Famous Nine Who Worked on Very Boring Things Prior to Succeed and What We Can Learn from Them

Yes, once they had a boring, poorly paid and work looking does not have many outputs. Exactly the same as you. But it was only a starting point, a stage on his way to catapult into something much better. And although not all dream of becoming stars in the firmament, if we aspire to get to improve as they did.

Sonia R. Muriel, Director of HR and author of a prestigious blog that specializes in managing people, tells us that some people are lucky to be launched to stardom without going through the box output and direct to the good Street, as in Monopoly, but the lessons that are lost along the way are too numerous and very valuable. In his opinion, good professionals, glittering of truth, are those who forged his talent-based effort, humility and work. We are, as these famous we show you below.

1. Rachel McAdams.

The protagonist of the journal of Noa worked for three years! in the McDonalds chain and although, as she herself acknowledged in an interview with the Huffington Post, was not very good employee, was too slow and spent the day dreaming awake and in the hills of Ubeda, was “friendly face” receiving customers.

What we can learn from their experiences: In the words of Sonia R. Muriel “one of the greatest enemies of human pride, makes us stupid, blind and deaf. Start from below a professional career or jobs difficult while we get an opportunity in our area, helps us to develop a greater capacity for empathy and emotional intelligence, to put it another way, seated us the feet on the ground, it furnishes us the head and it enables us to understand that also have gone through the same thing that we.” Rachel and his humility, counting his work is a live sample of this example.

2 george Clooney.

It is no secret that Mr. Clooney success came well afternoon, but even before acting in roles very, very secondary, George had even less valued jobs and one of them was working on a Kentucky tobacco farm. With all the money you saved making this so hard work, George got to moving to Los Angeles to be closer to his dream.

What can we learn from it: no way to make money is bad if with that we take one step further and move forward to achieve our objective. Our human resources expert advise us that we focus to what they really want to do, “what makes you happy, knowing that it will not be free or easy, but possible.” Only professionals who are passionate about their work are those who shine. It is very difficult to compete with a professional who shines.”

3. Tom Cruise.

Before becoming a star in the firmament of Hollywood was hotel waiter and was loaded with suitcases of customers from one side to another. But what I really wanted to be Tom was healing, so I end up attending a seminar before you give an upset to his vocation and end up starring in some of the grossing movies of all time.

What we can learn from their experiences: you have a right to change of vocation and absolutely nothing happens. You can be whatever you want to be. Or change your mind. Sonia R. Muriel is also important to “remember the importance of always doing what you consider correct, despite the cost involving us.”.

4 Pink.

Singer also worked at McDonalds, as many famous and celebrities from the world of politics and sport. But in your case, work for this chain was such nightmare (recognizes that still suffers them often, that he dreams that it is ruined and must return to work there) which meant the best incentive to strive and work really hard.

What we can learn from their experiences: a bad job can be as inspiring as a good one and helps us to assess, once past that point, what we have and to keep fighting for it. Our expert also recommends rating this time of our life because the tough times help us grow, because life is not perfect or easy, but wonderful. “It has many lights and shadows, but your life you build it you, the personal and the professional through decisions, actions and attitudes of every day,” says.

5 Jennifer Aniston

The Queen of the American romantic comedy is also a Queen in humble jobs. It has practically done everything, from cleaning bathrooms to make Messenger by the city of New York with a bike, something to what Jennifer recognizes was its lowest in life, because it was not well equipped to lead, lacks coordination and is very awkward, so it ended up launching without brakes by a door which was open. However, cleaning toilet was really good or that she says!

What we can learn from their experiences: For Sonia R. Muriel is a unique opportunity: “have a very hard job, badly paid or little valued can give you values that make you go far and you become unstoppable.”

6. lady Gaga.

For a long time he worked as a waitress in the city of New York, but as he acknowledged in an interview in the magazine Elle never fell from his impossible heels and they were his hallmark.

What we can learn from their experiences: Be true to yourself. Fundamental. “because bosses change, jobs are not for life and coworkers come and go, but you always have to look in the mirror and feel good with the image that you return”, says Sonia.

7 Johnny Depp.

The saga of Pirates of the Caribbean star worked in telemarketing for many years selling pens with screen printed customer name! In an interview, explained how the whole process was and as I had to force the voice and try to sell two or more feathers with all kinds of tricks and strategies.

What we can learn from their experiences: It may not be your dream job and, even, it seems quite the opposite, but it may you be preparing for something much better and giving you much more than simple experience in the labour field: techniques that you can then apply your dream job.

8.-Gerard Butler.

Mr. Butler went to College, studied law, and began working in a law firm. But having studied a career and have a job related to it was not enough for him and, above all, could not turn their desire to act so he took a risky decision, left his job and began working as a casting Assistant until he got that they chose him as an actor in a film.

What we can learn from their experiences: It is never late to change your mind and give you a ninety degree turn to your career.

9 Sandra Bullock.

Before devoting himself to the action and win an Oscar, Sandra dedicated himself to as a waitress during his University time, a way to perfectly honest pay bills and survive until reached you your moment. Today, it is known among the U.S. media as one of the celebrities that leaves best tips in bars and restaurants.

What we can learn from their experiences: experience on most humble jobs is an excellent lesson for life and makes you appreciate more and better people working for you. In addition, as Sonia says it is important to “learn that you should not never underestimate the power of a smile, a pleasant Word or a friendly gesture is usually the root of any social success and at work are also social beings”.

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