5 Fashion Trends Spring Summer

The spring fashion summer 2018 promises many new features for someone who loves to dress in accordance with the main trends of the fashion world. The traditional mixture of colors, so characteristic of that period sunnier the year, arrives with everything, and among the attractions are also some styles that made success in the past. Check out what’s new below!London, Milan, Paris and New York, as well as other important international fashion week, have shown what’s coming in the world of fashion as soon as the cold pass, influencing the markets of the whole planet.
And our traditional São Paulo fashion week, the SP Fashion Week, also revealed, in your most recent edition, the parts, styles, colors and combinations that will be in high fashion, to the expected spring and summer seasons.

Fashion Trends Spring Summer

Success in the last two decades of the 20th century, the necklace choker returned to win among the women’s accessories, and she’s still in 2018 high, helping to create looks full of attitude.
The basic versions and fairly simple to more elaborate and with different details, choker necklace is a very common in winter looks, but also happens to be great option for summer productions.
In the footwear segment, it is worth highlighting the slide slipper, which fell in like the fashionistas, emerging as an interesting option, and more comfortable for the heels, as it combines with the more formal productions and also with the relaxed, besides leaving your feet free from the grip and heat.
The tip is to bet on models that bring fun words in the strips (there are several options to choose from, depending on the brand), and for a more glamorous look choose a silver or Gold version.
What are the other fashion trends spring summer 2018 as? That’s what we’ll find out then.

Oversized Parts

One of the biggest fashion trends spring summer 2018 is the use of oversized clothes, style that emerged a few years ago and that continues with full force for next season, promising to take once the urban fashion throughout Brazil, as happens in the street style internationally.
But what are the oversized clothes? These are pieces that have a larger size and, in some cases, very much, that is, the style is to use pieces of a lot bigger than your number. They can be sweaters, coats, jackets, tank tops, vests, dresses or pants, among other pieces.
One of the goals of oversized trend is breaking that style always parts in your Goody-Two-shoes size, creating looks pretty stripped and different. In addition, the extralargas parts offer much greater comfort, combining both with the looks of the spring and the summer looks, stations that have higher temperatures.
Among the highlights of the style is the oversized t-shirt, which was hit last year and will continue.Also called the long line, it is ideal for use with legging pants and high heels, but can even be the kind of look, depending on the measures, working like a dress.
Another interesting bet is the regatta, that oversized suits most daring looks for evening events. It is worth noting also the oversized trousers, which combines with croppeds and oversized tops, helping to create costumes with the spring and summer.
How to use oversized parts? There are several options on combinations, and one of the most popular is the mixture of oversized models with normal-sized pieces. You can, for example, use an oversized shirt and a fairer piece below (skinny pants or pencil skirt) or vice versa, so that you can balance the proportions of your silhouette, ending with the feeling that you’re being swallowed by the clothes.
Bet on intense colors and tropical prints, and to give an up in visual don’t forget to invest in accessories like sunglasses, hats and necklaces, which are a great combination with the oversized clothes, mainly for outputs and events held during the day.

Satin Back

One of the most famous fabrics, mainly in looks, the cetim has appeared timidly in recent years, but for summer 2018 the tendency is that he comes back with a vengeance, emerging in different types of parts and for use at all times, unlike in the old days, when he was almost exclusive to the more formal productions.
Derived from the yield, he is known by your brightness, which calls the attention by far, besides being soft and smooth, characteristics that contribute to create looks beautiful and comfortable for any time of day, pleasing women like costumes more discreet and also those that are bolder.
As we’re talking about stations with higher temperatures, the pieces of satin for looks of spring and summer must be more bullish are races and dresses, as well as the printed satin (floral, prints, and ethnic scarf are the main bets).
To assemble with satin pieces casual looks, which can be used in different situations, you can invest in, for example, the infallible combo satin blouse with jeans, which is simple and comfortable to use in warmer weather of spring and summer. The combination of satin blouse and leather skirt is another fine choice.
Already the satin dresses are more indicated for looks, although they are also used in other occasions.Super stylish and surrounded by glamour, these dresses combine with any type of woman, the leaner the most fat, helping to enhance certain parts of the body.
In the case of skinny women, the ideal is to use a satin dress of shorter length, because the fabric gives a great tumbling, while the fatties can bet on midi version, which lengthens the silhouette. Long gowns are recommended for tall women.
And we can’t forget satin skirts, very versatile and that increase the visual of women of all ages.Poodle skirts is the classic model, but for summer 2018 who promises pumping is printed satin skirt, with geometric and floral styles. Bermuda and satin shorts also appear in featured, for use in productions on a daily basis.
The trends also point to the satin metallic parts, and with respect to colors is worth investing in tones nudes, pastels and bucks, especially for the summer. Another interesting tip is don’t use very bright accessories in conjunction with satin clothes, not to load too much visual (even shoes should be more discreet).

