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Final Fantasy Legends Come to Android in 2012

During these days is being held in Tokyo the Tokyo Game Show, where are out of the upcoming games that will be part of the attending developers. This year is increasing the number of games that are advertised to mobile devices when last year was a part more testimonial than anything else. It seems that the studios want to bet strong on mobile devices, albeit mainly with remakes, as the R-TYPE or Sonic CD. Continue reading

Pocket League Story, or How Manage Your Team Soccer and Take It to The Top

Gradually Kairosoft has become in one of the most interesting developers within the world of video games for mobile devices. Merits are not missing him and his career is a good example of this: GameDev Story, Grand Prix Story, Hot Springs Story. Games with a strategic approach, with different themes, but with a common denominator: they are all addictive.

After trying your luck making video games, managing a Japanese bath and riding our own team now Kairosoft It proposes with Pocket League Story be a football team manager and take it to the highest category of this sport. Continue reading

Space Invaders Infinity Gene, The Evolution of a Classic

It was the year 1978, and Taito released Space Invaders, a game arcade that has become on its own merits in one of the icons of the history of video games and audiovisual culture who does not recognizes today the famous marcianito?

It’s been many years in which we have received all kinds of adaptations, backups and reinventions of Space Invaders and now Taito brings Android to its classic: Space Invaders Infinity Gene. The same base but with an approach adapted to the times that run.

Infinity Gene begins as the classic game: our ship against an army of invaders that we must eliminate however noticed that something begins to change a few seconds: music, classic black background, the distribution of the enemies…no longer are playing Space Invaders of yesteryear: its evolution, Wissler. Continue reading

Star Command, a Very Promising Game for Android Seeking Investors

Something that increasingly make small developers with great ideas is seeking funding through the crowdfunding, that is to propose your project and give the opportunity to many small investors that each reverse What suitable in Exchange for small rewards If you reach the agreed funds. More than one project has been successful, and now we have one for one of the games of Android that promise will be the most complete created.

It is of Star Command, a game that follows quite online games Kairosoft as Game Dev Story, Hot Springs Story and others, wearing a retro style very eye-catching and effective and with a very large capacity for game, in which we will be able to embark on space are of peace, science and diplomacy, or in order to destroy all forms of life that shows enemy with our crew. In addition, the game will feature many customizations of the ship, which we can improve, as well as the skills of the members of our crew. Continue reading

Defenders of Animals Distributed Application with Malware to Report Abuse

The week last Kage Games published in the Android Market KG Dogfighting, a set of dog fights where the objective is in raising a dog and train him to fight other dogs. A fairly controversial idea in which its developers warn that part of the income of the game going to a protection of animals.

The game has suffered enough criticism for his subject and some that another user has decided to go a little further and has crept into the network, a version of the old edition of the game called Dog Wars con a small malware that sends an SMS to the entire list of contacts Mobile with the following message: Continue reading

Broken Sword Will Arrive at The Hand of Revolution Software Android

Good news for fans of traditional graphic adventures. Revolution Software has been confirmed during the Game Developers Conference that Broken Sword, his work Summit, will come to Android. At the moment there are no concrete date for its launch and the only thing we know is that it will do at the end of October for what we have to wait a bit yet. Continue reading

Minecraft Lands at The Android Marketplace Exclusively for The Xperia Play

Xataka Android are in love of the Minecraft, a fun game of construction for computer where we can create all kinds of objects and buildings using the surrounding environment. Such has been its success that today It has sold more than 3 million copies for PC.

Finally, after a few months waiting and some other video for open mouth can already say it: Minecraft is here. That Yes, at the moment it is only available for the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play. The game will be a temporary exclusive to this terminal and within a few months it will be available to other users. Continue reading

Robotek Is Updated by Entering The Online Multiplayer

A few months ago Hexage published in the Android Market Robotek: a game where we had to stop our opponent using a mechanics that mixing strategy with a slot system that decided our final action. A curious and rather amusing proposal where sometimes dominated luck more than ability to choose appropriate actions.

Now, three months later launches a Hexage Update for Robotek with two new products oriented to the online options: on the one hand a way multjugador online where we can fight against other users and for other duels online to fight if we want to play with friends in private groups. Continue reading

Doodle God and Doodle Devil, Using Alchemy for Good… or Evil

One of the genres most engaging in the world of gaming laptop are the puzzles. Simple mechanical, but originals that make that we let’s us hours hooked to a mobile phone or tablet until we give the solution of all and each one of the levels.

Today we bring you a couple of games that fit that description perfectly: Doogle God and Doodle Devil. The proposal of both games is based in combine two elements, as if it were a recipe for Alchemy, and see what comes out of that mix. Thus, up to Discover all possible combinations. Each version of the game makes us see the mechanics from the point of view of good and evil respectively. Continue reading

Cut The Rope: Experiments Reach Android Inside Little

Little time needed to Cut the Rope from its launch on Android to rise as the most downloaded payment application from the Android Market. The truth is reason missing since is one of the most funny and charismatic skill games that exist for mobile devices.

As some of you already know shortly after landing on Android Zeptolab, the creators of Cut the Rope, threw a sequel for iOS: Cut the Rope Experiments and many we began to wonder if it would also come to Android. Finally have an answer to this question: Yes, come. Continue reading

Muffin Knight, My Kingdom for a Cupcake

Mobile devices have led to the quick but fun games casual games grow like mushrooms. On Android, we have a good sample of them and every time we get new products with new or already known mechanical nuts simply turns proposals such as the case of Muffin Knight.

