4 Ideas for a Wedding at the Perfect Field

4 Ideas for a Wedding at the Perfect Field
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The question is a cliche: you prefer beach or camp? For those who chose the second option, our collaborator gave 4 tips to say “Yes” in a stylish way, close to the nature. And who is the team of beach, we bet: you’ll cogitate change of plans …
Married in the field is really charming. Just imagine: pretty green, delicate flowers and colorful, a family climate (even with 200 guests) and a hint of romanticism that makes all the difference. The wedding in the country fell once in the taste of the bride and groom. Yay! If you also dream of saying ‘ yes ‘ in this scenario, I list 5 tips-with photo galleries! -for a perfect day.

1. The Wedding Dress

The best suggestion of bridal gown for wedding in the field is: invest in simple. Light and Lacy fabrics combine perfectly with the environment. Let the embroidery there.

2. Accessories

To compose the visual, little bride, bet on accessories. Hats, floral arrangements and impressions are stylish and make a tremendous success because part of country style-worth in lacklustre and fabrics with elements that make reference to nature.

3. Decoration

incorporate sustainability is a (great) decorating trend of recent years. Your wedding WINS ares you talking vintage straight-themed “field”, right? With boxes and boxes of wood transformed into vessels; single-pane glass (like jelly jars or olive) decorated with ribbons and flowers are perfect centerpieces …

4. The Place

There’s no way: to find the perfect place for your wedding in the country need to find. Look for, read a lot and visit everyone.

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