Birthday Party Beauty and Beast: Check Out 15 Decorating Ideas

Check out exciting ideas for decorating children’s birthday party with the theme of “beauty and the beast”.
The birthday party beauty and the beast stands out as one of the most popular topics among girls in 2017. All this because Disney released a film telling the story of the Princess. Check out 15 lovely ideas for decorating children’s birthday with this theme.
“Beauty and the beast” is a French fairy tale, created by Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot. He became popular in 1740 and it didn’t take long to become a great classic of children’s literature.
Many years after your creation, the story was adapted into a Disney Animation in 1991. Also won the cinema screens in 2017 through a musical film starring Emma Watson.
The fairy tale “beauty and the beast” fills the universe of children with charm and magic. He tells the story of Belle, a young man who becomes a prisoner of the Beast in your Castle. Slowly, she begins to see beyond the external appearance and discovers that your kidnapper has a human heart.

15 Ideas for birthday party decorating beauty and the beast

The House and Party ideas for 15 panned decorate children’s beauty and the beast party. Check out:

1 – Pink in the dome

In the history of beauty and the beast, a red rose is inside a glass dome. The mystical flower determines the fate of Prince Adam. As soon as the last petal fall, he’d be like Beast forever.
There are several ways to make roses in domes to decorate the main table or tables of guests. A hint is to buy flowers made of cloth and put them in transparent PET bottles. Look at the image below and be inspired by the idea.

2-Cups designed with candy

Those who have read or watched the fairy tale probably fell in love with the character Chip. The cutest in the World Cup you can’t miss in the decoration of children’s Party with beauty and the beast theme.
Buy a white porcelain cup. Then you just need to customize it with colors and Chip features. Use the cups to get the sweets party.

3-Candy Apple decorated

You know the classic Candy Apple? Well, she can transform into a candy party theme beauty and the beast. Use Fondant to customize the delicacy.

4-oval mirror with frame crafted

A way to customize the background of the main table is betting on an antique mirror, preferably with oval shape and frame far fetched. Model with gold detail makes the composition even more beautiful.

5-Yellow Macarons

The “beauty and the beast” is a French fairy tale, so it can’t miss a tray of yellow macarons in the decoration. French candy can be placed on a delicate lace.

6 – Belle Cupcakes

Prepare some cupcakes. Then decorate each of them with yellow icing and a red rose, made with fondant. Ready! You will have beautiful cupcakes inspired by the theme “beauty and the beast”.


After the spell, the Butler of the beast’s Castle turns into a grandfather clock. To remember this character, you can arrange a vintage watch from pointer to decorate the main table, as shown below.

8-Teapot and Cup

Provide a set with teapot and cups with a classical aesthetic. Then, use these tools in the decoration of the party to represent Madam Samovar and your son Zip.

9-Golden Objects

At the time of composing the birthday party decoration beauty and the beast, don’t forget to invest in gold objects. Chandeliers, antique frames, trays and candlesticks value.

10-The guests ‘ Table

If it is possible to paint the Golden chairs and tables. Use, still, yellow towels to enhance the main theme color. The centerpiece can be a pretty chandelier.

11-themed Cake

The birthday cake “beauty and the beast” must find ways to enhance the theme, whether through the colors or of elements used in decoration. In the following image we have a cake decorated with yellow, reminiscent of the Princess.

12 – Arrangement with red roses

The Red Rose, which has important role in the fairy tale, does not need to appear only in the dome. You can also decorate the party with great arrangements made with this species of flower. It sure will be nice in the photo album.

13-The Glamor of a castle

Find ways to enhance the glamour typical of a castle. Chandeliers, chandeliers and armor are very interesting elements to work on decorating the party space.


You don’t know how to choose souvenir for beauty and the beast party? Then try to present the guests with cupcake inside of a cup personalized with the features of the character. The pots decorated with Brigadier also correspond to a great choice of pampering.

15-French Village

Before getting stuck in Beast’s Castle, the beautiful lived in a quiet and typical French village. Draw houses on pieces of cardboard or wooden boards to represent this place.

16-Themed Cookies

The characters of the story can serve as inspiration to make delicious and delicate cookies.
And there? What did you think of ideas for birthday party beauty and the beast? Have any suggestions? Leave a comment.