Anniversary: 14 Tips to Prepare the Party

Check out tips and ideas for decorating wedding wedding party with style and good taste.
The anniversary may not go blank, so you should plan a party in the minutest detail to commemorate that date so special. Check out tips and ideas to organize a memorable event.
The wedding itself is a big celebration, which is immortalized in memory of the couple forever. However, over the years, worth renewing their vows and celebrate the marriage. Each anniversary of marriage deserves to be remembered with love, joy and love.

Preparations for the wedding anniversary party

Wedding parties are difficult to organize and always end up getting similar to each other. The parties that celebrate the anniversary of marriage have a different taste and can be customized with more ease. Everything will depend on the taste of the couple and the money available to invest.
Split up some tips to celebrate the anniversary with a big party. Check out:


The first step is to draw up the guest list. Then, hire a company specialized to make the party invitations. It is not recommended to ask for gifts if the marriage is less than 10 years.
Be creative to make the invitation. Choose a paper with different texture, consider the possibility of working with lace or laser cutting.

2 – Balloons with pictures

Provide helium balloons, respecting the party’s color palette. Then tie a satin ribbon at the end of each balloon and hang a picture special. This form of decorate the party is simple and can enhance the moments of happiness of the couple.

3-panel with pictures

You have no money to invest in a canister of helium? Don’t worry. It is possible to construct a photo Panel with nylon cord or clothesline. A wooden structure also gives a pretty good result to the composition.

4-boda as a reference Type

Each wedding is represented by an element. The anniversary of 5 years, for example, have the wood as your symbol. Already the event which celebrates 30 years of Union has the Pearl as your representation. Check out the list below:
Now check out inspirational ideas:

5-Choose a theme

For the decoration of the wedding party didn’t match a conventional marriage, worth investing in the theme. Pub, Paris, Provence, Boho Chic are some suggested topics.

6-Line of hearts and lights

The Clothesline with paper hearts let any anniversary party with a more romantic. The lights, which look with flasher, also add a special charm to the event.

7 – DIY Ornaments

Have you ever heard of the trend “do it yourself”? So know that it can be incorporated into your wedding anniversary party. Use creativity and good taste to make handcrafted ornaments, such as glass jars or bottles decorated with painted slate.

8 – Many flowers

The flowers can leave any party with a more romantic and passionate. Based on the colours of the decoration, bunch floral arrangements to decorate the main table and also the tables of guests.


At the party, the bride and groom can serve a full dinner, complete with starter, main course, side dishes and desserts. The buffet for weddings can also be simpler, with a cocktail party or barbecue.

10-Decorated cake

Like all good birthday party, wedding wedding cake decorated with orders a whim. This delicacy should spruce up the center of the table. On the sides, it is interesting to work with trays of sweets and flower arrangements.


To let the party lively and fun, it is very important to the couple invest in attractions. That means hiring a DJ or a band to enliven the dance floor. The couple can also prepare speeches romantics or bet on unusual attractions such as circus performances.


The wedding anniversary token must meet the type of wedding. In the case of wooden wedding, for example, guests can be presented with picture frame, made with this material. In the case of the wedding of gold, you can invest in gold packaging. Look at a few options:

13-Renewing alliances

Finally, the couple should plan to make the exchange of rings and so renew their vows.

14-Slates and decorative letters

You are in search of a modern décor and captivating? So bet on small chalkboards with messages and letters with the initials of the couple.
And there? Like the tips for the wedding anniversary party? Do you have any other suggestions? Leave a comment.