5 Tips for Using Male Colored Jeans

Check out 5 tips for using colored male pants and learn how to combine this bold piece in your look, model that’s increasingly part of the wardrobe of men and gaining prominence in stores.
Among the men’s pants, colorful models always appeared as the latest options, since due to the most extravagant features of the piece, many were embarrassed to use them. But the situation has changed and now the colorful pants have won many fans among the men.
Very showy, colorful pants can be used in various situations (parties, ballads, tours, etc.), even for work, mainly in the workplace where creativity and freedom are highly valued.
5 Tips for using male colored jeans
How to use colored male pants? If you are in doubt about how to add this piece to your different look, check out the following tips.
Combine with the basics
Like the colorful pants calls a lot of attention, becoming the centerpiece of your visual, the main tip is to choose the basics in the rest of the costume. A plain t-shirt, not too strong, it can be the ideal match for these pants. Take the same care with footwear and accessories.
Care in the choice of colors
When mounting a look with colorful trousers for men, be very careful when choosing the shades. The ideal is to choose contrasting colors, such as blue and red, for example, but you need to check the shades, for the combination not to be even more striking.
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Colorful pants with denim shirt
The men’s denim shirt is a great piece to wear with jeans colored, forming a double full of style. Just be sure to match the shades, to get a look.
Maroon men’s pants
The Maroon pants (or wine) for men is an excellent choice for nighttime events, especially in colder days, and can combine well with black shirt and footwear also darker tone.
Male Brown pants
The earth tones are also a great choice, in addition to less extravagant. Beige and brown pants, for example, form looks interesting for daytime events.
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Get inspired in more combinations with colorful men’s pants, in the pictures below, to create your look.