Sometimes We Are All a Little Dory and Other Times Should Be

Film critics and the public are in agreement on one thing: Dory is one of the best characters from Pixar and deserved an own movie. Now, a few days after its release, we know more than this blue fish. As with so many other characters from Pixar, cars, robots or toys, just identifying ourselves with it. Clear as the Dory memory disorders are not so frequent, but we all have some to another anecdote to tell about some memorable oblivion.

Because even if it is said that women know how to think about several things at the same time, it is not true. When we have many things on the head, we forget others. Examples?… Mine would be in the Hall of the fame bad mothers. For example, forget that birthday which my children are invited and that it carried two weeks talking about is today. Or leave me at home the suitcase of the children when we go on weekend. (Luckily the trip was at the grandparents House, where there is always some clothes, but the outfits of that weekend were to forget them.) Although, on the other hand, Why is task of the mother remember all these things?.. When we met and decided it as well? Another thing that I remember.

I must admit that my side Dory has manifested itself very early. When he was 6 years old we moved house. The day of the move, while my parents rode the furniture and put things in place, I left to play to the swings that had been in front of the block. Everything was going well until the moment in which I realized something horrible: did not remember where he lived. It was lost, alone in the world. I started to cry. Children who had been in the swings surrounded me, trying to reassure me. The tragedy lasted an eternity: more or less 10 minutes it took for my aunt down to shoot some empty boxes. The good part of this traumatic experience is that I became very friendly girl who tried to comfort me during this time. It turned out to be my neighbor.

In fact we are all a little Dory at some point in our lives. Let us talk to someone for a reason very founded, so founded after a while already do not remember it, just remember that we are not talking about. We salute someone on the street and then we spent the morning trying to remember is called and what know it. Or that girl new office which we have been told several times that Isabel is called, but we are still calling it Elena because our mind has recorded it as well and refuses to change the registry.

We know that we saw a movie, but we are unable to remember the argument; We began to read a book and on page 28 we realize that because read it last summer; We buy socks because we remember that they needed us and find 2 packages unopened in the drawer; We review contacts Whatsapp and don’t stop to ask, who are these people?..

But thanks to this film could see that Dory is much more than a forgetful fish with much comic potential. If it wasn’t for this peculiarity, which would highlight more of her personality is the ability to make friends and get along with everyone, from a shark or a shoal of fish until the second sea lions and the first film. Dory seems unable to think anything bad of anyone, is close to anyone with the conviction that it will, just ask for it with kindness.

Dory is fireproof. It never ceases to try. Any failure can stop it. In desperate situations, when all others are on the verge of surrender or begin to lose faith, Dory is able to let them recover the optimism and desire to follow. Despite never having memory problems it loses sight of its objective.

Or perhaps precisely for this reason. Inability to think anything bad of anyone or see the dangers and how difficult a mission can also be explained by their memory problems: If someone has failed once, simply does not remember it, so it has no reason to be quiet or cautious with others. If you failed a thousand times, their morale is intact thanks to his poor memory.

Adult humans usually break down people and yourself in good and bad sides, defects and qualities. Perhaps what teaches us Dory is a defect, something that we cannot change ourselves, can be the basis of so many admirable qualities…

No, we are not as Dori. I wish I were him.

Photo: Looking for Dory

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