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Top 10 Smart Shoes

The shoes are a very important part of our outfits, are those who can give a touch of elegant or informal and are an accessory that every woman we love. We present you the ten best elegant shoes.

Animal Print

Animal prints are very popular and are very stylish if you choose the right shoe. Use shoes whose animal print is not very extravagant or colorful, which are subtle.

Navy Blue Suede

The dark blue color is very elegant and sober, is also a neutral that blends almost with any color. It can be used with dress or pants and is ideal for business meetings that require dress formally.

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How to Care for Velvet Dresses

Velvet, contrary to what many people think not is a fabric, but a tissue. As velvet may be composed of many different fibers it is essential that the material test before washing, as brands that tend to see on the surface often come from his contact with the heat and water.

Here are some tips that can help them when cleaning the Velvet:

  1. Follow the instructions on the label: more obvious as it may seem, this action is the first that we must take before washing any piece that is often forgotten or simply ignored. There are many types of velvet, so is that while some resist to be perfectly tucked in the washing machine and even in the dryer, there are others who should be dry-cleaned only.

For vintage clothes that do not bring washing instructions, the decision may become even more difficult, then send them to the dry cleaner does not guarantee that they will return in good condition.

My recommendation is that if you buy a vintage velvet piece, do not invest much and get the idea that can use it only a couple of times if you think it wash. If it lasts longer, it will be a pleasant surprise.

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Instagram: Three Tips for Exciting Photos

Good lighting, proper perspective and reasonable editing: What is true for professional photography, can help you also in the pictures, published her in social networks like Instagram. With a little knowledge, you can pick out more of snapshots. We give you a few useful tips.

Put the Object in the Right Light

Good lighting is essential to provide the chip of your Smartphone camera with enough information. Also a 16 MP camera benefits you little, if you are shooting in the dark. Often made photos for Instagram in situations, where the lighting conditions are not optimal, such as at concerts. To take a picture that is not too grainy and dark, is often difficult. If the background light will not be, sufficient to make your photo object appear clear, you can counterbalance this disadvantage with apps such as night cam, ProCapture or slow shutter cam.

Image Division and Background Note

Against a troubled backdrop are rarely good photos – unless the atmosphere is exactly the same and should be presented as such. If you want to photograph a person, it is usually advisable, if no other people on the screen can be seen. To achieve this, you might want to choose an unusual perspective, something from the bottom. At the same time, you should keep but in the back of the head that always the photos as beautiful are perceived, which is gedrittelt Hintergrund. If you shoot for example a person on the beach, the sand should occupy only the lower third of the picture, while the two upper thirds of the background is determined by water and the horizon.

Finishing: Less is More

There are now countless apps that will facilitate you the fast post-processing of images for social networks such as Instagram. Indeed many amateur photographers often overwhelmed by the many options, which offer these apps. Make sure to use only the basic filter – normally such as for contrast and saturation and this also only gently. Because finally the photo should reflect the moment in which it was made; This goal is often missed when an excessive post-production.


  • If you want to enhance your photos for Instagram, you wanted to note a few basics of photography
  • This includes for example, to make sure before taking on an adequate illumination of the object
  • This is not the case, you can help after with photo applications, which have been developed especially for this purpose
  • A quiet background, which appears also gedrittelt, is a good basis for a successful snapshot
  • Uses during post processing especially the default filters for contrast and color saturation, but don’t overdo it

Top 10 Dresses for Weddings

There are many things that have to be organized before a wedding, for example: choose the place where will be the wedding, the hairstyle which we will use, choose the bridesmaids, and a myriad of things more. But the most important thing we must bear in mind are wedding dresses for what we give you several options to make all guests appear beautiful.


The best option for this season are one-shoulder wedding dresses, no matter whether they are long or short, anyway look well.

On the beach

Many couples think marrying on the beach, so you need something lighter. It is that for beach wedding dresses should be loose at the bottom and dress for comfort.

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Multipurpose Bag Guide

Would you like to have a bag to which you could give many different uses? One that adapts to your needs and that you could carry around easily: the gym, travel, work … Such bags are called multipurpose bags, which could serve you well for sport, travel or take any other personal usage. Find your ideal multi – purpose bag!

The multipurpose bags are versatile and practical . We can use them for many different activities and also we can find them with very different designs for all tastes. We reveal all the details about the purpose bags you find it easier to choose yours. Become a multipurpose bag and keep your makeup kit, comb, a notebook or even a bottle of water in it! There are endless possibilities!

