Denim and denim jacket has for many years old – and it has been a bit of an icon in the fashion world. For many, denim, jeans and cowboy jacket often synonymous with Levi Strauss, but gradually as men’s fashion has evolved, there come more players on the pitch. The very denim jacket has gradually been in existence for more than 150 years – and the shape is actually surprisingly much the same for years back. It may also be why denim jacket retro-effect is in the top.
“Fashion changes, but style endures”. How it is said in any case – and as far as denim jacket is it on something true. For although mature has changed hundreds of times over the last 150 years, so have cowboy jacket actually had a more or less static look.
A little about denim
There can scarcely be anyone who doesn’t know about denim – and who do not own up against several pairs of jeans. It will be close to a miracle, if this should be the case. Denim is a distinctly material within the fashion world, and there are several reasons for that we return to.
Denim has been used to produce textiles since the 16th century. century, and it is thought to be manufactured for the first time in France. Since we invented the denim for textile production, it was Brown, but began to dye Blue, why denim pants was nicknamed Bleu de Genes – and later blue jeans. A family in France later got the idea to produce colored cotton fabric, which got the name serge de Nimes, and which later became the denim.

Denim was seriously put into production since Levi Strauss started making overalls and jeans for miners in the 19th century. century. Levi Strauss saw the need for a durable material in connection with my work, and he began producing denim overalls, which was reinforced with copper rivets.
Denim jeans quickly became popular among many other than the miners, and especially the cowboys and railroad workers saw potential in material and design. Levi Strauss began quickly to use denim in connection with jackets, which also quickly achieved great popularity. The working class was particularly crazy about denim jeans and denim jackets, as the durable material able to withstand the tough and grueling work.
As with so much else Workwear denim jeans and denim jackets quickly found its way to the fashion houses. Especially in the 1950s was denim popular within both the women’s and men’s fashion, as celebrities such as James Dean and Marilyn Monroe went wearing denim jeans and denim jackets. And to return to the quote from before, then change the colors, styles and cuts himself – but denim continues to be modern.

You can eventually find denim jackets in all shapes, colors and sizes – so there is not much to be said for that, you should not be able to find one that suits you. However, it can be a challenge no matter what, when you should be able to use your denim jacket in several different contexts, and to several different kinds of pants.
A cowboy jacket can be used throughout the year — but it is particularly suitable for spring and summer. So if you do not yet have a cowboy jacket, perhaps it is time to invest in one. A denim jacket can be used over a sweatshirt for the chilly evenings, but is also super over a t-shirt for summer. A bit like with denim jeans, so you can use your denim jacket in several different contexts, and use it with many different kind of outerwear.

If you are looking for just the right denim jacket, then the best thing you can do to find a size that suits you in the first place – and that should not be made for several times. A cowboy jacket may have slightly longer sleeves, since the sleeves with advantage can brættes up. An error many commit when buying a cowboy jacket, is that they are buying it too much. It must be like to sit for, and should like to highlight your physique – exactly as if you were about to buy a new pair of jeans. Here you would probably also do not choose a major and flabby model.
It can be quite a challenge to match the right pants to cowboy jacket – as it is in imminent danger of ending up in the Canadian Tuxedo. Here is the full denim suit, and it is rarely a compliment. Granted, it can be done – but it is a challenge. Instead, you may want to opt for pants or jeans, which stands in contrast to your denim jacket. So, if you have a quite general, blue denim jacket, so could a couple of colored chinos or dark jeans to be the perfect choice.
Cool denim jackets from Cheap Monday

One of the brands that produce truly bold cowboy jackets, is Swedish Cheap Monday. Here at Bridgat we have long had a large selection of Cheap Monday, and their work with denim is in a League of its own. If you are in search of a new denim jacket, so is Cheap Monday not to get around-
Here at Bridgat you can find model Cheap Monday Staple in both black and blue. Denim jacket has a lot of cool details, e.g. There is written ‘ Cheap Monday ‘ on all buttons and made oblique stitching. This denim jacket can with advantage be used with opsmurte sleeves, and fit perfectly with the warm summer evenings.