Muffin Knight is a game of platforms and action where is our goal to pick up cupcakes that will go out on the stage. A proposal at a simple glance but where enemies will do everything possible to prevent our goal. Let’s see what offers us the last work of the guys from the Angry Mob Games, creators of Guerrilla Bob. Continue reading

Angry Birds Seasons Is Updated with Moon Festival

If yesterday our colleague Damián García did you echo of the Angry Birds update, today we woke up with another update from Rovio to franchise star, this time with new levels for Angry Birds Seasons, thematic levels of angry birds. This time it’s an update based on a Chinese tradition, the Moon festival, a tradition that began 3000 years ago in the distant Asian country with lanterns, incense and various celebrations being held across the country. Continue reading

I Must Run! Run for Your Life

Games like Canabalt helped consolidate the mixture of platforms with frenetic racing as an independent genre and is running at full speed while we dodged all kinds of obstacles is very funny, although sometimes it can be a pretty dangerous as in Grim Joggers activity.

I must run! It is a game which encourages us to precisely that: running, put us in the shoes of an escaped prisoner and run as far as you can avoiding obstacles and jumping by all kinds of places. Apparently more of the same but with some small variation that gives more good atmosphere. Continue reading

R-Type, Another Game Classic Arriving in Android

Don’t stop falling reissues and re-releases of old jewelry, and is that if we discovered yesterday to SEGA bringing the renowned Sonic CD to the Android Market, it is now of DotEmu who ventures to get a remake of classic games. The game that concerns us this time is a classic of the shooters, created by Irem that made their exit in 1987 for the arcade machines. It is of R-Type. Continue reading

Sonic CD Come to Android

In the past there were two characters that clearly marked video games: Mario and Sonic, each with a fervent tide of fans following a game despite the passing of the years. Although it is notable that the reputation of Sonic is falling to the bad reviews of the latest games, SEGA don’t want to give up your goose that lays golden eggs, and so have decided to make a move that rarely does not work: a revival of a classic game. Continue reading

Blast Monkeys, Helps The Protagonist Monkey Get Its Bananas

blast Monkey He cannot avoid comparisons with another set of similar dynamics, Cut The Rope, but it’s still a game quite entertaining starring a monkey that we feed with a huge bunch of bananas using our ingenuity throughout the different levels.

It is a game that will be familiar to users of iOS, since before appearing in Android already enjoyed the honour of being one of the top games of the platform. Angry Birds and Cut The Rope-inspired mix follow triumphed to be free on Android. Continue reading

Grim Joggers, This Dangerous Sport Called Jogging

Jogging can be quite an adventure, or at least so the creators understand it’s Grim Joggers, a fun platform puts us in the shoes of a group of riders who come to work out different places to which more dangerous and full of deadly traps.

The objective is simple: get as far as possible. No matter how many racers lose along the way, while more remote routes more high will be our score but much more runners keep alive more score multipliers will obtain. Continue reading

Eternity Warriors, Glu Still Goes Strong for The Free to Play with a Hack and Slash

The free to play increasingly it is gaining more ground in games for mobile devices, being Glu, one of the major companies to use this model to distribute and monetize their titles. Some of which we have already here speaking as a Gun Bros.

The last game of Glu jump on the bandwagon of the free to play and land on Android is Eternity Warriors. An action title in format hack and slash where the objective is very simple: put an end to all the hordes of enemies that you put in our way. All this in a format that has many similarities with devil, a reference in this genre. Continue reading

Deflection and Tanks!, Two 3D Games with Retro Aesthetics to Your Android

Today we are going to submit games Deflection y Tanks!, Although they have already been a long in the Android Market, recently receiving a revision to correct errors and expand its game modes, in addition to fully operational in tablets with Android Honeycomb. In both cases are games whose aesthetic is of type 3D no textures, with a touch of retro, easy to play, where to take a few good times, alone or against friends via Wi-Fi games. ‘pique’ is guaranteed.


Tanks! It’s a retro game, because it is based on a popular game of the arcade machines of the 80s, in which you bounce your tank by a war zone and have that destroy other tanks and helicopters avoiding them you destroy yourself. In that combat zone you can find rocks, which can not be destroyed, or trees, that will destroy a shot. Both serve as parapet. The entire area of the map is bounded and can not exceed it. Continue reading

Bouncy Mouse, The Mouse Is Now Who Hunt The Cat

The Android Market is full of curious games, some with more quality than others but eventually we find titles fun and ideal for the dead times. Today we speak of a perfect example of this case: Bouncy Mouse.

Bouncy Mouse puts you in the role of a mouse whose objective is to recover the cheese that have stolen you cats. A fairly simplistic plot but that it serves as an excuse to introduce a pretty addictive game mechanic. To achieve the goal we have launch our protagonist from spots placed strategically on each screen and that this rebound until you reach your destination. Continue reading

Weapon II: Firing Range, Put to Test Your Aim with Real Guns

Usually when we talk about games in first person person with weapons fire we tend to automatically think of action titles with enemies on all sides. A scheme somewhat already broken but effective, however on this occasion we will speak of something slightly different.

Weapon II: Firing Range It is a particular weapon, the popular realistic tactical armament game franchise spinoff. However in this version for devices Android instead of deleting other enemies our goal is put to the test our aim in different fields of shots. Continue reading