The Seven Symptoms That Help Recognize a Job Zombie (And How to Avoid Becoming One)

If every morning is the same, if every day you lifting with difficulty in the bed, you leave groaning and when you look at yourself in the mirror after the shower still having face died or have you picture to your post by the city work and let spend the day doing nothing of relevance, Maybe you’re a zombie labor and not know this. But there are many more signs of alarm. And also solutions, clear.

Everyone has a bad day at work. Even a deadly boring day. But when the daily dynamics is that the days pass and you feel that you have not done anything productive, that you could have stopped the brain in the bedside table of your House or to what you are doing you could do it asleep, we are facing a serious problem. Or rather, we have a work zombie.

We are mainly talking about professional situations in which the person you have the impression that is not doing anything really important work. And the consequence leads first to the lack of motivation, then losing the commitment to their work and finally, a miss the days in office without making anything of relevance, without involving you, but burning you much. Or dying on the inside. We, like a real zombie.

How is a work zombie born? Is it contagious?

One does not become zombie from the evening to the morning. Does not lack that bite to the brain or that inject you no special substance. It is a process that can last a long time, months or even years and is related to long and cumbersome work processes, with a technology that does not always go in our help and with the working environment. And Yes, it is very contagious.

First symptom: paperwork, bureaucracy and the mails you eat live.

A study conducted by the Workfront portal in the year 2014 between more than two thousand employees of big companies came to the conclusion that spent up to 45% of their total time to work and… the 55% to do things like deal with administrative tasks, unproductive meetings and answer the mail!

This study was also concluded that eight out of every ten employees were deeply affected by dedicate so much time to this type of unproductive labour and that four out of ten felt how affected their productivity (compared to the lack of communications or discussions, which just recorded a 3%)

Second symptom: your ability to concentrate is in a coma.

Another very interesting study carried out by Professor Gloria Mark of the University of California came to the conclusion that another of the problems that cause us to become workers without soul and ability to focus on our task is that we disrupt every three minutes approximately. According to Professor Mark It takes an average of 23 minutes to get back to concentrate on the task that we were doing. Come on, a daunting task that can leave dead to anyone, especially to our ability to carry out any useful task. Not to mention that make us charge of all mail (or messages via systems such as Slack) can lead up to a quarter of our workday.

Third symptom: you feel you have no chance of reaching anywhere.

Yes, it is to give your head. And zombies employees tend to be the poor who are giving head in the office, trying to solve a brown. And then another. And then another. And then another… without ever reaching the goal or to the project that aspire to membership. The result is that at the end of the day they realize that have lost all the time in the office doing nothing and without approaching the objective that are there and that is much greater that collect a salary.

Fourth symptom: your boss gives you bad life.

In many cases, the underperformance of a worker is not exactly your responsibility. According to Jamie Gerdsen, author of the book Zombies Ate My Business: How to Keep Your Traditional Business from Becoming One of the Undead, the responsibility falls on the direction and the middle management, which leave no clear expectations and provide a clear direction to your team or feedback to make their task in conditions.

Fifth symptom: consider that your company does not value you.

We not only work for the money, it’s that simple. Also There is recognition and self-actualization. But if in the equation fails any of these items is easy to fall into the discouragement and feel that you are working “to nothing”.

Sixth symptom: you are missing tools to do your job well.

And there is why we refer to the technology, but rather to all those elements favouring a climate of cooperation between jobs and contributing to the better development of long-term projects. Elements such as flexibility, adaptability and specialization of each particular job, encouraging employees to build community within your company, share information, meet people and customize processes. Lack of such tools helps the employee feel that it is going nowhere… or to stop providing.

Seventh symptom: are surrounded by zombies that get you your attitude.

Being surrounded by people with a really negative attitude is very contagious. And does not need to be violent. We are talking about those colleagues who do not arise in meetings, never get to delivery dates, transferred their brown or simply behave like real “working dead” because they never contribute ideas, they do not speak with anyone, they don’t think things, etc. That kind of attitude poisoned the environment in general and they can reach up to affect the most enthusiastic employee.

There are solutions to not be a muerto-viviente worker.

1. your number one priority should be close a fixed time to meet the most important part of your work, your project main, come on, what makes you feel accomplished. The best thing to do is to spend a while in the early hours of the morning, when your brain is at 100 percent and you feel less tired. Turn off the phone and forget the computer, emails and chat company seeks a refuge where it cannot find you or you interrupt.

2.- Do not waste time answering each and every one of the emails or messages that you receive. And it’s okay if you do not answer. You don’t have to be all the time proving that you are working really hard. It is much better work of truth and communicate directly only with people who need your answer. Do not miss out on routes to stay well…

3. If you want to make a project forward and not get involved with intermediate steps, heavy meetings and endless chains of e-mails or calls, it invests in creating a platform in which the participants can enter and update information. A way to help the general objective that will not make you lose so much in parallel time.

4 talk to the HR team of your company to view your projection.

5 find online courses to renew and bring new things to your work.

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