6 Myths about Accessories

There are still many myths in time to combine accessories. Although most Portuguese still be afraid of risk and opt for classic and traditional solutions, learn take advantage of accessories and see how you can make these are the signature of your brand. Don’t be afraid to combine different materials, shades and patterns. And don’t forget that accessories are a quick and easy way to customize your look.
The most common myths in time to match accessories

  1. One should not mix silver and gold accessories

Use these two-tone materials harmoniously. Try using a ring or a bracelet with the two elements – silver and gold – using after the different pieces that complement each other.

  1. The accessories should do set

Forget traditional combinations of jewelry. Nowadays, has more freedom to express your individuality, combining different materials and dimensions of the original form.

  1. The wipes should be used around your neck

Take the opportunity to innovate and use a scarf as a bracelet, a belt or a hair ribbon. Is super original!

  1. If using a tissue or fur collar should avoid necklaces

If you want to highlight or scarf fur collar opt for finer necklaces, so as not to divert the attention of the centerpiece. Be bold and reveal your attention to detail.

  1. If using colorful costume jewelry and avoid patterns of large size

I can’t help but give as an example the Muse Iris Apfel, the famous American designer, who likes to wear necklaces and bracelets of large size and creatively. Coloured garments can enhance the standard and show your hand more lush and original.

  1. The shoes and the bag should always match

This is the most common myth among women. But the reality is that you can play with different shades, using them smoothly, when combines the bag and shoes. Color may be from the same family or use contrasting colors, if you want a more dramatic or creative. Neutral tones and pastels are more discreet, but there are colors that will enhance your hand more joyful and fun, as is the case of green, yellow and blue, and that can complement your look.