Seven “Tricks” to Seem More Thin on The Beach (Without The Roll of Do Diet or Work Too)

The holidays are here and the truth is that you no time sign up to a gym or fail with different diets. There are also some tricks the sea of easy and convenient to enhance the Super we are bathed inr. do you want to know them?

1 perfect your pose “instagramera”.

It is not the first time that you have to do well in photos is a matter of trick… and not just Photoshop. Here’s the basics for geat leave your beach photos: rotate your body in position three quarters so that your shoulders are facing the camera, keep your Chin high and hands on hips (so skinny optically arms and face).

2 dale to the contouring.

Not everyone is a fan of the contouring as Kim Kardashian (also, is that it is about to be replaced by another technique), but done in moderation can help lighten a face too round or a double chin. Simply choose a matte bronzing powder and pulling shades bronze and fades gently with a large brush below the jaw or cheek, from the ear up to the corner of the mouth.

3. don’t forget the back.

If you are worried that your back is victim of strange optical effects and seem bigger than it is in reality, just follow a few simple rules:

  • Not ever do without back pockets. Break optically with the silhouette and help to blur the surface.
  • Choose dark materials for the part you want to hide and light for you want to highlight.
  • If you want to distract the gaze of some conflict zones, nothing like opt for flashy jewelry calling so much attention that you can not look to something else.

4 stretch well.

A study in the US showed that we consider most attractive to people who they have better posture and walk more straight and stretched, regardless of its size. So join stretches truck and improves your posture. Not only optically grow a few centimetres, also look like safe and stylish.

5 usa head to get the heels.

It is no secret: heels Stylize. But not everyone is a good choice. To start it is best to avoid the straps around the ankle, which shorten the leg optically and bet more on nude tones because they produce the opposite effect. Does not lack that you go to stilettos, of course. You can benefit from all the advantages of the heels without suffering carrying them, betting on some platforms.

6. strive inside.

It is not only aware, work self-esteem and love yourself. It is also a question of care inside = underwear or, even, the bath linen. Try to choose clothes that observe the shape of your body and in the correct size (one of the most common mistakes is to not give it) to get that effortless lifting effect.

7 shadow here, shadow beyond…

A light self-tanning is the final touch to hone to the beach: visually slimming and gives you a good immediate appearance. And without doing much effort.

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