7 Days, 7 Links: Apple Watch Review, Android M And More

Last week, CURVED has itself made the Apple watch phones and subjected to extensive testing. There was of course also a lot news to the Apple wearable. At the same time been Google’s I/O Developer Conference announced with first reports of Android M but also themselves. There were News 4 and the surface 3 also to some new smartphones from China and also about new Microsoft products like the Surface Pro.
The Apple Watch In The Test – And What To Include
The question what the Apple watch is actually good in the room, is available for more than half a year. Just like the American consumer magazine of consumer reports, we could finally try and address this issue on the ground. There are also unusual ideas for an expansion of the bracelet range as well as an overview of the best accessory a few weeks after the release of the Apple watch. Star U.S. television host Conan O’Brien has also found a not very serious, but all the more funny response to the tattoo problem of the clock.
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Samsung Galaxy S6: Camera Mystery, Updates, And Iron Man
Also the Galaxy S6 is shortly after its release still a thrilling theme: so it was found, for example, last week that the high-end Smartphone is sold just like its offshoot Galaxy S6 edge with two different camera sensors. A little later then also already existed the first comparison between photos that were taken with Sony and Samsung sensors.

There have been reports about the software side of the Samsung models: so Android 5.1.1 to be lollipop for both devices work in and expand the S6 and the S6 camera features such as edge. A minor update, which is also under development, aims to resolve, however, the performance problems with your memory. The Koreans to invest not only in the development of further updates: created in collaboration with Marvel, for example, a special model of the Galaxy S6 and S6 of the Galaxy edge in the iron man look. In a complex series of commercials the manufacturer flies its Smartphones also around the globe, to expose them to all sorts of dramatically staged tests.
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Microsoft: By Surface 3 Surface Pro 4 And Windows 10
The Microsoft surface 3 is here and we have tested it already. Seems the Surface Pro 4, but also not much longer to wait for release on his. Rumored Microsoft to want to introduce the new premium tablet also already to the middle of the current month. Windows 10 should go in a first version for the PC to start in summer – and bring then apparently even a middle finger Emoji. Some of the new features of that will go up later appearing Windows 10 smartphones, now already betrayed the support section of the Microsoft. Answered the questions that why Microsoft’s “The last Windows version” called his Windows 10 and what was the real highlight of Microsoft’s build Conference, were last week also
Apple Goes Star Wars – And Likely Way
Again all kinds of messages from various groups have arrived from the Apple universe. So there was a stylish concept images that you want to show us what it might look like if Apple Star Wars-androids would build. There were also new rumors of the impending iPad Pro and the remote control of the new Apple TV of the fourth generation, as well as notes on the launch of Apple’s music streaming service and design changes in iOS 9.
New From The Far East: China Firecrackers And The Oneplus Two
The current premium smartphones in terms of Android are presented and the iPhone 6 s will make something else waiting. Yet, there is news about fresh devices – and which come from China. So Xiaomi has published for example MI touch Pro be QHD beast. A gel file Roadmap also betrayed us, on which four smartphones look forward to next. OnePlus CEO Pete LAU commented on some few, but for exciting details about the OnePlus two again.
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Pie In The Sky: From The Samsung Galaxy S7 To The New Nexus 6 And Beyond
We already know of some exciting new developments that we get in the second half of the year from 2015 to face. Thanks to new rumors, we have at least some information about the Samsung Galaxy touch 5, as well as other Motorola Moto X (2015). In addition it since last week also means that we forward to nexus device on a new Google, that is to be produced by Huawei. Some more sounds like science fiction here already the smart iPhone 6 case, which is to supply with energy the battery of the iDevice in future almost fishing it out of the air. Our homemade Samsung Galaxy S7 on Commons doesn’t have this trick.
Android M… Marshmallow? Mars? M & Ms?
As insiders should have reported, Google could imagine already the next major release of its Android operating system developers Conference on his year’s I/O in May. One wonders just months after the release of Android lollipop there already whether Google would thus not something early. There was also a first indication of an improved control of app permissions under Android M.