Already Know the Josefinas?

“Made in Portugal and telling stories around the world” is the phrase with which are received by the brand, or it wasn’t our country a producer and exporter of footwear.
It all started when a young architect, Philippa Julia decided to put into practice a childhood dream “to create a casual, elegant, that honor my dancer’s past and the future of modern woman. Quickly I got the concept of face. But, for me, these could not be a face any, would have to have personality, represent what good do your hands of the craftsmen of my country and, above all, give a woman the elegance and confidence that some shoes can bring to your life. ”
In São João da Madeira found the masters brothers shoemakers Jorge and Carlos, who immediately believed in the project. After spending a year researching materials, doing tests and experiments, and with the help of friends and even of fashion bloggers, Philippa gained courage and laid the Josefinas.
Rolled up their sleeves and became a young entrepreneur, to create your own brand of pumps, whose name is a tribute to your grandmother. Thus were born the Josefinas, from the hands of craftsmen and dream of a girl who wants to go around the world with their face.
To build the Josefinas, Philippa explains that “use high quality skins, the best leather for the soles, high quality grosgrain Ribbon or cord, the squeeze, fled to this screening. The skin and leather were selected taking into account the need to be flexible materials, able to adapt to the elasticity of the foot and your breath. The cord of Josefinas has the peculiarity of being adjustable, which allows you to tighten or extend the pumps according to the need of each foot.
And it is with great pride that your Creator claims “The most beautiful face are Josefinas, that’s for sure!”.
How did the idea of launching the brand Josefinas and why the development of a line of pumps?
The idea of creating the Josefinas arose because it seemed difficult to find basic pumps, elegant and comfortable. I wanted to create a brand that people knew there would find probably some pumps that liked and just had to worry about picking out the color, the pattern or model.
What distinguishes the Josefinas of other face?
The Josefinas autumn/winter collection are made with quality materials, that have the leather outsole with a rubber non-slip injection, being the insole, lining and the exterior skin. The adjustable cord around Sabrina, lets push it when the foot is too thin or when the Josefinas get some slack, after intensive use.
As has been the responsiveness of Portugal at Josefinas? Have already received orders from other part of the world?
The Portuguese received us with open arms. Sales run well and the support and encouragement of many customers of Josefinas is essential for us to move on. The constructive criticism are also important to evolve.
The are 100% Portuguese Josefinas?
The Josefinas are made in São João da Madeira by the masters shoemakers Jorge and Carlos. All materials are Portuguese, with the exception of some skins. We are working for that next spring/summer collection the skins are all nationals.
Where are sold the Josefinas? What is your value?
The Josefinas are sold in The value varies between EUR 95 and 119 euros.
Develop tailor-made pumps for each customer, in terms of both size and the colors and patterns?
The Josefinas have defined Collections. Exceptionally, we respond to specific requests of colors and patterns.
At this point, the brand just sells pumps. It is planned to launch another type of accessories or footwear?
The Josefinas want to continue to be identified as a brand of pumps. Can be released another kind of shoe or accessory, but as a complement to the collection. But the Josefinas for children are an idea that can move forward in the future.
The brand has developed the campaign “To where you take your Josefinas?”, which invites its customers to photograph the face, in any place or situation. What are the images that most surprised you?
On the site we have a tab called “around the world”, in which we invite people to send a virtual postcard and share an image and a text. On instagram have the hashtag #josefinasportugal so that all customers can disseminate photographs of Josefinas.
One of the cards that we received was that of Marta Marcelo Santos, who bought the Josefinas and knew she was expecting a baby. The last one was Claudia valledor, who made a fantastic reportage of Josefinas on your honeymoon in Portugal. All the postcards we receive are a credit to the team and are a sign of affection on the part of women who believe in our project.
What can your fans expect from the brand?
Our fans can believe the Josefinas are to continue. We want to innovate and surprise. The brand is a project that wants to evolve and grow. We want to create every six months new Josefinas, enchanting women who like what we do.
How to Filipa sets the your personal style?
The day my style is simple, relaxed and comfortable. I love searching for old pieces of my grandmother and my mother and conjugate them with my clothes.
What advice do you give people who would like to launch your brand?
Who wants to throw a tag must believe so much in the project and know to surround people who share the same determination and passion. We had such luck. The Josefinas are fruit of teamwork and good advice from family and friends.
Let us hope that this adventure could lead the Josefinas across borders and to realize the dream of other women. Who knows if one day we’re going to see at the feet of some international celebrities. In fact, if Rihanna manufactures your shoe line in Portugal and Princess Letizia of Spain uses Luis Onofre footwear, we believe it is quite possible!