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Dinosaur Wall Stickers for Bedrooms

Adorable Dinosaur Wall Sticker for Kindergartens PVC Material Removable Design Removable Wall Sticker for Kids' Room Baby Dinosaur Pattern Durable PVC

They are from a remote, distant past, there are so far back that it is hard to imagine how long ago, it actually is. They were large, much larger than most animals, today here on Earth, and so was most of them also very dangerous – in any case, if there had been people at the time. It is, of course, dinosaurs, are talked about here. It is easy to understand why, and certainly not without reason, that many are very fascinated by these prehistoric animals. Particularly after the premiere in cinemas on the film Jurassic World, they are obviously more popular than ever before. The large animals, of course, are also very popular among children, so why not use them in children’s decor? It could for example be as here as a wall sticker! It is a great way to decorate the walls of the children’s room. There are both cute Dinos and dangerous carnivorous dinosaurs. With several of these dinosaurs on the walls it will be like having your very own Jurassic World inside on the children’s room. These wall stickers are available in several different colors, of course, so that they fit into the style that already is on the children’s room, or you can buy these wall stickers in the color you or your child seems best of all about – maybe you can even let your child choose? No matter what, so are wall stickers a nice and different way to decorate the walls? And then it is smart. They are easy to set up, and if the child one day grows from dinosaur-theme, they are also easy to take down again. At the same time, release one of the holes in the wall from screws and nails, as if we cover a picture op. Wall will still appear before the wall sticker was hung up – there will be no trace to look at it.

Calculators for Office

Multicolor Solar Powered Calculator Card-shaped ABS Plastic Portable Wooden Solar Power Calculator 12 Digits Eco-Friendly Material Unique Design

At the office, in pencil case and in many other places, it is incredibly important to a functioning calculator is always ready to help with your tasks. These tasks will vary, of course, and for the same reason, we cover a variety of calculators, there can be different things, so all requirements can be met.

There is a wide selection that includes everything from a strip count for a graph and finance reckons. A classic table-or calculator, this is of course also possible. All these devices can be found in many well known brands such as Texas, Casio, Relief and Ativa, that everyone can present to capable and usable products.

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Unique Rustic Pendant Lights

Glass Pendent Light Round Shape Spray Painted Case Multi-colored Light Vintage Metal Pendant Lamp with Dome Shade Energy Saving E27 Lamp Faint Yellow

Hanging lamps belong to the group of lamps for interior-mounted to the ceiling. In contrast to ceiling lamps, are separated from the ceiling. Because the hanging lamps often have adjustable height, they can be individually adapted to the conditions in the room. Using a dimmer, it is possible to regulate the intensity of light hanging lamp, which allows you to change the mood in the room, as well as creating a particularly cosy atmosphere. The appropriate suspension, which is the optical center of each peace-as a disabled-is the real beauty.

Rustic pendant lights

Rustic pendant lights are a versatile solution to your interior design. Rustic style did not necessarily obsolete, or minimize to a simple appearance, even if it had its origins in the homes of simple people. Today there are many different specific directions rustic: Scandinavian, Italian, or English. In the assortment you will find matching each of these directions of the lamp hanging, which completes Your Interior. It is in rustic style, quite easy to find “matching pendant lamp”, because this style is made up of so many different themes and designs. Also there are connections almost endless. Rustic household items, heirlooms or rare specimens were acquired at flea market items of decoration in a rustic style. Suspension lamp perfectly complements this style of Interior Design.

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Professional Shower Caps

Bowknot Detailed Shower Cap Solid Color Super Water-absorbent Coral Fleece Disposable PE Shower Cap Transparent Hair Mask Hair Salon Hot Oil Tool

Are you well equipped in terms of your bike? How does it look in the shower cap? A professional shower cap product raises already cycling joy of the first step of the pedals, and shows itself from its best sporting page. In the great variety you will find all producers who develop swimming cap products. From the big shower cap brands to the small secret tip leads your favorite online bike shop the entire palette within the bathing cap products. Order only shower cap products from an expert here! Whether you want a shower cap standard version to a moderate demand and a low price, or want a shower cap product in the deluxe variant along here, you will find always the right within the shower cap. A first class swimming cap product from the site makes it easier to get along on two wheels, and it does not hurt your pocketbook. Cheap price for everything within the shower cap is a matter of course, and a few good swimming caps have we always to you. You can very easily compare specific features and pricing for each product from the bathing cap category, and make the best choice in our online shop. Act now! Enjoy bathing cap deals, and soon also to your good performance on the bike!

