5 Sos Beauty Products

Appeared to him a pimple on his face, got up late and didn’t have time to wash your hair or want to debut some new shoes, but you’re afraid that these hurt her. These are some of the situations that all women have had to face. The good news is that there are quick and practical solutions to solve these problems, which can help save your day.

5 Sos Beauty Products
When a pimple on face

I bet when you showed up a pimple on his face he wanted to squeeze it right away. The best will be to resist this temptation, avoiding that these stay even more inflamed, and treat the problem. I recommend applying the Benzac 5 Gel on the affected area as it contains an active substance (benzoyl peroxide 5%) able to eliminate 94% of the bacteria responsible for acne. Not dry the pimple, but has an anti-microbial action, anti-inflammatory and Keratolytic (peeling effect on the surface of the skin), being very effective in the reduction of pimples and blackheads. You may want to repeat the application, especially before going to bed, to the acne lesion dry completely.
If you can also complement this treatment with Benzac Wash Gel, which should apply after washing your face, leaving for 3 minutes and then rinse.
If you want to disguise the pimple with makeup, if it is red, start by applying a green corrector- Tolériane Broker Teint Brush Green of La Roche Posay -to neutralize the tone, and then apply an oil free liquid Foundation (without oil), a broker of your skin tone and finish with the loose powder or compact.

His lips are dry and cracked nipples

Had spoken of the brand, which is my Carmex favorite to take care very dry and cracked lips. I also like to apply lip balm before makeup. Recently, I tried the Carmex Stick with SPF 15, a moisturizing balm for lips. To your refreshing formula is ideal for the summer, since it protects from UVA and UVB rays and resists water until 80 minutes. The Ultra Smooth Carmex lip balm is available in flavors vanilla sweet or refreshing file, creating a layer of moisturizer on your lips. I love it!

Will debut some new shoes

How many times have you happened to debut some new shoes and keep blisters? And then to relieve the problem apply band-AIDS, that off constantly throughout the day? I tried the Stick Anti-bubbles of the Compeed and gives same result. This prevents the formation of blisters, reducing the friction of shoes, perfect for carrying in your bag. Invisible, does not stain neither leaves the slippery feet. Should apply on the feet before wearing, and whenever you want to prevent excess friction on the skin.

Whenever you don’t have time to wash your hair

If you’re up late and have oily hair, but I don’t have time to wash it, or simply going on a trip and you want a quick fix to make your hair look washed, then consider using a dry shampoo. This absorbs the grease and dirt without needing to go through the hair. I like the Extra Dry Shampoo with oat milk smooth the Klorane, which is available in miniature packaging or 150 ml. Its cleaning properties are due to a combination of agents with a strong absorptive power, acting on the dirt or Sebaceous secretions of the scalp. The hair regains volume and lightness in a few minutes.
How to apply: Shake well before use and spray a small amount of product evenly, 30 cm, scratch the scratching and along the roots. Don’t be alarmed if you get the hair completely white. Let Act 3 minutes and brush the hair to remove any excess dust.

The legs are white

When temperatures rise, who has no desire to wear light clothes, cool and short? So the dresses, skirts and shorts are ideal for spring and summer. If you haven’t had a chance to go to the beach and legs are so white that even ashamed of the display, it is best to apply a self-Tanner, before the summer begins. The self tanning hydrating Gel cream Autohelios Roche-Posay Tan effect without sun exposure. It has a texture of cream and gel ensures a gradual tanning effect. However, always apply the night before, so as not to run the risk of getting with the stained clothing.
How to use:Apply in small quantities on the tanning area. Gently massage doing penetrate cream and insisting on the pleats or folds (elbows and knees) not to collect the product, or tarnish. Apply it once a day until the desired tone and twice a week to maintain your Tan.