The Diva: Cool Camera Phone with Slight Quirks

Bluetooth, email and Java are nice features, but the 7650 clearly with the integrated camera shoots the bird. So, mobile multimedia is fun!

The 7650 goes through as a true multimedia device, the main attraction here is the integrated digital camera. She comes on the back of the unit to light, when the user drags out the keyboard below the display. The operation of camera is a breeze-it mobile multimedia fun!

In our Photo Gallery: From the 7650, you see some pictures that we took up with the 7650 sample photos.

With 154 grams this although not really easy is 7650, and also with inserted keyboard, it measures still 114 x 56 x 26 mm. For this, it comes with a really large color screen (176 x 208 pixels with 4,096 colors). The processing is quite solid, however you should drop the 7650 rather not on the ground.

But unfortunately there is to report even negative. For example, supported the Mobile Bluetooth, can not communicate with Bluetooth headsets. And sometimes it’s difficult for sending E-Mail…

Amenities I: Camera And Top Ringtones

Digicam, good color screen and polyphonic ringtones: convince the multimedia features of the 7650.

“Wow! Thats already a UMTS cell phone?” The 7650 attracted attention-even in people who do not consider their mobile phone as a status symbol. Because the large color display and the built-in camera are features that need no explanation. And fun right off the bat.

Much current need much power. According to Nokia, the 7650 in standby perseveres maximum 300 hours, specify the Finns with up to 4 hours of talk time. In our worst case test at maximum power the 7650 in the continuous talk lasted two and a half hours after all.

The manufacturer’s recommended price: 559 euros.

The integrated digital camera takes photos with maximum 640 x 480 pixels at more than 16 million colours (24 bit color depth). The photos have high snapshot level in any case. Does the camera Flash and zoom, photographing in dimly lit bars is rather difficult. In our Photo Gallery: The 7650 you will find example photos pictures we have taken with the 7650 under different conditions.

If the memory (approx. 3.6 MB) is empty, 50 photos with VGA resolution can store about the 7650. If that is not enough, you can send pictures via Bluetooth or infrared to your computer, email via the mobile network. Theoretically, it goes via multimedia messaging, albeit with reduced resolution.

The polyphonic ringing tones of the 7650 fun. The built-in sound chip sounds according to Nokia 24-consistent, the quality is significantly better than at 3510. The sound he’s still not entirely against the far eastern competition from Samsung and co.. But, and this is particularly commendable: Nokia is the polyphonic ring tones on truly open standards and uses the popular MIDI format. In the test, we could easily transfer MIDI files via infrared from your computer to your mobile phone and use as ringtone.

Ausstattung II: MMS Schwierig, Organizer Stark

Das 7650 und Multimedia-Messaging (MMS)-eigentlich eine starke Kombination. Doch beim Nachrichten-Service der nächsten Generation gibt’s Probleme. Die Organizer-Funktionen dagegen überzeugen.

Multimedia Messaging (MMS)
The multimedia news service works in Germany at the time only within the networks of T-Mobile and Vodafone. Messages between the two networks can not be replaced until now.

The standard actually foresees that the owners of MMS phones can create multi-page messages: each page can contain a photo, an animation, a melody, a sound file and text. This claim is only partially supported the 7650: it can create only single-sided MM messages and send. A 7650 owner can not add melodies, and animations. The total size of an MMS with the 7650 shall not exceed 100 kilobytes.This represents no problem but since the network operators allow anyway no larger MMS.

According to Nokia, the new phone can represent also MultiPage messages. In our test it didn’t work out with a multi-page MMS from a Sony-Ericsson T 68i however. The 7650 had problems too, if melodies were sent with. The display of animation works partly: the animation run exactly once, then stops the last image. Whether for the 7650 or the Sony Ericsson T68i is responsible to let is not yet clear.

The best simply send your photos for the time being with the built-in email program.You will learn what you need to observe, on the next page.

The PIM functions of the 7650 last but not least you can take a look – because of the large color display. The calendar is quite clear and fully practical. The address book can store many different details for each entry. The number of entries is limited only by memory, 480 contacts took nearly 400 kilobytes in our test.