Energy-efficient Pendant Lamps

60W Hollow-out Steel Pendant Light with 1 Bulb 220V E26E27 Connector Modern Modern Simple LED Pendant Lighting with Resin Shade 180W 220V E27E26 Connector

Lamps for interiors, which in contrast to ceiling lamps, are separated from the ceiling, referred to generally as hanging lamps. Pendant with adjustable height can be customized to individual needs. The characteristic lamps hanging are that they form a particularly cozy lighting. Hanging lamps are still very popular and this is the right thing to do. Wherever you cannot dispense with the general lighting, hanging lamps provide the basic interior: corridor or hallway, living room, bedroom, children’s room, dining room, office, kitchen and bathroom.

Suspension-of-the-art technology in the form of a pendant lamp

Small LEDs, which introduces on the market before a few dozen years ago as the first industrially manufactured and which were known as the colored LED light bulbs, for several years, are also available with white light and used in hanging lamps. Hanging lamps are LED not only feature inside most modern technique, but also their external appearance is often the modern and puristic.

A significant advantage of pendant lamps LED light is extremely small power consumption. LED light bulb with her long lifetime of 35,000 hours is now one of the most economical sources of light.

But not only have the practical aspects played a role in choosing the proper lamps hanging. It is also a reflection of personal taste and style of life of the inhabitants. In the web shop you will find hanging lamps, hanging lamps, LED, in a variety of designs to fit every style of interior design.

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Household Products and Home Decor

Cubic Leather Tissue Box Density Board Construction Top-stitching Detail Novelty Plastic Money Box Imitation Gold Money Saving Box for Children

On this page you will find all useful products for the household. This category includes products such as magnets, sweets, chocolate, magnets, plastic cutlery, plastic saucers, napkins, safes, toilet paper, tea, coffee and many more.

On this page you will find a great variety of delicious things in the form of mixed sweets and chocolate, in brands such as Bonbon, Marabou, Heedebolscher Twist mm. Drink is also to be found in the form of a huge selection of teas, spring water and coffee. The drinks are from brands such as Gevalia, Pickwick, Karat coffee, Douwe Egberts and many more.

On this page you will also find everything in plastic cutlery, paper plates and napkins, perfect for children’s anniversary, the roofing or something else. In addition, there are also all in plastic glass, in the form of a liqueur glass, coffee cups and beakers.

You are provided with a huge range of money boxes and safes, from marks, Pavo and JPC. The smart money boxes are available in many different sizes and in virtually every imaginable color. Money boxes are practical for canteens, stalls or something completely different. Both detectors are practical if you have important documents or valuables you’d had tucked out of the way and secured by a possible burglary. JPC have secure safes and in many different designs and sizes.

Everything in buckets bags, garbage bags and freezer bags are to find here on the page in every imaginable size. On this page you will also find a large variety of all-purpose cleaners, detergent, toilet cleaner, rinse agent, soap and household rubbing alcohol.

Toilet paper, road salt, coffee filters, magnets, keychains and many other practical things is to find on the page. Here you’ll get the best prices and wildest deals. We will cover a large service team that is always ready to help you.

Fashion Tips to Wear a Shift Dress

Which character type is Shift?

Shift dresses have the advantage that they flatter her by cutting each figure: The androgynous type benefits from the female silhouette, a short upper body is stretched, depending on the dress length, curvy women can keep good balance with a heavy fabric. As the timeless classic shift dress simply belongs in every wardrobe, because on the cocktail party or in a business appointment you prove so in any situation of style.

What should curvy women note a shift dress?

Feminine curves disappear under the straight cut sheath dress, if you consider a few things when buying: For a large bust darts should be present in the breast area, thus creating enough space. Who is slightly curvier at Po and hip, should at these sites, make sure that the dress is not too tight. A good choice is then a slightly heavier fabric that prevents the garment from sliding upward. Seams that run along, also ensure that your figure is optically extended. With strong upper arms, you should resort to a model with little arms.

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Cool Outdoor Backpacks Reviews

There is all: backpacks for children about the day backpacks, bike backpacks, the backpacks for trail runners, bags like backpacks up to high-tech backpack for long treks and expeditions. Also here: shoulder and side pockets, pack bags, accessories! For a list is sorted by usage areas.


