Bassam Pants of Salve Jorge

All women are falling in love with the style of Deputy Bassam, in the novel “Salve Jorge”. The character of Giovanna Antonelli bet on high-end clothes and accessories, able to make the look more powerful.
Heloisa is considered by consultants sets a ‘ right-on ‘ station wagon. Your mount look prioritizes comfort, elegance and some sensuality. The women who write the delegate’s visual look prettier for various occasions.
So much at work as on special occasions, the character Martin stands out with her clothes and accessories. She likes to wear the shirt and pants set’, but not release additional parts such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, handbags and sunglasses.
To compose a look more beautiful and sophisticated, Bassam usually wear the shirt into the pants and does not relieve the high-heeled sandal.

The Pants Of Deputy Bassam

Among the pieces that are successful in the cloakroom at Helo, is worth highlighting the pants. Check out the most coveted models by telespectadoras:
Trouser Style Jeans
The absolute success of years wide, 70, is being taken over by the costumes of the delegated to Salve Jorge ‘. HELO has appeared on stage wearing a flashy model in yellow colour and with high waist. The piece signed by Amir Slama costs R $668. Giovanna Antonelli’s character has also appeared on the scene with a beautiful wide brand rosé Mandi, whose price is $ $339.
The trousers can be worn with shoes with or without heels. In any case, the silhouette acquires more elegance.
Printed Pants
In addition to strong colors, Bassam also likes to wear pants and stamped with wide mouth. She invests in animal print, as the brand model Cholet, which costs R $571.90. In some scenes, the delegate uses sets of shirt and pants with the same pattern. Printed pants of Bassam combine with women that have the body in shape. Already the fatties, must opt for the use of smooth wide.
To make the look more sophisticated and beautiful, the Deputy of Salve Jorge affixed to the use of double belt.
Flare Jeans
The flare jeans, Le Lis Blanc, stood out as one of the most requested items in February. The model that was used by Giovanna Antonelli at Salve Jorge has the price of R $299.
Beyond the flare model, Bassam also uses jeans with straight legs.
HELO is champion in the CAT (Central Service Viewer). The character’s choices are influencing the shop windows of all Brazil.