TI Also Te Pasa? You Get Bored with Everything and You Can Not with Boredom. We Tell You Why

We are the generation with more access to information and entertainment of history, we have more friends (virtual light) and possibilities for contact with them than ever and the possibilities that open before us entertainment are endless. Then what we get bored so easily, and above all, why everything bores us?

I’ve always had the impression that boredom is the father of creativity and brilliant ideas. But also the saying “when the devil has nothing to do, killing flies by the tail”. But both situations lead me to the same conclusion: bored is not as bad as it seems, backwards is an opportunity to disconnect, relax the brain and give us the opportunity of doing absolutely nothing (the true luxury of these times).

But we are living a historic moment in which it seems that boredom is a very serious disease.

Nothing, can how we think? And what is worse: we are the first ones that we agobiamos with the situation. Unable to deal with it, to be entertained every second, getting a shot of information at the time, talking to someone, looking at something,…

A partnership with the constant feeling that something is missing.

Another said: eyes that do not see, out of mind.

But, damn, the problem is that now we can see everything. Absolutely everything. It is to get up, turn on the mobile and two seconds to access an indecent amount of information about everything and everyone.

Social networks have provided us with tools to meet more people and get to know them better. But that also It has provoked a feeling “of loss” terrible.

Just take a look at your own page on Instagram. Insurance that is at the top of wonderful photos: the party of two months ago, a more photogenic paella shoes you bought… It gives the impression that you live a life of the most exciting and full of glamour, but we all know that not so exactly. And in addition, all those moments are easily forgotten. It always seems that they happen to others and not to us.

And is that the grass is always greener in the plot of to the side. And in the other’s Facebook Wall, another social network that encourages social envy. Since this type of social networks came into our lives it is as if everyone out them of pearls. And you, what leads us to a terror to be missing something all the time. Not to mention also the feeling that we are not as popular as others, we don’t have parties to go to, or important meetings, or exciting holiday… But everything is postureo, as we talked about in articles like this.

You have nothing of what you worry about. According to a study carried out in the year 2010 the majority of Facebook users overestimate the fun of others, to the point that many people are starting to suffer depression thinking that something must be doing really badly for not living up to the.

In short, we have become accustomed to thinking that it is normal to be all the time doing incredible things. Because we see them in others. And that generates a concern inside that always asks us “something more” and makes us believe that “it is not enough that I have”

A society unable to concentrate at the moment.

Yes, also our ability to care and the way we deal with the boredom have been affected by the influence of the internet and social networks. In such way that when we get to meet something is when we are actively engaged, but when we fail to commit ourselves, when we take care of as much as we should not get bored. It’s that easy.

And in addition We have no patience with boredom. We are not used to do so because the older grew up with television, the younger, with new technologies and access to information. We have become accustomed to having it all. And have it already. Even when we don’t know what we want exactly.

I see him whenever my eldest daughter begins a new book. If the action does not start immediately, if the plot does not sack, is bored. Needs to happen something already. That eliminates all my hopes of someday read Dickens.

Another study carried out in the year 2013 by John Eastwood and a team from the University of York was trying to find out what caused us to boredom, but, more important still, by which that boredom made us so unhappy.

One of the problems encountered is that the use of new technologies favours the multi-tasking, do hundreds of things at once, which is partly responsible for that not can concentrate fully on one thing. We have become accustomed to bite from flower to flower. Or web to social network. How many more things are doing, have less ability to focus in them and, therefore, less satisfaction we find. In other words, the excess of connectivity and content is our worst enemy. And we are losing the ability to enjoy things, life, information, and experiences…

The psychologist Timothy Wilson carried out another investigation that proved how to College could get to go crazy after a few minutes locked in a room without internet connection and who preferred to suffer physical pain to boredom (here you can read how was held). The problem according to the conclusions of this professional is that we have forgotten how to spend time with ourselves, to single entreternos. Internet has covered that gap, but in the background is not filling it. Because it also bores us.

We have a good book in your hands. And we should value it, but it costs us so much engage us to 100 percent that we don’t. And that at the same time makes us unhappy. We are not able to enjoy while we enjoy because we are already thinking about the next stimulus. Without focus at 100 percent in our own happiness.

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