Apple Receives Action Cam Patent, Gopro Stock Tumbles

Apple Receives Action Cam Patent, Gopro Stock Tumbles
The GoPro share device into the oscillation due to new Apple plans: the iPhone company has received a patent that describes a portable action cam that could pretty much annoy the GoPro’s previous leader. The GoPro share had to cope with already after the Apple patent bitter losses.
Already in the year 2012 Apple has submitted the action cam patent, that has now surfaced in the database of the US patent and Trademark Office. According to recode, it describes a portable camera system for mounting on bicycle helmets and diving masks. In addition, it’s called certain weaknesses of GoPro cameras. The described device can make underwater recordings according to document and record sounds. Wall Street reacted immediately to the possible Apple-action cam: so the shares of market leader GoPro lost at times up to 12 percent.
Gopro Will Nevertheless Remain Market Leader
GoPro needs not to upset all that as editor-in-Chief of CURVED turns out Felix. Also, analysts do not expect despite the new Apple patent long an early market introduction of an action cam from Cupertino. For JMP Securities-Analyst Alex Gauna, an action camera is currently a logical extension for Apple’s product range. He also provides the interim trough of the GoPro shares as a buying opportunity.
As for JMP GoPro is seen continue over the longer term the undisputed market leader in the action cam segment. And although the GoPro share total has fallen since its peak of 98.47 dollars in October 2014 by 42 percent, rose since the company’s IPO in June 2014 to 73 percent. GoPro do so currently still worry about his place on the throne of action cam despite Apple’s possible competition.