5 Plus Size Style Tips

If you wear a size large, then identify first what is your body type. Which means you can have a silhouette of hourglass, pear or egg, you want to view the 42 or 50. In this case, consider which models and parts over the value, taking into account their physical characteristics.
Some of the most common style is that it should only wear dark tones, wear flats, avoid the standards and lighter colors or alive and cover completely with their arms and legs. And if I tell you that is completely wrong and that can use some white pants and a Fuchsia pink dress and still fit in the style rules?
The style of Oprah Winfrey, Ashley Graham and Queen Latifah

5 Style Tips For Those Who Wear Ear Size Large

1. invest in blouses and shirts more streamed

The more fluid models are ideal for those who want to disguise the belly area. Bet still in shirts and blouses that end in the middle of the hip and to rounded down.

2. Bet on medium-length coats

Many women wear coats longer, for they think they have to cover the body to become more elegant. None of that, prefer coats to finish in the middle of the hip, in order to enhance your curves and be more elegant. The coats when used wide open also help lengthen and refine the silhouette. Another trick is to use the 3/4, sleeves ending just below the waist. In addition, the fabrics or fabrics with elasticity adapts to the movements of the body, making it more comfortable.

3. Choose by envelope or dresses cut below the chest

The dresses with v-neck and strokes, ending in the area below the chest, as well as more fluid at the bottom will check the areas of your body leaner. You can also opt for patterns, which give the illusion of a more elegant silhouette, as is the case with diagonal stripes. Another tip is to wear a necklace or statementshoes, to divert the attention to this part of the body. And don’t be afraid to display your legs, opting for a knee length.

4. Try monochromatic looks

This is one of the recommended style for women also. A monochromatic look, or be of a solid color, will stretch to your silhouette, giving the illusion that is higher. Although the darker colors do not put so much in evidence the body, bet on a live and cheerful tones clear, because the most important thing is the model of the dress. If you want to narrow down the center of the body, opt for a dress or two-piece set in a darker tone underneath, using a jacket to open 3/4.

5. Surrender to the standards

If you like merry and standards of living or bright hues, whether ethnic, floral or geometric, then know that you have a wide range of options available. In fact, you don’t have to hide your body, using dark colors and neutral tones if your personality is fun, outgoing and exuberant. However, should respect your biotype in choosing the model that more values. Structured dresses with sleeves to 3/4, in the chest and strokes with drapes are always good bets.
Brands that sell large sizes:
H & M, violet by Mango, La Redoute, Boutique of Tereza, C & A, Elena Miro, El Corte Ingles, Adolfo Dominguez, Forever 21, ASOS, Queen of hearts and Oysho.
What do you think of the suggestions?