21 Things That ‘Friends’ Taught Us about Friendship

According to the UN, today is the international day of friendship. We all have our best friends and, surely, we will also have our favorite fiction friends: Serena and Blair; Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte; up to may that the Verano azul children teach us our first lessons about friendship. But If there is a series that taught us the true meaning of friendship, that’s Friends. From the good vibes that conveys your header tuning until the end of the 10th season in which we all cried seeing them leave the keys of the apartment of Monica, this is what we learned from them.

1. you can present in house of your best friend of the Institute, the day of your wedding, after not being invited, and end up living with her forever and ever. Because a true friendship can handle it all.

2. your friends will always support (even in your wildest professional projects). And you to them, of course.

3. when a friend tells you that your boyfriend has pulled you yew trees, always always always it is best to believe your friend. Because the bride and groom pass and her friends remain.

4 everyone, absolutely everyone, we had an adolescence that we do not want to have graphic testimonies (including Jennifer Aniston). But laugh at our last pints with friends is priceless.

5 overcome any downturn is easy if you are good friends. And do so based on beers and wedding dresses (or what to you fancy you, without thinking about who will say it) is good. Very well.

6. when a friend taking the most difficult of his life decision, after councils and exchanges of opinion, it only is a response: the unconditional support (although it has decided to give birth to triplets for her brother).

7. a good friend you always understood (although speak a dialect incomprehensible to communicate that you’re locked in a cashier with a Victoria’s Secret model).

8. sometimes, the only way to express the pain for a farewell is to blame things (and then worship and cry much).

9. your wife can leave you for another woman and yet end converted into your friend and raising your child with good vibes. Because life takes many turns and friends may arise where least expect it.

10 will do anything to get forgiveness from a friend that have failed (and, if the only way to get your best friend to forgive you shut yourself in a box… then you shut yourself in a box).

11. to the friends must accept them with their strengths and their weaknesses. (Because, although it makes you embarrassed with his way of running, what is really important is to spend time together.).

12. Although the wedding of your best friend will be unbearable, you will make a great effort to tolerate it.

13. with good friends, one day can be wonderful, simply throwing a ball. You don’t have to go crazy with plans beautifully instagrameables.

14. sometimes, forgetting some anecdotes of our friendship is the best thing we can do for our mental health (especially if your best friend has had a turban with your mother).

15. (or with your sister, despite not being able to distinguish it from the others).

16 being a good friend means to know to keep a secret (even when you discover a secret relationship between your two best friends and your life becomes a nightmare).

17. If you spend Christmas and Thanksgiving Day with your best friends instead of with your family… it is that your friends are your true family.

18. a good friend will forget any anger among you if you need it on your side (and will comfort you when you’re depressed because the love of your life is gone to Minsk if it was very angry before).

19. sometimes, it is impossible not to fall for your best friend, even if it is the last thing you expect to happen you.

20 but, at other times, you are too friends to get it. And it is just as wonderful.

21 and a good hug between friends can be the best gesture of the world.

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