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Every Sunday There Is a Pedal School in Water Park

Sunday is “Pedal School” day in the Water Park. The activity teaches people of all ages to ride bikes safely. Promoted by the Municipality of Sorocaba through Urbes – Transit and Transport, the activity is free from 8:00 am to 12:00 p.m. and also encourages people to improve their techniques with the bike. Continue reading

Helium Balloons for Birthday: Check Out Ideas and How Much

See tips to decorate the party with helium balloons and have a sense of our costs.

The helium balloons for birthday are very successful in the decoration of parties. They are used in order to make any environment more beautiful, lively and festive. Read the article to learn about inspiring ideas and find out how much this type of adornment. Continue reading

Exercise What Muscles Do You Exercise?

Written By Susan Sivek | Translated By Elton Alves Ribeiro

Cycling builds cardiovascular fitness and muscle strength. Although it seems that riding a bike only works your legs, it can also involve your upper body and central muscles if you use good posture of cycling and stay alert with the muscles during your ride. Continue reading

Exploring the Quebec of Fatbike: Webseries with the Brazilian Team

Since 2014 the region of Saguenay Lac-Saint-Jean has introduced a new way of crossing its large lake, 32km long. In summers the lake is the scene of one of the great swimming competitions of the world, already in winter, with its frozen waters and temperatures below-20ºC, the new challenge is to cross it of FatBike. Continue reading

5 Reasons Why Holland Is the Country of the Skinny

Have you ever imagined a place where there are more bikes than cars or even people?For this place is called Holland, a country that since the 1970s has embraced this sustainable mode of transport in its politics, culture and economy. There is no secret, no magic. It was the willpower to combat congestion, air pollution and improve the quality of life of the population that led the Netherlands to become a world example when it comes to the “skinny” with 26% of all traffic movements in Its territory made on two wheels. Continue reading

Series-Competition Beats Record of Subscribers and Has New Sponsors

In less than a month for the opening of the Brazil Enduro Series at Zoom Bike Park in Campos de Jordão, São Paulo, the organizers of Brazil Enduro Series announce the newest gold sponsor of the competition: Chaoyang Tires. The leading Chinese brand in tire manufacturing, with more than 50 years of experience, will have the naming right of the event in 2016 and once again enter the Enduro scene, reinforcing its vocation to produce quality tires for various modalities. Continue reading

Cape Epic Started This Sunday with Brazilian Fighting for the Tri

Marathon runner Abraão Azevedo seeks the top of the podium of one of the biggest international mountain bike competitions.

Alongside Dutchman Bart Brentjens for the second consecutive year, athlete Scott Abraão Azevedo represents Brazil at the Cape Epic, which takes place between 15 and 22 March in South Africa. More than that: the goal for 2015 is one more Reach the top of the podium. Champion in the Master category in the last two years, the ultramarathonist will have to face an eight-day route, 739 km distance and 16 thousand meters of climbs between the University of Cape Town (Cape Town) and Meerendal Wine Estate in Durbanville.

Favoritism? Abraham stares with naturality. “It’s normal for us to be a reference, even for the results achieved in the last two years. But we have to deal with naturalness. I’ve trained a lot and I’m focused on my work.”

At age 45, his main focus is long marathons like this, which require in addition to a physical conditioning equipment that responds to height during the races. This year, Abraham will ride a full-size bike with 27.5″wheels, the Scott Spark 700 RC.

“I pedaled hard tail in 2014, but this year I’m using a Spark. For long events like the Cape Epic it is a big differential, because I can maintain good performance and without compromising so much in relation to tiredness. I’m already 45 years old, so the more comfort I can have while pedaling, the better,”joked the experienced athlete.

Recipe to go well

Prepared and with Bart Brentjens as a pair, Abraão Azevedo considers that the Cape Epic will be fierce in terms of competence of the other teams. For him, regularity is the secret to winning the tri.

“You have to be in tune with the pair and maintain a regularity to get well placed at the end of the eight stages. It does not matter if we end up second or third in a few steps, we have to get ahead in the sum of all the steps during the eight days.”

Scott is considered one of the leading brands of cycling worldwide. With great focus on engineering, technology and innovation, its products are reference when it comes to cycling. In Brazil, the Swiss brand has been distributed for more than 20 years by IGP Sports, always working with premium brands of worldwide prestige.

Nova Camptrail Bike Shop Promises to Meet Every Bicycle Audience!