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Backpack Gorjuss

As I mentioned, I had bought a panel of Gorjuss, specifically brought 8 Dolls, and it cost me arrrancar because he saw between my fabrics no appropriate. When I had the “need” to make the first, all fabrics combined … and so was the “non – stop” to use six of them. in this I used a gray fabric topitos remains great, at least I think so.


For the lining fabric anoint stars that gives plenty of light, and the label in plain sight.


I booked two that perhaps become covers for agendas / notebooks. With this heat wave, as costs sewing, writing and generally do anything. And you still sew…

Shopping Bag Guide

Although most comfortable making the purchase of the week in large areas such as hypermarkets there are times we can also encourage local trade buying bread or newspaper in our neighborhood stores . In addition, these occasions are ideal for release this shopping bag that is too small to carry the weekly shopping.

Another reason why we bet on the shopping bags is ecology. In many supermarkets and encourage the practice of each person reuses plastic bags have at home or even shopping bags fabric or recycled materials. Help us care for the planet and grab your shopping bag. Discover everything you need to know about shopping bags.

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12 Best Mens Watches

It is true that the girls seek to always cover from womens accessories such as bags, bracelets and necklaces. So, give your partner a beautiful watch, certainly of the best gifts that you could do.

U.S. Polo Assn. Men

One of the best clocks that are on the market, to man, is the U.S. Polo Assn., which is characterised by its elegance and easy adaptation. With mineral glass ensures the durability of the piece at the time as joint elegance and practicality in the same. It is an excellent option.

Invicta Pro Diver Collection

Another excellent piece of watchmaking is the Invicta Pro Diver Collection, with magnified glass that allows you to specify the time, is an innovative design made totally of steel that gives an elegant, but at the same time very masculine touch. Be sure to check it out.

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Sony Presents Camera Lenses as A Tablet Attachment

Sony has unveiled a new adapter allows you attach a full-fledged camera lens itself on a tablet. Accessories baptized in the name of SPA-TA1 serves as adapter for the own SmartShot QX series. With the SPA-TA1, now Xperia tablets or the VAIO tap open 11 ways that otherwise do not offer Tablet cameras.

Full-Featured Camera as An Extension

Six plastic arms of different lengths allow to secure the SPA-TA1 to the own device. 3,675 Yen is the cost, which is comparatively cheap. Beech instead hit the camera towers themselves, which cost between 150 and 350 euro. SmartShot QX10 and QX100 are however much more than simple lenses, hide them but a full-fledged camera inside.

The communication with the camera module is done by means of Wi-Fi – the Tablet serves as a interface to control advanced features of the camera head through bundled app. If you want, can use but also an attached switch as the trigger – even if the camera is not attached to the tablet.

Better Images vs. Poorer Mobility

The advantage: The camera modules have their own sensors, the QX10 with 18.2, the QX100 20.2 mega pixel. However, the downside is evident at first glance, as a tablet that is not handy and brings with essay more 105 respectively 179 grams. The image quality offered itself is admittedly superior a built-in camera. The accessories are available so far only in the Sony home country Japan; If and when it comes to Germany, is unknown.

Water Bag Guide

Sleep is one of the basic needs of human beings and there is nothing more restful and fill us more energy than a deep sleep. One of the drawbacks that can make us spend an uncomfortable night is definitely cold. On very cold days we can cover ourselves, but sometimes that is not enough, because the bed is cold and it takes time to warm up. With the water bags will not have that problem because we can go to bed with the bag of water beside the bed and will warm much faster. We ensure optimum rest and why we have offered hot water bottles to warm apart from the bed and a comforting dream, you will love your design! In addition to bags of water, you can also find products to heat your as such as electric blankets, heaters or radiators.

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Google Street View: Trekker Cameras in the Philippines

The Philippines also should be integrated into the Googledienst street view: with special Trekker cameras that can be attached to backpacks, shots of the island State are currently. Thus, piece by piece the entire archipelago in Southeast Asia in pictures to be captured for this part of the world in Google Street view to virtually accessible.

Google to Rely on Using

First screens of the Trekker camera from the capital Manila have been published in a preview. The mounting of the recording equipment to the backpack allows you to record streets and buildings, which can not be reached by the Google cars used so far for the street view shots. For the preview, for example the old fortress city of Intramuros was photographed, is located in the Centre of Manila’s. In the YouTube video, one of the Trekker cameras themselves is also to see, taking 360-degree images of the environment.

Google relies on assistance to the further development of more than 7,000 islands of the Philippines. To facilitate this, the company has provided backpacks with Trekker cameras which can be borrowed by helpers. It is not known whether Google puts more on the support of locals or tourists. The mobility of backpack cameras allows also shots in other parts of the world, so far not by Google Street view.

