A Rainbow at Your Feet

“Give a woman the right shoes and she can conquer the world,” the statement is of Marilyn Monroe, but many women assume this weak point: the addiction to shoes.
In fact, if I recall the character Carrie Bradshaw of “sex and the city”, this was a passion so great for footwear he could not resist whenever the your perfect match. The fact is that Carrie has become a style icon, inspiring women all over the world, which led to the actress Sarah Jessica Parker has released, in 2014, to your own collection of shoes: SJP collection.
In Portugal, there are still many women who are afraid to take a chance, betting above all in neutral tones, that is the traditional black shoes, Brown and nude. But colored shoes can make all the difference in your look and are more versatile than you might think at first glance.
A myth of style to clarify is that the shoes don’t have to match your bag, belt or clothing. It is likely that up to 90 years this was a rule to follow, but is already completely outdated the idea of matchy-matchy, that is as if to say, use all the match.
So, is more daring and creative, after all you know well escape the routine, right?
3 ways to use colored shoes with a lot of style// 3 Ways to Wear Colorful Shoes with a lot of Style
1. Use coloured shoes with neutral tones// Wear coloured shoes with neutral tones
2. Choose colorful shoes from the same family of coordinated colors// Choose coloured shoes from the same colors of the outfit
3. Opt for colorful shoes in a contrasting color// Opt for colored shoes in the a.contrasting color color (color blocking)