If You’Re Young and You Have Success, Remember This Phrase: This Also Happened (Te Sentiras Best)

You have 25. You lead a busy life. You work much. And you are successful. Perhaps you’re a youtuber with hundreds of thousands of followers. Blogger with important contracts with world-class brands. Instagramer who travels all over the world to expenses paid. You just offer to write a book to tell your story. You are invited to give lectures. Be you is the dream of thousands of teenagers. You have imitators. Perhaps even haters.

Getting this far has cost you much. But you’ve succeeded because you have dared to follow the example of others. You know that you wanted to be her Chiara Ferragni Spanish, the Aimee Song Mexican, the Kristina Bazan Colombian or the Rumi Neely Argentina. Perhaps also those articles so abundant on the internet about how to achieve success in life, to become influencer or how to keep the motivation while you strive to become the number one they have helped you.

You’re now. But you can not relax. Behind you, just five steps away, there are girls who are like you does nothing: ambitious, motivated, willing to give everything to be the number one, somewhat younger, what in the world of the image is always an advantage… You can not lose the rhythm. You must run very fast to stay in the same place. Sometimes you think it’s easier to get up to be kept, because now it does not you can relax. And while there are thousands of articles on how to achieve success, I wish I had some about how to exercise.

You know what? There are it. But a social networking guru, nor an expert on personal branding has not written it. It is an old story of the thousand and one nights. It reads as follows:

There was once a King who told the wise men of the Court:-I’m making a ring. I’ve got one of the best possible diamonds. I want to keep hidden within the ring any message that can help me in moments of total despair. It has to be a small message, in a way that fit under the diamond ring.
The King had an elderly servant that felt an immense respect, so he also consulted it. And it said:-I am not a scholar, or a scholar, but I know the message. During my long life in the Palace, I found all kinds of people, and once I found a mystic. He was invited from your father and I was at your service. When he was, as a gesture of gratitude, it gave me this message – elder wrote in a tiny paper, folded it and gave it to the King – but not read it, keep it hidden in the ring. Open it only when all else has failed, when you find no exit to the situation.

That moment soon to arrive. The country was invaded and the King lost the Kingdom. It was running on his horse to save life and his enemies pursued him. He arrived at a place where the road ran out, there was no output: front there was a precipice and a deep valley; fall for him would be the end. He could not return because the enemy closed you the road. I could already hear jogging the horse. Suddenly, he remembered the ring. Opened it, pulled out the paper, and there found a small extremely valuable message. I simply said: “This also will happen”.

As I read “This also will happen”, he felt that a great silence hung over him. The enemies chasing him should have been lost in the forest, or had to have made a mistake on the way, but the truth is that gradually ceased to hear the trotting of horses.

The King felt deeply grateful to the servant and the Mystic unknown. Those words had been miraculous. Folded paper, returned to the ring, gathered their armies and retook the Kingdom. And the day which was again victorious in the capital, there was a big celebration and he felt very proud of itself.
The old man was beside her in the car and said:-back to look at the message.
-Do you mean? the King asked. Now I am victorious, people celebrate my return, I’m not desperate, I am not in a no-win situation.
-Listen – the elder – said: this message is not only for desperate situations; It is also for pleasant situations. It is not just for when you are defeated; It is also for when you feel victorious. It is not just for when you’re the last; It is also for when you are the first.

The King opened the ring and read the message: “This also will happen” and again she felt the same peace, the same silence in the middle of the crowd which celebrated and danced, but the false pride, ego, had disappeared. The King could be completed to understand the message. Then the old man said:

-Remember that everything passes. Nothing nor no emotion is permanent.

No more mystery in the management of success, just Remember that it is not forever. Do not double your efforts to keep it, or you get paranoid defending your position. You just relax and enjoy it fully, because one day it will end up.

If you accept it today, when you are at the top, There will be no bitterness or resentment when you stop being popular. When you reach 30 or 35 and blogs, Youtube channels or Instagram accounts will be for the nostalgic, you will have other challenges and other wins that fight. Because as we are not our failures, we are not our successes. We are much more than that.

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