Shoulder To Shoulder Piece

Among the trends spring summer highlights also shoulder fashion on display, quite popular in the Decade of 1970, which returned to be in evidence in recent seasons, in pieces that convey lightness and visual comfort.
Very versatile, the shoulder-to-shoulder neckline adapts to any body type and style, and may appear on dresses, gowns, croppeds or sweaters, among other pieces, combining with sensual and romantic looks for use both during the day as at night.
Another feature of the pieces with shoulder outside is that they come in different types of tissues, bringing a wide variety of TRIMs, embossed, smooth, short or long sleeve, with Ruffles, etc, being ready to be used in costumes for a number of occasions.
Also called ciganinha neckline, the style can be used even at work, even though it’s a bold choice. Just combine the play shoulder to shoulder with a cigarrette Pant, for example, investing in a striped model.And if you are afraid to take a jacket to throw over your shoulder, if you need a more formal in some point of the day.
Already for the holidays there are many options of looks with shoulders out. One of the most used parts for these occasions is the shoulder-to-shoulder dress, available in different fabrics such as lace and satin, and in different shades (the classic black can be a good alternative for those who are in doubt about which color to choose).
Many looks for day to day can also be created with the neckline shoulder to shoulder. Among the options, it is worth highlighting the cropped top combinations with mini short jeans, very comfortable for summer, and shoulder-to-shoulder shirt with jeans (or gardener), for a not so daring.
Use low-cut shoulder to shoulder on the beach is another big trend for the hottest season of the year.You can use the swimsuit shoulder to shoulder with short jeans or combine it with a sarong, or invest in bikinis shoulder to shoulder (with cuffs and frilly tops), which are very successful in swimwear.
Check out more tips for using shoulder-to-shoulder pieces:
Prefer lightweight fabrics, bright colours and prints for casual looks.
Combine the neckline shoulder to shoulder with high heels in looks more neat.
Choose fabric and worked for more formal costumes.
Give preference to models with Ruffles overlaid, if you have small bust.
The smoother and without volume models combine best with women of bust big, broad shoulders.
Hats help compose the costumes with shoulder-to-shoulder dresses.

Apron Style

Another hit of the spring fashion summer 2018 is the apron dress, characterized by straight modeling, that back with strong tones and new prints, giving a more youthful and casual for different productions.Out of curiosity, the name is due to the shape of the piece, which strongly reminiscent of traditional aprons used in the kitchen.
Ideal for those who like the retro style dress gardener, as he is also called, resembles a salopets, and can appear in the most varied types of fabrics (denim, satin, leather, suede, etc), with matching sneakers, flatforms and oxfords, creating good costumes for use in everyday life, in more informal occasions and at the Club.
The more classic version your modeling is straight, sleeveless and with thick straps, leaving much of the back out, features that take the template to be used generally with a second piece for bass (blouse, shirt, top, race, etc).
But this sundress has won several other variations (long, short, midi) over time, including options with different moulds and some dispensing overlapping with a second piece, by completely closing the back, to suit all styles.
One of the main bets for next spring and summer, as a result, is the apron dress jeans, which combines with practically everything, allowing create looks incredible in a few minutes. A commonly used option is to overlap with plain or printed t-shirts, short or long sleeve, finalizing the costume with white sneakers of metallic tip (big trend in shoes) or colorful flats.
Prefer a bold alternative to the “little girl” jeans model? Then, bet the dress leather apron, which gives a more “doozy”, combining it with clogs, sandals or heels. The overlap with cropped is also a good choice for most adult productions, allowing still enjoy the freshness offered by play on hot days.
See other tips for using dress apron:
Accessories such as bracelets, necklaces, hats and sunglasses help to give a more stylish dress, enabling your use even in more formal occasions.
Long dresses are the most suitable for environments that require more formality.
Enjoy the colorful spring and summer and abuse of vibrant hues to choose a template.
The printed models are better with flat pieces and discreet, for visual balance, avoiding exaggerations.
Tones such as nude, beige, black, white, gray, pink and green are the largest bets for next season.
Be careful in the combination of colors and fabrics plus size versions.
Among the trends presented, which is more your style? Have you used any of them or prefer other combinations? Leave a comment telling us your opinion.