Samuel Backpack

Gorjuss that are beautiful !!! The girls we like !!! Of course if !!! long I bought my panel Gorjuss and still had not used because he saw a suitable fabric to combine ago.

I had to make a gift and knew it would be correct using one of them. I chose this fabric in raspberry colored marmolada I think doing very well. For the passing tapes of topitos in gray and white. And for lining cloth in pink and white gingham squares. I like vichy fabric because it gives body.
Anastasia is delighted with her backpack, I hope you do too you liked it . I can not put measures because I was doing on the fly and I forgot to take them, but if you have not yet made any backpack, this site published a tutorial.


This backpack is part of a cage Samuel, my commissioned my friend Maitxe also pad seeds and other things and I could decide. In this fabric I have no more to make a whole backpack, some little chunks of panel I already see how I use it. this time, for the interior I have chosen a vichy green stripes and the result has liked it.


If you are interested the back, here I show you.


Although backpacks babies the ground do without culete, in this case if I did because moms begin to put things and thus has more capacity. The lyrics, as always, ready to stem, by hand, with thread La Finca the number 12.

Android Samsung Galaxy is Defective and You Have No Guarantee?

The South Korean electronics giant Samsung warranty on material and workmanship on all smartphones a year. This means that if your Samsung Galaxy is defective and is the cause for this due to the material or Android Samsung Galaxy is defective, because while assembling something was done wrong, you have a warranty claim if your Samsung Galaxy is defective. If you’re to blame from the perspective of Samsung but somehow it that your phone is broken, there is no guarantee! There are quite a few reasons why a Samsung Galaxy is defective. In 2013, some Samsung Galaxy were defective, because your battery has ballooned and pushed apart the housing – this was a clear case of warranty for Samsung. The bloated batteries were simply replaced and it’s already. But these are exceptions.

You have no warranty from Samsung if you are using your phone with accessories, for example, is not allowed. And even if your phone falls down friends, you have no guarantee. Just as it looks, if your Samsung Galaxy is defective because you’ve exposed it to high temperatures, moisture or humidity. Not to forget: also at very regular wear of the parts there is no guarantee, the wear and tear is indeed normal. In all these cases, you have no warranty from Samsung.

Your new phone is there with us!

Your Samsung Galaxy is defective and you also no guarantee for this Smartphone? Then, a new Smartphone has made for you quickly!

How to Organize Your Cable for Each Applicance

Imagine the situation:

Are you doing a hot as hell? You were playing video games, but the tension of the game made you feel even more heat and you chose to watch a movie. The DVD is connected in the home theater, which in turn is connected to the TV. But it is still not enough, you need a fan. You search a fan which comes almost in the liquid state. Now just plugged into a socket but they are all occupied. You can turn off the video game, since it is not being used, but accidentally turn off the DVD. When you finally turn off the video game and turn on the fan, you go back to the couch to find that the DVD not record the point at which you stopped the film, …

Any resemblance? It is time to identify the cables. Have too much wire in the house for a little plug!

I tested several methods, I will show my favorites here and then I put some pictures of inspiration for you.

3rd place:

You know those tabs stickers which are generally used for pages? They can also become great labels for cables! For he glue that is not very strong, just paste a piece of adhesive tape over and go round the back of the tab.
The visual was very light with soft colors, but the tags were not as tough. Negative point. If you want to identify cables that don’t use much, nice, but if you’re using on cables that are always to and fro, discard this option. Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in Gold and Pink

The Galaxy is Rated 3 There with Us Now in Gold and Pink

Is out there just friends everything to gray? Then to built but color with a new smartphone! We have the super equipped and simply huge Samsung Smartphone Galaxy now note 3 in gold and pink!

The Samsung Galaxy touch 3 is the perfect smartphone for those who place value on a huge display and a Smartphone is important, can they work with decent and on which they sometimes make the occasional handwritten note. The Galaxy has a really huge full HD touch 3 Super AMOLED display with a screen diagonal of 14.43 cm. The resolution is impressive 1920 x 1080 pixels. Very elegant, the Galaxy is also rated 3, his back is covered with synthetic leather. A special feature of the Galaxy note 3 is the S-pen. With this PIN, you can use the Smartphone and it is super suitable to make handwritten sketches and notes on the Galaxy with him note 3. The great thing: The Galaxy note 3 recognizes your handwriting, if you write on it with the S-pen and convert all your notes into messages, reminders, or phone calls. Also, multitasking is much easier with the Galaxy note 3: you can pull words or photos from one window to another note 3 for example using “Drag & drop” in the multi-window view of the Galaxy. And also opening an application in two Windows at the same time is possible, so you can read messages in a browser, for example, while you googelst in another.

