Balcony Decorated Small: 10 Modern Ideas

Learn how to decorate a small balcony, exploring the best in terms of landscape elements, furniture and finishes. Do all this within the limitations of space.
The balcony decorated small is a delightful space, after all, it offers tranquility, relaxation and contact with nature. The visual of this environment can be planned from different decorating styles, but one thing is certain: the space needs to be exploited in the best possible way.
In many homes and apartments, the balcony is the only corner that allows you to interact with the outside world. In it, the residents can admire the landscape, grow plants or simply settling down in a chair to read a good book. Even with limited dimensions, the balcony usually make all the difference in the residential context.

Ideas for front porch decorated small

You don’t know how to make the small balcony decoration? Then check out the next 10 exciting ideas and get inspired to develop your project:

1. Table with folding chairs

The balcony can turn into a great space for coffee or make a meal, but for that, you must bet on the table with folding chairs as main furniture. There are several models available for sale, which are made of wood, steel or plastic.

2. Wooden benches

To leave the balcony with a more rustic and sophisticated, bet on the wooden bench. This accommodation, especially when upholstered, is very comfortable and makes the visual of the environment much more charming. If, perchance, the furniture features a hard surface and unpleasant, try placing some cushions to make it more cozy.

3. Mobile

The balcony stands out as a place of tranquility and calmness, so the mobile is an excellent element to decorate it. There are thousands of pieces that match this environment and usually bet on birds and butterflies as baubles. If you are decorating the balcony of your beach house, how about betting on a mobile of seashells? The result is wonderful.

4. iron Lantern

If you want to leave your balcony decorated small with a more sophisticated, so invest in iron lanterns. These pieces can be placed on a side table or left corner, on the floor of the environment itself.

5. Hanging garden

The hanging garden is nothing more than the vertical garden, that is, an element that leverages the spread free on the wall for growing plants and vegetables. There are several ways to mount this item landscaper, anyway, you can use pallets, hooks, shelves and iron railing. In store My Wood furniture you find a structure for vertical garden of 60 cm X 60 cm, which costs R $243.67.

6. Compact Vases

If any horizontal space available in the balcony, you can adopt compact vases in the decoration. The pieces, with different sizes, colors and formats, support for the cultivation of plants. Remember that the vase model should enhance the visual identity of the environment, be it contemporary or rustic style. Several species of plants can be grown in these vessels, including water stick, chamaedorea, ráfis and Lance of St. George.

7. wood floors

A small balcony worth his salt must be coated with wooden floors. The deck, for example, is a material easy to work and that promises to leave the environment look more cozy.

8. Futons, tatami mats and pads

The balcony can turn into a more comfortable environment, as long as you replace the traditional furniture futons, tatami mats and cushions with vibrant colors. These pieces are great accommodations, in addition to leave the space with a modern and cheerful look. When choosing the pieces, preferably waterproof materials.

9. Gravel

A way to leave the balcony look more natural and rustic is betting on the coating with gravel. These small stones, which are usually used in working with gardening, combine perfectly with the wooden deck and allow you to make paths in the environment.

10. Network to rest

The balcony has little space, you can find a network model that suits the place. The piece may be fabric or wood. The result will be a welcoming environment for rest.
With taste and creativity, you can create a nice space, i.e. able to reinvigorate the energies and raise the spirits. Do you have any other ideas for porch decorated small? Leave a comment.