All of the backpacks/bags models are gauged by us. We do this with fine-grained plastic granules (diameter approx. 1-2 mm), the trickling of a container using a device in the backpack dry bag. And although “use common”, that is, not burst through the seams of the backpack, to achieve a maximum value, but in a normal level, as close as possible to reality, so how you would even put his own backpack.


To the simpler notion of the size of the backpacks, we specify the dimensions in height, width and depth. Please note that these values are only approximate values. The mass can differ from the backpack volume mathematically. The often irregular or conical (cone for end) backpack Pack sack forms allow only an approximate measurement. These values are approximate and are intended only to support.

All of the backpack models are even gauged of us and also here the information can differ from those of the manufacturer.

In the area of laptop bags or laptop inserts, as well as photo accessories we specify the inner dimension (height, width and depth) for the subject.

Outdoor Camping Backpack Breathable Foldable Zipper Closure Side Mesh Pockets

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How to Buy a Womens Leather Jacket

A part of your basic wardrobe: the leather jacket. Learn more.

What makes a biker leather jacket?

The classic biker leather jacket now belongs to the basic equipment of every wardrobe. Here, their original purpose was in fact that of the protective clothing when riding a motorcycle. The biker leather jacket is hip length – the optimal length, if you sit on the bike. She has an asymmetrical laterally extending upwardly from the center of zipper and waist a belt with a large buckle, both mounted to prevent wind. The lapel collar can be very lush and fastened with a button. At least two zipped pockets, optional additional chest pockets adorn the leather jacket. Epaulettes, buckles, studs and other zippers are the classic biker jacket the visual upgrade.

How to Buy a Womens Leather Jacket

How do I combine a biker leather jacket?

With a leather biker jacket you have a versatile garment: Each outfit gets an immediate sporty casual and rocking cool touch. A casual look of jeans, T-shirt and sneakers evaluate stylish on the biker jacket. An elegant outfit from shift dress or skirt and blouse gets that certain something when you combine it with a leather jacket. The hippie look of blouse and lace-up shoes, a leather jacket just make roadworthy as the casual feel good combination of leggings and XXL-knit sweater.

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Extremely Lightweight One-person Tent

Extremely low weight and small size make the one-person tent the ideal companion, where it’s weight on every gram. We see the minimalist shelter as well as the full, comfortable 1-person tent with space for the luggage.

3-4 International Latest High Quality Outdoor Recreation Tent Free Shipping

Why should it be a one-person tent?

Have you decided for a one-person tent? Then have at least one chosen: you will be alone on the road or want to stay on the road or at least alone in the tent. Now the question arises whether you want to plan a walking and stay each night in their one-person tent or protect them only for a possible emergency. We find the appropriate solution in each case.

What features are important to you at the one-person tent?

Think about what characteristics the one-person tent should possess. Do you want to rather more space inside of the one man tent with a pleasant deck length?

Seat height inside the tent?

An apse which provides space for backpack and boots?

Particularly stably stand for more extreme conditions?

Is it an extremely lightweight one-person tent with a small packing size?

Here equipment you will find also a wide range of bivy sacks as an alternative to single man tents!

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Plus Size Petite Cardigan for Women

How long sweater with small women should be?

A long sweater warms the back, covers the kidney and ensures a cozy-warm feeling. Of course, every woman can wear a long sweater, and small women. You should just be careful that you do not disappear in sweater. If the jacket quite long plus cut far, you are literally swallowed by the fabric. Better in this case are jackets that make your silhouette visible. A close fit, the ends of the hip or buttocks, is ideal for you. For a very long cardigan you can create with a belt again and contour your figure emphasize.

Standing Tall Women long cardigans?

Absolutely! Large women should dare to wear long cardigans. Because it would be a fallacy to think that a short Cardigan conceals the size. The opposite is the case: with a long cardigan you can make a few centimeters smaller.

Plus Size Petite Cardigan for Women

Who can wear XXL Cardigans?

A XXL cardigan is distinguished in that it even extends to the knee or above. So he is a hip oversize model. The best he is tall, slim women. However, other body types can wear it. The golden rule is: Tight clothing under the XXL sweater! For if you give your body under the mass contour and not disappear in it. Women with large bust should choose a dark or black cardigan, the concealed a large breasts.

