6 Winter Accessories

There are winter accessories indispensable to face the cold and others that complement your visual, being a way to assert your style. In this season, in that due to low temperatures, we need to use overlapping parts, see how you can give more glamor to your coordinated, through the accessories.
So, I selected five winter essential, which serve as inspiration for the day to day. I took also to highlight some favorite pieces, you can find for sale in stores.
On colder days, a wool cap always gives way to protect the head, but can also be an appointment. Beret-shaped metallic mesh, or the hat is very useful and comfortable because it resists moisture and wind, two typical elements of this season. Try a hat on a different color of your co-ordinated or simply add more luster, with a silver or gold mesh, which combine with everything.
With the cold, what the mood is wearing a mesh well hot or use a turtleneck. Try using a maxi-colar to give a special touch to your look. In this case, you can opt for a necklace, by the neck, or by a larger necklace. Avoid just pieces, which are too thin or pointed or cutting parts, could damage or get caught in the mesh.
Wide belt
If you like waists climbs or wear dresses, a wide belt can be the ideal accessory to mark the waist and give that personal touch to your look. Nowadays, there are models with studs, buckles, animal or synthetic skin patterns, that can be the centerpiece of your coordinated. Try also to use a belt over a jacket or a coat to achieve a sleeker silhouette.
Scarves and Handkerchiefs
A scarf or warm scarf is perfect to face the cold and there are several models of wool ideal for this season. Plain or with patterns, this fashion accessory can be used with a lot of style, with various nodes or laps, depending on your size and texture, so as not to keep too much volume. Click here to see 25 ways to wear a scarf.
If you like to protect your hands, then invest in some knitted gloves or skin. To give a different twist, bet on a colorful, a model with notes or some high gloves. It doesn’t get as much?
Fur collar
Are soft and warm, and perfect for giving a more sophisticated note to your look. Try to use it as a statement piece, placing it on the side with a belt for a chic look. Or, place the collar over a jacket or winter coat for a touch of glamor.