to the purchase and funding price. Good shopping!

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What is A ROM from A Cell Phone? What’s the Point?

With the constant evolution of cell phones, its similarity with PCs is becoming ever closer. Even the lowly cell has both ROM as RAM in its construction. However, a phone brings together both types of memory differently than on a PC. His long-term memory needs are different, and it uses more ROM than RAM.

Data Memory

A desktop computer or laptop has several types of memory. He use the RAM to the open documents and programs, the ROM for internal programs, general storage hard drives and DVD-ROM for removable storage. A cell phone, in comparison, has no hard drive or DVD-ROM, depending on entirely your RAM and ROM for storing data.

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Android App for Abdominal Series Training

Keep fit is increasingly difficult in a world where technology is always making life. Since the emergence of the remote control there is no shortage of equipment and software that increasingly avoid you to have to move. The cell phones are clearly one more of these equipment, because they are always at your side, and just reach in to meet, rather than move to the landline. Not to mention the main function of the General telephony which is to avoid the displacement of the people when they need “just talking to each other”.

On the other hand appear initiatives of mobile applications to help the quality of life and generate statistics from sports. We’ve talked about some applications for running and other sports training, now we present an app to tell and you assist in correct practice of ABS.

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Formula 1 App for Android

Those who like to spend a Sunday or late nights following the formula 1 racing will like new F1 application released for Android. It is expensive, it costs R$ 56.45 and also has a free version. It is interesting to note that, even with a price so high, almost absurd if compared to other mobile applications, the paid version has had between 1000 and 5000 downloads at the end of this article.

Although so expensive the app is well done and promises to change completely the way to follow a race, is seeing simultaneously on TV, live at the racetrack or even on other sites that have internet access.

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App to Find Out Which of Your Contacts ‘ Operator!

In Brazil the value paid for the phone calls is very variable and for this it is essential to know the operator of numbers for which we are calling. The landlines are falling into disuse and the plans for links from cell phones often allow you to call for free to landlines and numbers of the same operator.

It used to be possible to find out the operator of each item based on the prefix of the phone, but with the phone number portability itself does not give any hint as to which carrier he belongs.

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Take Pictures Quickly and Silently on Android

One of the most frustrating things of cell phone cameras and compact cameras is the fact that the camera application is usually very slow, delaying or making it impossible to take pictures of events with speed. Even if you have a cell phone too fast, it will probably be well slower than professional cameras when you need it for a quick photo.

An app for Android called InstaCamera promises to solve this problem by opening the camera instantly to photograph anything. Fast and efficient.

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The App Allows You to Monitor the Whole Family – More Security

In the big cities it is not uncommon for each Member of a family has commitments in totally different locations all day and that all are on weekends. When one reaches the other is already asleep and in the morning not all wake up together. It turns out the family relates when you can, and not as it should.

Leaving aside the emotional issues related to this routine, we also have the issue of safety. If someone doesn’t come home till the time that would be normal, the concerns are the may be a sign of danger.

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Angry Birds Space – Announced from Inside the Space Station

The Rovio, company creator of Angry Birds game series never tires of surprise. As if not enough the many versions of the game and scenarios with different themes and unusual, the next release of the Angry Birds is at day 22 of March 2012 with the new Angry Birds.

The difference now is that the game is set in space and physics is totally different because the relationship of gravity depends on the “planets” that appear in the game. Achieve the piglets now will require more imagination and practice to get used to the new paths of birds. It’s so different than the team at Rovio got an explanation directly from a member of the space station. Don’t ask me how, but they led to a birdie brand Angry Birds plush and even some eggs!

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Hi Month Account Does Not Appear in My Hi!

The phone operator Hi never tires of amaze me negatively. In my point of view that has been easy to sustain, the service is so bad in every way that when something works as it should I consider that is momentary. This happened with the signal quality and now with My website Hi. Ifelizmente, Oi is the worst phone service I know.

The issue of quality of sign refers to the fact that there was a week in January that the service worked fine, with clear connections and without falling in the middle of conversations, without cross-lines and everything. But it was “straw fire” and now everything is bad again. I’m tired of talking to my contacts: “wait … I’m going to call again to see if it improves. And it’s not the place where I live, I can be in qualqeur place in town that this happens at some point.

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Makeup for Maid of Honor

The maid of honor is a very important guest at the wedding so you must be very beautiful for the wedding, but remembering that the godmother can’t exaggerate on clothes and makeup not to outshine the bride. With this we put makeup tips for the bridesmaids.

