A Toast to Burgundy!

Bordeaux is a color inspired by the red wine produced in this region of France, being a shade dark red used in autumn and winter. He was also one of the pantone colors in 2015, known as Marsala, since the name of this renowned Italian wine. It is distinguished also from Burgundy, or Burgundy, a famous French wine. That is, the Bordeaux, Marsala and Burgundy are three different tones, but all inspired by red wines from different regions. So I’m going to call it simply of Burgundy, since various shades, Red takes rosado (rosé) to brownish red.
This is a classic tone that never gets old, being more discreet than the red. Together with other neutral colors (like beige, gray, white and black), but also with pastel colors, such as pink or blue, Burgundy is a good bet for this station. So I decided to treat you with 16 looks inspired this drink so appreciated all over the world.

Burgundy looks you want to copy

Burgundy & Beige
This is a good alternative to black, brown and gray, so you can combine it with the classic beige or camel to give a distinctive touch to your look. If this is a color that doesn’t favor the your skin tone, use it at the bottom of the body. For being a neutral tone and dark also helps to disguise some hips or more protruding belly.
Burgundy & Chess
The trendsetters Ines de la Fressange and Victoria Beckham show how can make your professional look more interesting, to combine this with the traditional winter chess. Try placing a belt over a blazer or cardigan to keep a more elegant silhouette. A suitcase in this color is also a good alternative to black and Tan.
Burgundy & Pink Tones
A combination that can reveal your feminine and romantic side. If you want a touch more daring, or shoes animal print belt can add more texture (and interest) to your visual.
Burgundy & Jeans
Try a blazer or jacket Burgundy, rather than the traditional black, with some jeans or leggins. With a white t-shirt or with a shirt of tom of course Burgundy gives a touch of sexiness to your look.
Burgundy & Black and white
This is a combination that never gets old, but depending on the parts you choose, can achieve a more youthful and trendy look. This is a good alternative to the classical combination of red, black and white.
Burgundy & Bohemian Look
If you like a more Bohemian style, but sophisticated, try using a piece of velvet, leather or fur. Whether it be a dress, a jacket or a hat, this is a good option for winter. A jacket of this skin color is also very versatile and elegant.
-Wine Accessories
A clutch of velvet, bag, shoes, boots, scarf and hat are just some of the examples of how you can use this color in accessories, harmoniously and distinguished. Isn’t is beautiful?
Makeup Burgundy
An eye shadow or lipstick pink wine is a good alternative to the traditional smokey eye in shades of Brown and red lips. In fact, the bordeaux favor green eyes, brunette hair, revealing your hand still more sophisticated and glamorous. For a more lightweight, choose to highlight your eyes or your lips with this color, complementing the makeup with nude tones.