3 a 2.3 GHz quad-core processor, the Android 4.3 OS and a 3 provide for a decent performance in the Galaxy note GB of large memory sizes. You need a Smartphone with lots of storage space? The space in the Galaxy can be extended note 3 to up to 64 GB via microSD card. Photograph you like? The camera of the Galaxy has note 3 13 megapixels and a 4 x digital zoom. It also has an image stabilization and face detection. You can take panoramic photos with her and take photos even on clay.

The description of the Galaxy note 3 do you like? Then you order but great with us online store with a mobile finance in gold or pink or any other color. The great thing about our mobile finance: You can choose even the amount of the monthly rate, which you note 3 in gold or pink pay off your fancy new Galaxy, friends here!

Actioncam Test: Gopro Hero 3 +, Camileo X-Sports, Rollei

Who turns outdoor videos, or access to the GoPro? Other manufacturers have action cameras in the range that performance technically do not have to hide behind the leader. On the contrary, some significantly cheaper cameras offer even much more. We have compared the GoPro Hero 3 + with two opponents. Free ring, camera running!

It is amazing how quickly the GoPro synonymous with Outdoorkameras blossomed has, she’s practically the Actioncams tempo handkerchief. Whether in television shows as “I’m a celebrity, get me out of here”, when formula 1 racing or extreme sports: everywhere you can see the little camera. Almost as if there were no alternatives. But there are plenty, finally, even a Smartphone can be transformed with the right accessories in an Actioncam.

It is no wonder that the GoPro system is so successful: It is one on which essential reduced camera – a few buttons, a simple operation and tiny design with an inexhaustible range of accessories. This is however also the sticking point on the system.

The camera will already cost several hundred euros – the flagship Hero 3 + even around 450 euro-, you’re paying on it again vigorously for special holders, bags and batteries. Since the comparison to Apple is formally, because also here original accessories costs 30 euros, a multiple of what buyers of competing products have to pay quickly.

Clearly, The GoPro is a great product, but nevertheless it is priced just, that you look around for alternatives. Especially when the features of competing cameras are almost identical – at least on paper. We opted for the comparison for the new Camileo X-sports by Toshiba and the Rollei Actioncam. Both cameras are much cheaper than the GoPro even though they even by default have a display unlike the Platzhirsch.

The Opponents at A Glance

The Camileo X-sports is a tad larger than the GoPro and last but not least works, thanks to the large display on the back, like a full-fledged camera. The Camileo takes 12 megapixel photos, videos in full HD-quality. The manual zoom, which you two buttons is very convenient. Also, a built-in image stabilizer ensures quieter pictures. Built as with the GoPro “Wiki” is also to be able to control the camera using a smart phone. The accessory is quite extensive: in addition to various brackets and the waterproof Schutzcase is also a remote control set for less than 300 euros.

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Recycling Backpack

Well my little girl has a tour in a few weeks and did not want to carry the backpack that hangs on the shoulders, prefer a shoulder strap and is more comfortable when get something. In other backpacks every time you want something you have to descolgártela, support on a site, search for what you want and hang volvértela. With the strap you have everything at hand and do not have to be holding the strips as shoulders that in a exclusion Noah looked all children clutching the straps of backpacks because they were running down the shoulders coat. Noah was super comfortable with his shoulder. We have decided to make taking advantage of a backpack Dora the Explorer we had saved that he did not like because I saw very childish (made me more ains …). This was what I had: backpack Dora the Explorer and one of my shirts old (the fabric was in perfect condition at Sportingology).

The top zipper left it as it was. That is, the zipper not descosí, I left the strip sewn in which he saw and descosí the entire strip. The idea was to make 2 boxes 30cm x 30 cm. Then 4 strips, 2 for the sides (30 x 12 cm), 1 to the base (30 x 12 cm) and one up (30 x 12 cm which is already has sewn zipper).


And that is all friends! Inside fabric lining wears a fuchsia satin that had saved a disguise (there is here all) of the same measures that the backpack. And in one of the padded shoulder straps that brought the backpack lined with fabric and sewn strips fuchsias. I hope you liked it . Recycling save, generate less waste and make unique pieces.