The makeup to sponsor does not need to be as soft and delicate as the bride, but also may not be greatly exaggerated. First the skin should be well prepared to cover blemishes, dark circles and other flaws described by When you use the blush, he must give only a gentle touch to the face. Already in the eyes, use black pencil outlining the eyes with a trace fino and don’t forget the mascara to highlight the lashes.

Another tip is to not make a mistake in choosing the shade, give preference to intermediate shades, with opaque finish and that match the color of your dress.

At weddings, usually are the colors of the dresses are darker or open and colourful tones. Therefore, it is wise to bet on more neutral shades like grey, brown and black with blur effect or combine two colors of shadows.

Android Smartphone with Great Cost Benefit

For more than two months analyzing the Android model available on the market to replace my handset Motorola Milestone that I served for two years. Now he presents defects and a slowness that makes use of the same martyrdom. I still think that two years is a short time to change device and maybe I’d be a little more with the current device, but as the price for replacing the faulty touch screen of the Milestone is high, the repair is not worth it and it is better to replace.

I’m going to change the Milestone and also give a gift to my fiancee. As she got an N95 in deplorable conditions, the exchange for an Android is going to be a leap in terms of functionality. I went out looking for a device better but not so expensive and that it wasn’t top of the line as when I bought the Milestone. The cost benefit greatly increases after the first few months of launching a smartphone, especially because the price drops too. One of the devices that I found really interesting is Samsung Galaxy W, a smartphone with a better processor than the Milestone, much more current and it certainly meets my expectations of having a good appliance and not too expensive from

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Video Compares the Browsers Chrome on Android x Safari on the iPhone

The Android Central is always doing comparative cell phones and applications, and one of the most popular comparative imaginable is to compare Android to iPhone, both in terms of hardware and software. The only problem is that there are countless devices and it’s hard not to make a biased comparison.

Now that Google Chome for Android was released, a comparison of this new browser with Safari already used on the iPhone looks like invitável. The video below shows some pages being opened in each of the browsers and speed at which it occurs in each. It’s a superficial test but you can get a sense of that Chrome is really fast too.

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Maternity Tights

Maternity Tight, how to choose comfortable and fashionable? Less than it expected a mission impossible. Yes, because in the market there are tights of all types tailored to the pregnant women, to accommodate the belly and accompany the growth during the nine months. The most complete models, ideal to prevent certain side effects of pregnancy such as heaviness and swelling of the lower limbs, to the more fashion conscious, there really are spoiled for choice.

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Wool Sweaters and Warm Delight

Winter breaks records for windows snow is falling. People move out as quickly as possible and run away to hide in the heat. Hard winter is here and warm clothing is a must. However, you have a warm, really warm clothes? You do not underestimate “minus” temperature? Great range of woolen sweaters can be found on paradisdachat.

Wool sweaters are not only warm, but also flattering. You can wear them for both work and entertainment. A popular winter sport is skating, where in a warm wool sweater will be very grateful. As well as last year, this year’s hit long jumpers to mid-thigh. This length is perfect clamped leggings and boots.

Woolen sweaters, there are many. You can choose from a multitude of colors, styles, with or without pockets, with belt or without a belt and others. Sweaters can perfectly decorate various accessories in the form of jewelery, scarves or colorful belts. Feel free to get a warm sweater.

Angry Birds Birdday Party Now on Android!

It’s hard to believe how the time go fast in the area of technology. The two behind the last December a small company called Rovy released the initial version of Angry Birds for the iPhone. In the years and months that followed, we saw new additions to the family Angry Bird.

Were new levels regularly released to the millions of users who have the game installed on their cell phones or even play over the internet, social networks or browsers.

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Makeup Ideal For Eyes Blue Depending On Hair Color

Your eyes should be valued fantastic, but do not know how? If you have blue eyes here are some tips to create a perfect make-up can exalt them.

Let’s face it: the blue eyes are one of those elements of the face that no matter what else they are immediately associated with more classical canons of beauty. After all…nobody knows resist a nice pair of blue eyes. Fortunate then all the women who have them, but it would be a shame to waste such a gift of Mother Nature with a make-up that does not know them value. That’s why we decided to provide you with these helpful tips: a short guide on how best to  fix your blue eyes.

We now know that the color wheel can be very strong ally in choosing the perfect eyeshadow for our eyes. Then taking it into account we can see that the’ orange is the complementary color to blue and all its nuances. So space to every nuance of this color family: as bronze, hazelnut, caramel or copper. Obviously depending on our personality and our taste is up to us to decide what is the shade that we like. We keep always as a basic rule that the blue eye is characterized by very light shades, therefore the optimum is counter it with dark tones, even exalting more and making the super penetrating gaze.

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