Talking about opening a Bike Shop in times of crisis seems to be an assumed risk… however, a serious proposal ensures the success of a challenge. The Bike Shop Camptrail was born from a dream, according to Tiago Lumertz. “Our goal is to open a democratic store in the market… we sell bicycles for those who are starting out or for those who need a simple bike to work, or for those who go to the tracks and competitions. A mistake … the market needs to be worked on from the start, for good cyclists and customers to emerge until they become competitors! ”
A proposal of thousands of reais demonstrates the intentions on the market… who was born selling bicycles and pedaling, case of Tiago, must surely persist in this walk to act each day with more quality and adding the system that needs the bicycle. Novo Hamburgo seems to be a kind of center, because within the metropolitan region, it is closer to the cities that are around a route where cyclists or future cyclists can walk past and dream. At the end of the day, who would not want to spend in the Bike Shop and buy the accessories for the night pedal? Or who knows, prepare for the weekend of strong emotions. Continue reading

Paraguaçu High MTB Challenge Promotes Reforestation at Chapada Diamantina

Our sport is directly linked to nature, so we have a whole environmental concern.

On September 09 and 10 more than 500 cyclists from all over Brazil will participate in the 5th edition of the Alto OGGI Challenge of the Paraguaçu de MTB that happens in the city of Mucugê-BA in the modalities of XCO (Olympic circuit) and XCM (Marathon). In addition to participating in one of the most charming and technical evidence of Brazil, in the scenario where the largest ultramarathon of MTB in the Americas, Brazil Ride, each athlete will donate a native tree seedling that is used in the reforestation of the banks of the Paraguaçu River in the Caribbean Community. Continue reading

Caio Godoy Lavishes Talent and Wins Competition in France

In exchange for the CBC, Caio Godoy, 19 years, played on Sunday, March 15, the GP Bourg Em Bresse, destined for elite athletes. The competition brought together the main riders from the Rhône-Alpes region, who competed on a fast, almost flat course, totaling 101.5km in length. Caio completed the race in 2h36min14, winning in an exciting way to score his first win in Europe. Continue reading

Bicycles Become Public Squares in the New Exhibition of Bijari

Colectivo Bijari opens its second solo exhibition,”POSSIBLE (IM) PRACTICES”, on March 14, at 3 pm, at the Cultural Shock Gallery

On March 14, Saturday, at 3:00 p.m., Cultural Shock opens the exhibition “PRACTICES (IM) POSSIBLE”, from the collective Bijari. The exhibition unfolds inside the exhibition space of Shock and also in the streets of Vila Madalena, where the gallery is located.The “POSSIBLE (IM) PRACTICES” project is born from the daily experience of passing through the city and interacting with the lack of public spaces of rest-such as parks and squares. The project then emerges as a device to activate space by creating new forms of coexistence in the city, temporarily converting urban voids into a square. The idea is that any small space in the city can have a bank, vegetation and a shade. These elements are connected in the figure of the adapted bicycles that transform into small squares articulable to each other. Continue reading

Your Job Does Not Have a Shower, Go to Bike?

If you feel like cycling to work, but leave the idea aside whenever you remember that there is no changing room or shower, these tips are for you. Willian Cruz, from the blog Vá de Bike, and Guga Machado, from Eu Vou de Bike, listed some simple solutions to adopt the bicycle as a means of transportation-even when you can not take a shower before work. Continue reading

Route of Emotions-a Lovely Experience by Northern Coastline, CearÁ

Once again Vera Ferreira, granddaughter of the famous “King of Cangaço”, himself: Lantern, took the initiative to organize and encourage the realization of this track. Their initiatives are building and consolidating an annual calendar of extraordinary bike rides. After the Uruguayan coast, from Puerto Alegre, last year, it was the time to pedal to the northern coastline of Ceará. Traveling by bike through the emotions route was a unique experience of cultural interchange and beautiful landscapes in this “giant by nature itself”. Continue reading

Cyclist Vivi Favery Faces Final Test

Specialized Factory Team athlete will compete this Sunday (22) at the opening of Big Biker in Minas Gerais. Team mate Orlando Alves will also be in the race São Paulo (SP)-Following a double day, divided between the office, in the area of ​​marketing and cycling, São Paulo’s Vivi Favery will do his last race on Sunday (22) Of the international Pisgah Stage Race in April in the United States. This weekend Vivi competes in Itanhandu, South of Minas, in the Big Biker, MTB marathon won by her in 2012 and 2013. Also of the Specialized Factory Team, Orlando Alves will start the same day the search for the fourth title of the competition. Continue reading

Dinosaur Themed Birthday: 18 Amazing Ideas!

Jurassic Giants are ready to break into the children’s Party. See ideas!

The dinosaur-themed birthday is shaping up to be a big hit among children, since you learn working with the characters in Jurassic decoration, on the menu, the party favors and activities. Read and discover incredible ideas to put into practice your child’s Party. Continue reading

Birthday Party Beauty and Beast: Check Out 15 Decorating Ideas

Check out exciting ideas for decorating children’s birthday party with the theme of “beauty and the beast”.

