Afraid of Dogs: How to Act?

Posted by Dog citizen in Feb 2017-18
In the last program from home, Rede Globo on Saturday (18), the animal husbandry and animal behavior expert, Alexander Rossi, talked about the fear that some people have about the dogs and gave some tips to solve this problem.
This fear exists not only in children but also in adults. Trauma can come from some extreme care of parents, or uncomfortable situation that the person has lived with a dog. But it’s not hard to overcome that. Nothing than a training or guidance won’t help solve the problem or minimize it.
What to do?
The guidelines are the same for any age group, and we must follow them frequently to this fear of dogs can be controlled as quick and simple as possible.

  1. Be stopped when a dog comes in your direction, never run or scream, as this encourages the predatory animal insisting.
  2. Always ask for the tutor if you can touch the dog and if he is calm, before putting your hand on him.
  3. Never worry animal when he is eating, sleeping, inside the house, when you’re distracted with any toys or when you’re a mother with cubs.

Remember that when dealing with a child, you must teach it so enjoyable. In general, using playful techniques helps a lot. For example, when the dog is going against the small, have it play with you (and the dog in question) of statue. Thus, the training will become a big joke and will be easier for the child to overcome this fear.
With love and care, all who are afraid of dogs can learn to have a harmonious coexistence with these animals. In fact, dogs are man’s best friends!