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Lapsus Sexua… (Ups!) Verbal: When Betray Us The Unconscious

They say scholars in psycholinguistics to a human medium accessible to commit up to 22 linguistic lapse per day and that none of us (again, none) are free from sin. Although sometimes one starts to arise, and that this is between us, that our politicians are real experts in pifiar it whenever they speak. Remember that famous viral that former President Zapatero starred in back in 2009 and that gave us moments of great laughter with friends: Continue reading

Famous Nine Who Worked on Very Boring Things Prior to Succeed and What We Can Learn from Them

Yes, once they had a boring, poorly paid and work looking does not have many outputs. Exactly the same as you. But it was only a starting point, a stage on his way to catapult into something much better. And although not all dream of becoming stars in the firmament, if we aspire to get to improve as they did. Continue reading

Ear in The Office: «Who Is This Sexual Tension That Is on Top of The Photocopier?»

Cupid is crazy and now their arrows with this technosexual revolution are like drones deliverers of love (now the modern and the ladies who come to walk after eating and before the soap opera they call it «illusion»). These autonomous arrows (Oh, poor) flying drop you the message with the package (never better said) anywhere, even in the office. Sometimes with form of love true, infinite and painless, sometimes as a heater instant indissoluble cold, but certainly the format is the of ‘ sexual tension tiresome unresolved». Continue reading

If You’Re Young and You Have Success, Remember This Phrase: This Also Happened (Te Sentiras Best)

You have 25. You lead a busy life. You work much. And you are successful. Perhaps you’re a youtuber with hundreds of thousands of followers. Blogger with important contracts with world-class brands. Instagramer who travels all over the world to expenses paid. You just offer to write a book to tell your story. You are invited to give lectures. Be you is the dream of thousands of teenagers. You have imitators. Perhaps even haters. Continue reading

TI Also Te Pasa? You Get Bored with Everything and You Can Not with Boredom. We Tell You Why

We are the generation with more access to information and entertainment of history, we have more friends (virtual light) and possibilities for contact with them than ever and the possibilities that open before us entertainment are endless. Then what we get bored so easily, and above all, why everything bores us? Continue reading