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Sportswear for Active Men and Women

Men's Cycling Jacket Set Front Full Zippered Softshell Jacket Full Length PantsWomen's Bikini Set with Men's Board Shorts Classic Geometric Print Quick Dry

The online store offers a wide range of various sports goods and sportswear for men, women and children. In the field cycling find serious amateur cyclists a diverse range of clothing and accessories for cycling. In addition to various accessory items a selected range of quality bicycles is also available here. In winter you have in sport online store for a comprehensive range of sports equipment for skiing and snowboarding. High-quality slide, all utensils for complete hockey equipment and ice skates complete the winter sport selection. Those who prefer to stay at home in the winter and is ready for the warm season to be physically active, is also found in online store. Swimwear and accessories for swimming, beach sports, and surfing and water sports offer many possibilities for an active summer. In addition to numerous articles for outdoor sports in the sports online shop also offers numerous products for indoor sports such as handball, badminton and squash. Table tennis lovers will find high-quality accessories and equipment such as table tennis rackets, balls and table tennis plates.

Keeping the right balance in sports is important: in the blog show how you how it goes.

Browse the retro shop and discover the extensive range of sports equipment for indoor and outdoor sports, for summer – and winter sports! Are you still unsure about your order? Then use now the exclusive coupon for new customers!

Sportswear – clothing for active men and women

The site sees sportswear fashion and accessories for sporting activities. Whether shaping swimsuit or robust Trainer: The range offers attractive colors and high quality. Top brands like Adidas and Nike can offer a wide selection of colorfully designed, but also classic fashion for the sport. In addition, see the host, the appropriate clothing for outdoor activities.

Besides comfortable tracksuits are available for women also feature stops with integrated bra. These offer even having maximum capacity maximum support and abide by breathable materials pleasantly cool. Men can use the jersey of the favorite team to cheer their club or with tight-fitting tops accentuate their muscles. Discover the online shop of also goalkeeper gloves, football jerseys and everything related. Now browse the shop and order the favorite part.

Mens Summer Fashion Essential-Boardshorts

Men in boxer shorts on the beach

Summer is in the starting blocks and the look in your wardrobe makes already blush on your cheeks wide? Your thoughts go back to the last beach vacation when you’ve still tanned in the figure-hugging swimsuit in bright red? The case is clear: New boardshorts have!

Mens Summer Fashion Essential-Boardshorts

Best materials, cool cuts and amazing features are just some of the arguments for a new pair of trunks. Fortunately you have at Blue Tomato spoiled for choice: Ladies Boardshorts for the ladies and men’s board shorts for the Gents!


You have to be a talented surfer to view the latest models by Rip Curl, Billabong, O’Neill, Hurley and Co. to sport. Although these shorts were originally made for cool surfer types in Hawaii and Australia, but also you can leave powerful impression with them.

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Functional Outdoor Gloves

ROCKBROS Outdoor Cycling Gloves Full Fingers Touch-Screen Breathable FabricWinter Flannel Cycling Gloves Full Finger Adjustable Wrist Breathable Fabric

Helags Sr Mitten is a part of Hestra’s outdoor series, where there are no compromises with material and function.

Fjällstation Sr is a flipper made in Scandinavian timeless design. Flipper can be used for winter’s many tours in the forest, where there are must gather firewood for fun-fire or to the family’s hut in the Sydsvenska.

Hestra’s Fjällstation Sr Mitten is made of tanned goat skins as well as cotton/polyester, with a fine layer of wax protects against wind and weather. A liner in pure wool keeps hands warm.

The outer glove can be used alone to be glove (this will protect the hands from wind and less rain/ snow showers).


  • Materials: Outer glove: Tanned goat skins as well as a cotton/polyester blend with waxing.
  • Liner: 100% wool
  • Removable liner
  • Cord lock
  • Possibility of tightening floral Velcro
  • Spindrift collar

The Best Allround-Softshell Jacket

Trail Running in the mountains with soft shell jacket from Berghaus

Whatever the weather, for any purpose!

With a soft shell jacket you are perfectly adjusted for any eventuality. Whether hiking or around town. The triumph of this high-tech clothing, which is currently all the rage, is no accident: Highly elastic, incredibly light, heat regulating, wind and water repellent.

The Best Allround-Softshell Jacket

Convince yourself of the benefits and see matching softshell at Blue Tomato!

Perfect for 85% of all weather conditions

Superlight at packable

Highly elastic and comfortable

Breathable and windproof


Water repellent
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