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4 Diving Watches, Which Are Waterproof Up to 3,000 Meters

Diver Watches For Extreme Depths

The deep sea begins at about 800 meters – a depth, in which no daylight penetrates. The beings who are humming here are astonishing at least as well as the following extremely watertight diving watches. Drop with Aquadive, Zelos, Breitling and Co. to the bottom of the ocean. Continue reading

It Bags of the Season!

It’s no use, whenever a new fashion in the media we were crazy and our “wish list” for not growing… hahahahaha… when it comes to scholarships then, forget it! Geez how many wishes, how much will, our little eyes glisten and your heart starts pumping, after all, that woman can resist a bag . Recently, the online version of Vogue Brazil unveiled a simple list of five scholarships-desire of the season. Girls, wish is little! The list is nothing more, nothing less, launches of coveted brands, so charming give bossa to any production. Don’t resist, we found very interesting matter and brought the relation of “It bag of the season” for the Luxury feeling. Look at the short list, that modest… Continue reading

Facebook Home: from Smart Phone to Social Phone

Facebook has just introduced his UI “Facebook Home”. No big surprises, but we now know more about the functionality of the launcher. Mark Zuckerberg said at the beginning of the event: “Smart phone should be designed around people, not around apps.” From the smart phone to the social phone-that is how Facebook imagines: Continue reading

Disguise Droopy Eyes with Makeup Tips to Fix Imperfections

How To Disguise Droopy Eyes, Makeup Tricks And Tips To Fix Imperfections

What women want is to feel perfect, but this is something that occurs in their own opinion, always having something nasty in their appearances, which bother you a lot. Several methods of correction of dissatisfaction were created to meet the imperfections, which not only adhere to the female audience, but all sexes. In this way in recent times plastic surgery is quite popular, but it’s a pretty dangerous act that involves some risks to patients submentem the procedures, getting this method to the bold. Continue reading

Learn How to Stimulate Your Child from 5 Years

They grow, they begin to be aware of your place in the world, show that came, make clear their will and your personality. When the child completes 5 years, she enters a new phase of development and stimulate this is essential. His fine motor skills is already well established. His visual perception, gustatory, tactile, olfactory and auditory already has a very Rico repertoire. She desvencilhou of mom, I know you’re a human being unique and full of choices. Continue reading

Lighting with Style and Good Taste: Your Home Will Shine

Chandeliers, wall sconces, plafons, lamps, light fixtures, and more. There are many options and modern lighting practices that make all the difference in the architecture and decor of your home.

A good lighting design, value decoration, provides well-being and visual comfort. To hit the lighting, the first step is to plan, the most important is to define the use of each environment.

Continue reading

Led Design: Unobtrusive Modern Lirio by Philips

“Woodpecker”, “Focus on stamps”, “Paper”. Yes, that could pass for quite a variation of the popular children’s finger play (“scissors”, “Rock”, “Paper”), if not exactly light and design in focus.Therefore, we have to do it that 2014 has unveiled Dutch light – world market leader on thePreview Event at the Light + Building here with the recent addition of LED lamp collection Lirio by Philips. Continue reading

Boston Marathon this Year Will Ban Backpacks and Bags

In 2013, bombs exploded near the finish line

The organization of the Boston Marathon announced on Thursday (27) the prohibition of backpacks and sacks in some places of the test, as part of the security measures introduced a year after the attacks that killed three people in 2013. “Backpacks and bags will not be allowed in certain locations, at departure and in the area near it, in Hopkinton, near Boston, and along the route, “the organization said. Continue reading