A Social Sign-Up Club at Customers' Homes

Service of collecting organic garbage exchange for seedlings of seasoning and fertilizer.
Waste is a global environmental problem. As time goes by, the planet’s population increases. With it, consumption and generation of waste also grow. To make matters worse, there is no space in landfills to properly dispose of garbage. However, much of what we throw away can be re-used.
Proof of this is what the Organic Cycle, a Carioca company, has been doing. The Organic Cycle functions as a “social signature club”. At a cost of $ 60 per month, the company collects, weekly and by bicycle, the organic waste from its customers. Subsequently, it takes the waste to a composting yard and turns everything into fertilizer.
In return, the customer can choose a “reward” once a month: receive a seasoning seedling-usually there are two options available, ranging from basil, parsley, rosemary and mint, among others, a pack of manure or Donate the compound to a farmer.
In addition, the Organic Cycle sends a monthly letter to its subscribers. In it, it informs the amount of garbage collected and how much of fertilizer was generated.
The creator of the company is Lucas Chiabi, 24 years. Mineiro based in Rio, Chiabi graduated last year in environmental engineering. While studying, he became interested in composting techniques. “I did tests at home and with the trash of neighbors and realized that the amount of garbage generated has decreased a lot,” he says.
In early 2015, he entered into a youth entrepreneurship program at Shell. There he conceived the Organic Cycle.
Currently, the Organic Cycle has about 150 customers. Waste treatment is done in a composting yard located in Martelo Park, in Rio’s southern zone. Even by using bicyclists to pick up trash and take the “rewards”, the company restricts its activities to the neighborhoods of this region.
The entrepreneur does not reveal his billing, but says that the Organic Cycle has recently started to make a profit.
According to Chiabi, the company is already negotiating the installation of composting yards in other parts of the city, such as Barra da Tijuca in the west and Tijuca in the north.A plan for the future is to take the company to other cities.