Balcony with Barbecue: Inspiring Ideas and Projects

The balcony with barbecue is a reception space, recreation and relaxation. Check out ideas and projects!
Have you thought about having a balcony with barbecue? So know that this type of environment has become increasingly popular in homes and apartments in Brazil. The space is perfect for living, serving for entertaining friends and family.
The balcony is a division responsible for calling the internal area to the area outside the residence. In it, people tend to relax, chat, read a book, meditate. In recent years, this classic space is being replaced by a balcony gourmet, i.e. with a barbecue.

Ideas of balcony with barbecue

With barbecue and many other attractions, the gourmet balcony reveals the ideal corner of the house to do lunch with family, eating a pizza with friends and many other social events. Here are some tips and inspiring ideas to mount the project:

The ideal Rotisserie model

The barbecue for balcony gourmet cannot be any model. It should highlight the limited dimensions of the environment and also offer functionality in time to prepare the barbecue. In general, this type of barbecue features a hood connected to the structure not to let the smoke spread through the House or apartment.
The finish of the barbecue depends a lot on the project characteristics and preferences of residents. It is possible to coat, for example, with canjiquinha, brick, granite, among other material.

Sink and counter

The balcony must be decorated with elements capable of favouring the preparation and tasting of foods. Beyond the barbecue ideal, the room must also have a sink and a counter. To take advantage of the space in the best way possible, opt for planned structures, wooden or masonry.

Accommodation furniture

For more than purchase a gourmet touch, the balcony can not lose your essence of relaxation and rest. Therefore, residents must reserve a space for the furniture, such as a table with chairs, armchairs or a sofa very comfortable. In more modern designs, it is common to use futons on tablaos of wood and colored stools.
If the intention is to reinforce the rustic style of the environment, give preference to wood or iron furniture, without forgetting the appreciation of comfort.


The balcony with barbecue is a great place to work with. The place allows using not only the traditional ceramic floor, but also brick, hydraulic tiles and wooden deck.


If you are planning a gourmet balcony apartment or even a house with that space, so start thinking of landscape elements. It is possible to mount a vertical garden to enjoy the free area on the wall or simply place a large plant pot in some corner of the strategic environment.
Another interesting idea is to mount a small vegetable garden to cultivate spices in spider veins, as  pepper, basil and parsley.


It is also worth booking a small space to put a fridge, which will leave the drinks and appetizers always by hand (without the need to go to the kitchen). Consider also the possibility of installing a Cabinet or Cabinet to store basic utensils for cooking.

Wooden niches and shelves

Positioning three wooden niches on the floor, one on top of another, you will need a mini bookshelf on your balcony, perfect for storing gardening items or even to put the spider veins of plant. Another suggestion is to install some shelves on the walls, in order to make the space more organized.

Entertainment items

The gourmet balcony must offer entertainment options to residents and guests. If the space is great, he can win a tv on the wall or even a stereo. The TV must be installed in a strategic location, without interfering so much in the conversation between friends.


Gourmet balcony decoration must enhance the style and personality of the residents. A more rustic environment, for example, asks patterned tiles, wooden furniture and many other items able to remit to the atmosphere of a country house. A modern environment combines with a minimalist furniture and neutral colors.

Projects of balcony with barbecue

And there? What did you think of the ideas and projects of balcony with barbecue? Leave a comment.