The birthday party beauty and the beast stands out as one of the most popular topics among girls in 2017. All this because Disney released a film telling the story of the Princess. Check out 15 lovely ideas for decorating children’s birthday with this theme. Continue reading

Enduro Brasil Cup Has Promotional Price for Entries by Friday

The 50 first athletes who subscribe this week will pay only R $100.00 to participate in the second stage of the competition in Campos do Jordão (SP)

The Enduro Brasil Cup organization announces a series of novelties for the second stage of the competition, scheduled for September 16th and 17th in Campos do Jordão (SP). The main ones, quite interesting for cyclists, is that until this Friday (28) There will be a special batch of entries. The 50 first athletes who subscribe to this period will only pay R $100.00 to participate in the test (this value without the inclusion of the official event shirt in the kit). Continue reading

Pernambuco Will Have Its First Cycle Route in Agreste

Route Of 180 Kilometers Will Link The Municipalities Of GravatÁ, Bezerros, Caruaru And Bonito

Visit waterfalls, museums, churches, ecological parks, practice extreme sports, learn a little about the history of the place where it goes. Activities common to any tourist, such as these, can be done in a different way in Agreste Pernambuco: bike. The first cycle route of the State is expected to start operating this semester. The 180-kilometer route will connect the municipalities of Gravatá, Bezerros, Caruaru and Bonito. Continue reading

Children’s Themed Party Decor Frozen: Ideas and Pictures

Princesses, Princes, snow and ice take account of children’s themed party decor Frozen.

The child-themed party decor Frozen already stands out as one of the most requested of the moment. The Disney Animation’s charming boys and girls of all ages and serving as inspiration to decorate the birthdays.

Frozen-A Freezing Adventure is a film that was released in Brazil in January 2014. He narrates the adventures of Anna and Elsa, two sisters who have the power to create ice and snow.

Children’s party decoration ideas with theme Frozen

Check out some tips on decoration for themed birthday party Frozen:


All the characters of the film deserve a special space in the decoration. The sisters Anna and Elsa to highlight, because they are the protagonists of the story. Kristoff and Hans also need to be remembered in time to decorate the party.

Sven reindeer, snowman Olaf, the giant Marshmallow and even the villain Duke of Weselton must appear in the decoration.


The colors that predominate in the Frozen theme party are white and light blue. This palette ‘ freezing ‘ is perfect to represent the enchanted Kingdom on ice. There is also the possibility of working with details in silver or Teal.

Main table

The main table is the highlight of the birthday party. She must be decorated with the main characters of the film, which can be stuffed, MDF, polystyrene, resin or other material. The movie toys can be used to decorate the table, as is the case of the Disney Animators line dolls Collection.

Other elements are also great to make more elaborate decoration, as ice Castle, snowmen, ornaments, bright white and blue flowers, artificial white pine, cotton, silver utensils and glass containers (transparent or blue). The pastries pastry people and custom packaging are responsible for letting the table even more.

Some goodies are responsible for leaving the most beautiful decoration, as in the case of macarons, cupcakes, cakepops, themed cookies, chocolate lollipops and marshmallows.

In the center of the table, it is important to leave a placeholder for the cake. The delicacy can be sprinkling it with fondant in colors light blue and white. Some, including birthday cakes, are decorated with large blue glass shards, but this idea can be very dangerous for children.

Other ornaments

Among the other elements that may be part of children’s themed party decor, are helium balloons and EVA panels.

Party photos-themed children’s Frozen

Inspired on images to make a beautiful decoration of children’s Party with theme Frozen.

Wonder Woman Party: See the 18 Best Decorating Ideas

Thanks to the film’s release, the song “wonder woman” came back with all the children’s birthdays.

The wonder woman party is the new trend of the moment. Girls from all over the world want to decorate the birthday with the colors, symbols and elements that represent the history of heroin. Read the story and check out the best ideas of decoration. Continue reading

Registration Open for International Stage of Brazil Enduro Series

Unprecedented step in Brazil of the Latin American circuit of Enduro MTB, proof must reach record of enrolled. There are 450 jobs available in 18 categories

A pioneer in the country in the Enduro MTB national race, Brazil Enduro Series opens the registration period for the second of four stages of the season, in Pomerode (SC), from 17 to 21 June. With a record number of places, a total of 450, the race will also be valid for the Montenbaik Enduro Latam Series 2015, opening on April 1 in Argentina and closing in Chile on November 29. To guarantee a place, athletes must go to out site/ and follow the procedure indicated. Or, by the official website of the Latin American competition: out site, recommended to foreigners. Continue reading

Fifteen Women and a Destination-Circuit Lagamar

In October 2015, through an article published in Bicycle magazine, Friends Alexandra Domingues and Monica Trancoso met the circuit Lagamar, which would be launched in November. With the favorable comments of cyclists who ran the circuit shortly after their release, its various attractions, terrain diversity, exuberant nature and relative ease, friends invited other cyclists from Grupo Pedaletes do Litoral, less experienced in bicycle paths, to join the Lagamar. And at 4 hours of the 26th of May, this remarkable adventure began in the life of each of the Pedaletes, which would have traveled from thence 180 km in four days! Continue reading