Already Know the YellowKorner?

Recently, I was spending the weekend at the port and I discovered by chance a photography shop of art that caught my attention. Located in Rua de Santa Catarina, no. 563, YellowKorner only has one store in Portugal and 94 in the world. The concept is simple: your democratize art photography, making it accessible to all. The galleries of images of more than sell YellowKorner 200 artists, provided in limited editions and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.
I’m a diehard fan of photography and I love having pictures at home, which may be either fashion editorials, as sentences or even food (since I have several frames in the kitchen). But it’s not always easy to find appealing and different photos, buy posters and illustrations in large decorative chains, most likely find the same images everywhere.
The point is that if you want to buy a screen printing or a photograph of the author will have to invest a considerable value, perfectly fair to the artist, don’t get me wrong, but not always accessible for most people. The more creative you can always cut prints of books and magazines and then frame it.
But returning to the shop YellowKorner has hundreds of photographs of various themes and dimensions. And each is numbered, since it is a limited edition. At this time, still find images in previous collection promotion, including some emoduradas and with discounts up to 40%. Here you can find high quality photographs of trips, cinema, fashion, animals, landscapes, vintage, sports, aviation, among other topics. That is, there is everything for all tastes and wallets. And get ready, because the store has a few hundreds of images, so go with some time. In fact, many designers resort to YellowKorner for their projects.
For those who have no opportunity to go to the port, you can always search and order via the online store, but will not benefit from the discounts made in store.
On my visit I was approached by the Manager, who explained to me the whole concept and that this was the only shop in the country. How had traveled by train became difficult to get photo frame with me, confirmed that they deliver in Lisbon, without any additional cost. In fact, you can choose the frame you want, so get everything ready. So, there I decided on three portraits of Argentine photographer Romina Ressia, inspired by pop art, that stand out for your originality.