Backpack Spring Summer 2016

Also during this hot season backpacks are back in fashion: we discover together what are the most beautiful models of the moment.

Among the bags by 2016 this spring trend there is a model from a few seasons is regaining women, especially younger girls. We are talking of backpacks but certainly not ones to school. There are many fashion houses that are doing wonderful. Anyone who has followed in the past will have probably seen parades of all kinds and certainly the most unique and colorful we encountered on the catwalk of Moschino. On the other hand, we also found many made of textured leather, some characterized by special processes and other simpler.
The backpacks for spring/summer 2016 are very different from each other but are definitely perfect for making great outfits, especially by day. Just a t-shirt and jeans to be delicious but there are also those who match them in mini dress with flared skirt or a romantic and chic look in general. Let us see some pattern, so you too will discover the new seasonal backpacks covered on

Gucci – one of the most beautiful models from this period is definitely Gucci backpack. Is a model inspired by early 90s, with bladder shape and dual chest pockets front characterized by the element in black bamboo, also picked up on top and leather clasps with long tassels, typical of the maison. This is a nice pink-dyed fresh and lively but there are others. Perfect for a trip out of town.
Michael Kors – surely this nuance Strawberry does not go unnoticed and that backpack spring/summer 2016 is very practical than the previous due to the use of zip situated on the upper and in the lower, by blending a sporty. To use in town.
Moschino – Moschino backpack version is decidedly more retro than the others, because due to the oversized logo and gilded matelassé refers us to the 80s. It has the flap for closing but only the strings, much more like a sack. It is a mini bag and if you love mood rock you can wear it at night too.
Stella McCartney – the good British designer, building on the success of its IT bag Falabella, has also created a simple backpack from the rounded shape with decorative chain around and zip. Cute this denim style polished waxed very urban.
Zadar – An evergreen model is usually made of leather, has a nice flap closure and leather strings decorated to ensure what is kept inside. Between spring/summer 2016 backpacks there’s also this solution by Zara, low cost than previous models but very cool.