Latest Bikini Trends for Summer

Summer comes and comes with crazy desire to renew the stock of bikinis. I do not know if you are alike, but to me, it’s an addiction, after all, each beautiful than the other! It was the time that fashion were normal bikinis, the shower curtain type, black and smooth. Now fashion is print, it is to draw attention with neon, ethnic or retro prints!

Our website separated the prints and the coolest models for you to invest cheap swimwear in this summer! I doubt you will not be ashamed to buy at least one!


The prints leave any more beautiful and fun bikini! Worth investing in flowers, graphics and animal prints!

Ethnic pattern:

The coolest pattern of recent times, no doubt, is ethnic. The bikinis with ethnic pattern are even more amazing because the mix of colors and graphics present in the picture is the face of the summer!

Tassels and frills:

Would like common bikini with smooth fabric, or shower curtain type that tied on the sides? This is thing of the past. Now it’s time to invest in more sophisticated modeling, fringed and frilly panties on and in bra. It is great to disguise or emphasize what you have more or less. For those who have small breasts, details in fringe or ruffles on bra help give the impression that you are more advantaged. The rule also serves to those who have little or hip little butt! The trick is to balance the proportions just right. These bikinis are cute, right?


Nothing has more summer expensive than the navy prints with stripes, polka dots and anchors, right? If you enjoy the models with retro inspiration, more structured bras and high panties are an amazing choice!


For those who want to show boldness, the neon bikinis are requested. Those guys ask to turn off the light that only you light. I love neon, and to who’s tanned (which is not my case, unfortunately), the neon stand out even more!

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