Calendar and address book can be supplied software with Outlook & sync co. on the computer. The dubbing lasted from nearly 400 contacts from Outlook to the 7650 via infrared good six minutes, the update is much faster. There were problems only when the memory was full: the PC Suite simply broke off the synchronization without giving reasons, the phone brought a cryptic error message and wanted to run any application: the memory was too full. When we wanted to call the program manager of the 7650 to delete some files, vermedldete the device, the memory was too full and we should delete but first a few data. After a restart everything worked but again easily.

Equipment III: Data Pro (Almost) Without Weaknesses

Email, Java, EPOC, SyncML, HSCSD and GPRS: The feature list of the 7650 impressed. And (almost) everything works without any problems

Overall, the E-Mail program made a good impression: the user can create a variety of accounts and set for each account, whether he should be obtained via GPRS, HSCSD or a ‘normal’ GSM data connection. Also the integration of the directory is good. Still a big shortcoming: the test showed that the 7650-contrary to the announcement by Nokia-not in a post outgoing server (SMTP server) can log on. If you have an E-mail account with a provider, which expressly requires the authentication and also going through “SMTP after POP” not allow a new address must pick up for the email with the 7650 probably.

Data functions
HSCSD and GPRS (data reception with maximum 43.2 or 40.2 kbit/s), infra-red, Bluetooth (version 1.1, unfortunately without the headset profile) and WAP browser (WAP 1.2.1): The 7650 much can. We got problems only when we tried to use the 7650 as modem together with a notebook: despite correctly installed modem drivers our computer any attempt reported the modem of the 7650 would not sign up. Despite intensive contact with Nokia, we could not locate so far the source of the error, will update this page but as soon as we know more.

New software
Even no problems made expanding the 7650 with new software: Java and EPOC programs from the computer on your mobile phone can be transferred even without PC Suite, the installation on the phone runs almost completely automatically. The execution speed for downloaded software is good. This applies both for EPOC programs, for example for the game bounce, known from the 9210 and Java games. The two new color-Java games from Jamster (see photo) ran on the 7650 definitely pleasing quickly.

Practice: Light And Shadow

Nokia has promised “a new, radically improved UI” for the 7650. True-at least sometimes….

The operation of the Smartphone with EPOC operating system differs significantly from the menu in Nokia phones. The joystick makes a solid impression and good to handle. Proves as getting used to the keyboard: the buttons are well below the joystick and the soft keys. But I won’t mind. The user experience is idiosyncratic: so is the mobile phone, for example, at almost every menu item remembers exactly the point of the last access. If that makes sense, every man for himself must decide. The digicam is easy to use right off the bat: mobile open, enable camera, use the colour display as a viewfinder and Firefox: simple is hardly.

It is exemplary that the user can configure to the menu completely: the two soft keys can be frequently used commands. You can customize the order of the menu items across your wishes: so you can use for example often needed functions at the beginning, let others you just created subfolders disappear. So, effective operation is made easy!

Incomprehensible names when you create E-Mail and data accounts are, however, quite annoying: save the inputs only, if you end up with “Back”. If you choose “Options – closing”, also comes back, but unfortunately the 7650 completely discards input.

Overall, but pretty much all users with the 7650 should cope. And more specific problems, the well-crafted manual is usually sufficient assistance.

Conclusion: Great Phone With Small Interruptions

The greatest is the digital camera and the possibility to send the photos to others also on the 7650. But despite small defects convinced the cell phone in the other areas.

Sure, it would be even nicer if the 7650 when using as a modem make no difficult would. Or if Nokia had not waived the Smartphone on the subject of Bluetooth headset support. And we have not understand also why the mailer not can register to send to the server.

However, despite these criticisms, the camera phone is a great device. The debutant is easy to operate and is simply fun. That is also a 7650 with MMS- and E-Mail-client, organizer and SyncML, HSCSD and GPRS, Bluetooth and infrared support really lavishly equipped. Not to forget: Java programs and polyphonic ringtonesthe Smartphone is also in MIDI format.

If the photo quality interested you can shoot the 7650: example photos of the 7650

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