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Partner, Work, Friends… All Tea Comes out Wrong and You Feel That You Have. The Autoboicot Exists or Is It a Myth?

You just saw an interesting job posting. You fit. You look at that position. Do you think that your CV would need a small tweak to better show your experience and preparation for this job. Even so, send without retouching. “Let’s see if we are lucky”, you say. Continue reading

21 Things That ‘Friends’ Taught Us about Friendship

According to the UN, today is the international day of friendship. We all have our best friends and, surely, we will also have our favorite fiction friends: Serena and Blair; Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte; up to may that the Verano azul children teach us our first lessons about friendship. But If there is a series that taught us the true meaning of friendship, that’s Friends. From the good vibes that conveys your header tuning until the end of the 10th season in which we all cried seeing them leave the keys of the apartment of Monica, this is what we learned from them. Continue reading

Do You Have The Mania of Wanting to Always Be Good? a Therapist Tells Us What’s Behind All of This (And How to Fix It)

You can to know someone or can we ourselves become a part of that group of people who are constantly obsessed with look good. And, in some cases, the adjective is precisely that: obsessed. To (almost) all we are concerned about look good and we want to help others; It is normal and is part of our presence in society, but there is a rather fine between being worried about other barrier and that worries us the image that have us that our life to be shattered by this. We have taken an extreme case, speaking with a person who has suffered this problem and the therapist who helped her cope, to shed a little light on a subject that affects more people than we think. Continue reading