Sleeping Bag Care

In this usage tips, we have compiled some valuable tips for you take care of your sleeping bag and have it handy and in full operation for much longer:

  • Choose carefully the place that will put your tent and, therefore, your sleeping bag. Low places can be real pockets of cold air. On the other hand, high places and vent are very exposed to the winds. If possible, look for a place that is protected from the wind.
  • Never store your sleeping bag pill on the packaging, as this will cause the fibers “settle” and do not expand. This fiber expansion process, filling it with air, is what provides the efficiency of filling, since the air is the best insulator there is. Some models have computer tech and you can leave it on the hanger. Another good way to save it is inside a huge cotton bag, away from the dust and without compressing it, but this alternative may require a physical space that you don’t have.
  • If you have room under the bed and you’re not using, a good solution is to save the sleeping bag there. Keep it inside a mattress protector (you can get, in cotton), not to get dust, and properly stretched under your bed.
  • No transportation out of the backpack. The sleeping bag is at the bottom of it, wrapped in a plastic bag not to run the risk of getting wet in the rain.
  • In the morning, if the weather is good, put the sleeping bag turned inside out side in the Sun, on top of the tent or on the rocks around the camp, while having breakfast or begins to pack your things – caution him not to fly. And let it dry a bit of condensation of your body during the night. But be careful not to let him eternally in the Sun, which is also detrimental to the nylon.
  • To keep it in the bag, punch it in there. Wrap with care, is detrimental to the fibers, which will create a sort of “memory”, if used with a particular heading. Push it haphazardly in the bag is the best way to save it.

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Backpack Alba

Bags, baskets and backpacks, seems to do nothing else, but if, as I will be teaching … Today I wanted to show you this backpack for Alba. In this case I mixed up two lonetas. Beige and a pink with stars and moons The loneta where it goes hand embroidered name, about stem and thread No. Finca 12, it is very rustic and gives an appearance of linen. For the interior, I chose a fabric of white cashmere patchwork, look how beautiful:


Although different provision, measures of fabrics and how to do it, you can find it in this tutorial. I love making backpacks, all equal and all so different. The secret lies in the combination of fabrics. And you still sew sew …

How to Choose a Sleeping Bag?

More than just a bed, the sleeping bag will protect you during a night in nature. Feel cold in the middle of the night or even die of heat to the point of not letting him sleep doesn’t mean you didn’t buy a good sleeping bag but, Yes, you bought the wrong bag. For being a key item, the care in choice is essential. And, for that, you need to take into consideration a number of details and tips, which we list below.

But, before that, it is important that you consider how you intend to use your equipment, on which occasion and situation, etc. Go camping near the car? Will use it in wild camps and, therefore, need to load it in the backpack? You just camping on beaches and in warm places? Need a hardware ‘ multi-function ‘, which turn a duvet at the Beach House or want a sleeping bag that supports negative temperatures?

Before you buy a sleeping bag, a good rule of thumb is to think on the coldest night that you will face, and then go down a 5 degrees centigrade. Remember that it is more difficult to keep warm in a sleeping bag designed for warmer temperatures than cooling off in a sleeping bag for cooler temperatures – a zipper fully open wont solve this problem in a matter of seconds.

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Order Photos With Your Smartphone: Three Apps In The Check

A photo is recorded with the Smartphone quickly and printed on demand at any time at a photo kiosk in a drugstore and supermarket. But you will receive significantly better prints if you send the image data to the development in the laboratory. We have with us looked at three apps, where you can send your pictures directly in the “darkroom”.

Because I want to make a photo book, nor printed on mugs or T-Shirts, three Android apps play store to choose from ready that I can purchase photos directly from my Smartphone are me at the end: ‘ CEWE photo world ‘, ‘Order photos’ from Ifolor and the “rainbow photo world”.

Order Photos With Your Smartphone Three Apps In The Check

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Vintage Lingerie

By going to buy clothes, my grandmother always recommended “we must start with the underwear.” And although it took me many years to understand this wise advice, today I consider it one of the best I have given me in a matter of fashion.

And it does not matter if you bring a beautiful dress or pants spectacular, a bad choice in your underwear the can completely ruin.

Fortunately in the 20th century and so far 21, the underwear has evolved in an impressive manner, not only in the flirtatious and daring, but on practicality and function.

The 30s and 50s

The design of lingerie from the 30 to 50 was quite conservative, according to lawschoolsinusa, but not without a touch of eroticism. The garments served a practical function was to hold and control precisely the breasts, to avoid any kind of accident that could insulting the modesty of those years.

Panties or briefs were a garment that covered her from the waist to the part where the leg began.

Although the 20 women freed themselves from the corset, from the 30s girdles again become a basic garment in the female wardrobe and served the function of making smaller waist and flatten the stomach, which was achieved based rods and compressed fabric, elastic fabrics since as we know them today did not exist.

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